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  1. Jishin


    I am utterly baffled at my skin chemistry. This does smell like evergreens ... but evergreens that are hidden underneath pineapple and coconut! What the heck? I smell like ninja evergreens are trying to sneak into Hawaii. Bizzare!
  2. Jishin

    Juke Joint

    Juke Joint confuses me. It does start a little minty, but turns quickly into something sweet, crisp, and herbal. Herbal? *boggles* I have no idea what my skin chemistry is doing to this. I don't really get a boozy scent out of it, maybe a little undertone but that's it. That said, I like it, and my husband likes it. "It smells clean," he says. That means he likes it. *wry grin* So I'll be keeping my imp, but remaining puzzled about what my skin is actually picking up.
  3. Jishin

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    I'm surprised no one else has suggested Embalming Fluid. On me, that's immediate summer sunshine, hammock, and lemonade all rolled into one.
  4. Jishin

    Doc Constantine (2006)

    Sheer musk, cedar smoke, fir needle, black amber and leather. I have problems with BPAL pine turning into cherry Nerds on me, so I was a bit worried about the good Doctor. The worries turned out to be unfounded. BPAL *fir* is not BPAL *pine*. So if you have chemistry issues with pine (though I swear I'm the only one I know who turns pine into candy), the Doc may still work for you. It's a wonderful bishie sort of scent -- manly, but softer than, say, Greed. I like more masculine scents, and I like things with a sharp edge to them. Doc fills the bill, and I'm glad I have a half-bottle all to myself. Doc Constantine is definitely a 'power' scent for me. Bahaha. (: (Edited to add scent description.)
  5. I just recently tried Dragon Moon and thought that on me, it strongly resembled Neo-Tokyo plus a sort of apple-y scent. Might want to try Neo-Tokyo?
  6. I love Tiresias the Androgyne, but the tobacco/caramel note on me is overpowering. All the stuff underneath is lovely but gets crushed. Can someone recommend to me something like Tiresias without the tobacco and caramel? Many thanks!
  7. Jishin

    Parlement of Foules

    There's rose in this? Something about my skin turns it into a sharp, almost orange-like scent. Vaguely like orange Tang. Very confused.
  8. Jishin

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Wow, so it's not just us on the Hamadryad, then? My friends and I ordered an imp, and it does smell like Vaporub. I was very surprised since the description and reviews were nothing like that. Wonder if it was a whole bad batch? So we should contact the lab and ask? OK. Thanks to the folks who suggested that. I'm glad I found this thread!
  9. Jishin


    I initially thought of this as Jean-Luc Picard in a bottle, but no ... it's more like ... hot lifeguard in a bottle? hot tennis instructor in a bottle? I can't for the life of me remember which, but there's a a vague memory attached to a scent very much like this, that was all sun and light and exercise and pro-sport stuff. There is a quick flash of lemon and then it settles down very fast into this rich, sun-drenched scent. Unfortunately, it has virtually no throw at all on me, which I find sad, as I really rather like it.
  10. Jishin

    Embalming Fluid

    A friend of mine sent me this as a swap. And all I can say is ... Wow. Just ... wow. This is totally my kind of scent. Sharp and pointed and ... clear? Pure? Something like that. In the bottle: whoa, is this Manhattan? No, not quite, but close. Lots of tea and lemon. Already anticipating liking it. (: On applying: Very lemon, but I don't get the Pledge note. It's a sweet, natural lemon and strong tea on me. Drying: I can't tell if I can smell the aloe or not, but the lemon and tea and this sweet undercurrent-thing (I'm guessing that's the musk) are all playing around together beautifully. I love this. Light, balanced, energetic, and wonderful.
  11. Jishin


    Sadly, this was all plumeria on me. No linens at all. Disappointing in its simplicity, but perhaps would be better on someone else.
  12. Jishin


    There are evergreens in this. Evergreens that actually stay green on me and don't disappear or get all gunky. And the rose is just right and not attacking me with ROSE. The dirt is just barely there -- just enough to ground it and give it depth. I'm not sure I'm in love, but I'm *very* happy with it so far.
  13. I think Scarecrow is perfect for August through September. <3 And occasionally when I just want to be reminded of August.
  14. Jishin

    Metallic scents

    Ultraviolet comes out metallic on me. The Black Tower has some of that too.
  15. Jishin


    ... The scent of black smoke, of crackling flames, and smoldering ashes. This does not smell like smoke. Not like real wildfire smoke. Nope. It does smell like a souped-up version of Scarecrow without the sweetness. It does have some sort of char to it, but it's not the right kind of char, and it's better in Scarecrow. I'll be swapping Djinn and keeping Scarecrow.