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  1. maddies mom

    Rapture Pig

    This is just beautiful. I'm not always a rose fan, but the rose in this is so jammy and sticky but not cloying. Like a beautiful soft rose dipped in liquid sugar with a hint of the fruity currants. I'm so glad I grabbed a bottle. Pairs so well with Pinning of the Shemada Hair Gloss.
  2. maddies mom

    Fake News

    When I first tried this, it was immediately after it arrived in the mail. Now, I know that is not smart, but I was really excited. I was a little let down as the scent was very light and perfumey...not what I expected. I hadn't reached for it for a few months and let it set. Today I decided to try it and WOW! It is so lovely. The patchouli is the front note, but it is so smooth and grounded. It is spicy and soft thanks to the pepper and tobacco. It is so well blended. If you could touch this scent, it would be smooth, soft velvet. It reminds me of my favorite qualities Fledgling Raptor Moon, but more gorgeous and feminine. I absolutely love this and will have to pick up a back up bottle.
  3. maddies mom


    I will start off by saying I don't typically like the scent of peach. But Tamora is one of my favorite GC scents and I wear it very often. Wet: the peach and sandalwood are top notes with the floral being very present as well, in a wonderful way. Drydown: the vanilla and amber show up to round out the scent and ground it quickly. The heliotrope fades somewhat on my skin in the dry down, but doesn't disappear. It is lightly floral and the peach is simply gorgeous. It is like a warm, vanilla peach that is lightly spiced. The throw isn't overpowering and remains close, but I always get complements on how wonderful it smells when I wear it.
  4. maddies mom

    Lilith and the Jarocho

    This is one of my favorite summer scents that I reach for frequently. It is so bright and gorgeous and so very well blended. Wet: It is very bright, and almost tart candy like. The lime, verbena and margarita are the strongest notes. It is playful and cheery. Drydown: the florals come out to play and it becomes this amazing, complex scent. It is still light, but has a lot of depth as well, maybe due to the Dorian and Snake Oil? It has a very light sweetness, but the tartness of the lime stays. It is just amazing. I wish I had purchased a back up bottle as I will be so sad when my bottle is gone. It has become more balanced and complex with age. It was brighter and greener and the jasmine was stronger. It was still beautiful, but man do I love how this has aged.
  5. maddies mom

    Enveloped in Silk Hair Gloss

    I love Strawberry Moon and was very excited to try this one as I had read the reviews prior to swapping for a tester. And maybe it is just the decant that I have, but to my nose it is very sharp and bitter when wet. It was very strong and I did not detect strawberry at all. Something overpowered the strawberry and vanilla completely. Thankfully it dried down to a much smoother, sweeter strawberry with a nice vanilla base. The drydown is fairly light in throw, but I did spray it on my hair while wet. I will try again when my hair is dry and update. To me, this is a much lighter, lovely, creamy strawberry vanilla scent while Strawberry Moon is like eating a big juicy dripping fresh and still sun warm strawberry while standing in the lush green strawberry field. The more I sniff my hair, the more it is growing on me...and I'm wishing I had found a bottle.
  6. maddies mom

    Lady Una

    In the bottle this smells sharp and herbal. Almost bitter. I was a little nervous to try it. On the skin it it turns sweeter and loses the bitterness. Lightly spiced and almost floral? Dry down is beautiful. It turns creamy with light spice. The honey is there, but stays tame. Honey usually doesn't play nice with my skin chemistry. I get no powder, just smooth, warm, creamy spiced vanilla with a hint of green. It reminds me alot of Milk Moon 07. I really love this. Throw is pretty light, but I think if it was any stronger, it would be over powering. I'm glad I have a bottle, I can see myself reaching for this one a lot.
  7. maddies mom

    Kill-Devil Hair Gloss

    I was lucky to get this on the trading post's etsy page. This is amazing and I wish I had bought more bottles because I will be devastated when it runs out. It is a lot like sugar skull, but with more depth. I haven't tried the GC Kill Devil oil so I can't compare it to that, but it is a wonderful sugar blend, without being toothachy sweet. To me, the molasses and oak were strong and the sugar was the nice, warm burnt sugar. Honey isn't usually a note that my nose likes, but it is well balanced here. Very easily one of my favorites so far! Scent is long lasting. It is a hair gloss I will certainly reach for often!
  8. maddies mom


    I was really excited to try this after hearing great reviews. I was hoping for a soft, lightly spicy, vanilla jasmine or a flying fox/olive branch baby, but sadly I got a ton of cinnamon with a touch of honey. Almost like cinnamon toast crunch. I'm going to rest it and hope that the vanilla and jasmine bloom with age.
  9. maddies mom

    La Prostitution et la Folie Dominent le Monde

    Sweet cream vanilla, white sugar, jasmine blossom, and a drop of star anise. I'm usually not a fan of florals, but this is amazing. It was sharp while wet when I first got the bottle, then dried down into beautiful creamy jasmine. Now that the bottle has rested a bit, I don't get the wet sharpness stage. Just amazing, wonderful sweet and creamy jasmine. It has a decent throw and lasts all day on my skin. I'm so glad I bought it and a back up bottle. This is a new favorite.
  10. maddies mom

    The Darkling Thrush

    Wet: Strong and icy Dry on skin: still very chilly, kind of minty, kind of floral...I too detect a hint of cucumber and it is perfect! Very true to the poeme. Beautiful. Smells just like florals peeking out from the icy snowy ground. I don't really smell the warmth of the amber. The scent stays close to my skin. I have never tried the yule blends before, but Beth certainly captures the winter air! It is a perfect, lovely winter scent! I may need another bottle!
  11. maddies mom

    Thirteen (13): October 2006

    I LOVE this! I have not ever smelled the prior version and had such high expectations for this blend and I am so happy to say that it was even more lovely than I imagined! Wet in bottle: chocolate and orange with a hint of lavender Dry on skin: I can no longer smell the orange, but can smell each of the notes and they blend together beautifully. This was not a foody, sweet candy chocolate, but a sexy, intreguing soft scent with a chocolate undertone. This is definately in my top 5. It seems to have fairly good throw and I could still faintly smell in on my skin, up close when going to bed. Love, love, love it! I think I might need another bottle! Um...I mean I hate it, you should hate it and send me all of your bottles
  12. maddies mom

    Lick It Again

    Wet in the bottle: Very strong peppermint...just like a fresh candy cane Dry: Beautiful, cool candy cane with a nice smooth vanilla I love it! I didn't try last year's version of Lick It, but I am definately impressed with this version! It is a very edible scent, but not too sweet. I didn't seem to last very long on my skin, but I will try it again alone and see if the throw and wear length increases.