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  1. skyablazing


    Oh no, is the amber going to do the bad thing? On wet, just an overwhelming amount of amber, with a hint of cinnamon. I only like amber as a supporting player so this isn't ideal. On dry down, we hit a phase of 100% Imperial Leather soap before the cinnamon comes to the forefront in a way that is actually quite pleasant. Unfortunately cinnamon over Imperial Leather isn't quite what I look for in scents, so I am going to wash this off.
  2. skyablazing

    Meus Amor Aeternus

    Sharp splash of carnation comes through for a few second on wet, very bright against a strongly honey-and-Snake-Oil beginning. Tangy. Then it settles to gently honeyed sweet spice with candy floss sweetness wafting around the edges. The gentleness of this scent is fascinating considering both Dorian and Snake Oil are very loud throwy scents on me (Snake Oil being way too overpowering for everyday wear in fact), but this melding of them is delightfully soft and pretty. I also absolutely get the bakery/cookies vibes mentioned above. Beautiful.
  3. skyablazing

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    Comforting powdery floral vanilla. Wet, the cream aspect is blindingly strong for about five seconds before calming back down again. The almond hangs out in the background adding a note of slightly bitter marzipan and I'm not sure I'm entirely here for its contribution for the first five minutes or so. Happily the bitterness recedes and the almonds add a nice depth to the vanilla-cream-with-backing-florals warmth. If this scent was a person, it would give great hugs. Glad I got to try this.
  4. skyablazing

    The Witches’ Rout (the Carcass)

    Interesting. On first application, it is incredibly sharp and dry, smoky woodsy vetiver and I am having misgivings about it because wow, this is too brash for me. It mellows with the plum coming through in a really nice way though, into a warm, spicy dusty sweetness with that background smokiness still going on in there. A great grounded neutral-to-masculine scent.
  5. skyablazing


    Origin: Suedonym's fab decant circle. Hopes: Sounds like perfection. Please don't take over, gardenia. Wet: Yup, there's definitely honey here. Honey is making its presence felt almost overpoweringly, and the gardenia is also coming out stronger than I'd like, resulting in a nose-tickling scent that has my senses convinced I am about to start sneezing with hayfever. Later: Both the honey and thankfully the gardenia have chilled out a bit and have harmonisied wonderfully into a pale honeyed skin musk with a floral backing. I totally get the "idyllic nursery" vibe futuregirl mentioned, and I find myself thinking of holding my sleeping baby nephew years ago. Throw: Light, as suggested in the description. I am a big fan of quiet scents like this so I think a bottle may be in my future. Overall Feel: Peaceful, sleeping babies. Soft and comforting, just like babies when you know you can hand them back to their parents for the non-peaceful bits.
  6. skyablazing

    Miskatonic University

    Miskatonic U: Coffee! Woods! Books! All shall love me and despair! Me: I AM SO THERE. Miskatonic U: Would you some delicious creamy, caramelly Bailey's with your coffee, by any chance? Me: Why yes, yes I would. How delightful. But just one thing: about those dusty tomes of yours... Miskatonic U: With deep grounding oakwood too. Isn't that brilliant? Me: ...yes. Sure, it's great. But back to the dusty tomes one sec. Miskatonic U: Atmospheric, huh? Like 'em? Me: Well. Ok, buddy. These dusty tomes are REALLY FREAKING DUSTY OK. My nose is all... I think I'm going to sneeze. Pass the tissues. Miskatonic U: Oh come on, don't be such a wuss. What about the whole praline thing I got going on on the drydown? *shimmy* Me: *sneezes* Yes, it's great, but, um. Your many admirable qualities, and there are many, do not quite outweigh the fact you make me feel like I'm going to sneeze the whole time I'm wearing you. Maybe we're just not meant to be. Miskatonic U: *pout* -- Damn, I really do love this scent a lot, but there is something in it that I suspect I may be allergic to. *sneeze* I'm going to give it another go sometime to be sure though, just in case, because this smells so fantastic.