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  1. Zania

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    It's been a long while since I worked with Access, so I probably wouldn't be quite so ambitious off the bat Let me know if you get it working though! I think it would be a fun project to take on, even if it took a while to complete. I'm just now starting, so I have a ton to do. I'd like to go for something simple, then add on additional tables and forms as I need them.
  2. Zania

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Now I'm inspired to go make a database I'll let ya'll know if that actually happens!
  3. Zania

    CCNow or PayPal

    Thank you SOOO much! I emailed them twice, in a panic, but haven't heard back from anyone. Now I know how to order properly for my next order
  4. Zania

    CCNow or PayPal

    I just totally did the same thing I SOOO want to fix it, but I haven't heard back from bpal and I don't know where my order went. I don't know if they got the payment, or if CCNow just absorbed it. I saw all the warnings, but I didn't quite understand them, since I still paid through paypal. It's only looking back that I realize how badly I screwed up. Does anyone know what to do in this situation? Did I just throw my money away? Did bpal even get my order? It was my first ever, only two packs of imps, but I was really excited about it