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    Austin, TX
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    Cedar, Neroli, and Linden Blossom

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    Spinning fire, Computers, Research, Reading, Writing, Journaling, My interests run something like this and then way beyond this, so here's a sampling of them: addiction disorders and homelessness, addiction science, addictive disorders, afferent and efferent signals, afferent influences, anorexic purging, attachment theory, attribution theory, autobiographical memory, automatic distraction, backpropagation neural networks, being broken, biblical criticism, blueline notebooks, boarding school nightmares, brain damage, burning flipside, burning man, capybara ranching, caviidae aperea porcellus, challenging widely accepted thought, clairefontaine notebooks, club flyers, cognitive ergonomics, cognitive pleasure, complex scents, compound stimulus processing, conscious decisions, consciousness theory, conversational overtones, counterculture, cyber disorders, cyberexistance, dck notebooks, difficult men, drama reduction therapy, dsm-iv classification, dual diagnosis, effectors in knowledge formation, egocentric localisation, emerging trends in epidemology, environment behavior relationships, epidemology, epidemology of mental illness, ethnocartography, euprymna scolopes, experimental biomedical engineering, experimental writing, fire spinning, fire toys, gender ambiguity and identity, gender and identity, gender questioning, gender research, genetic psychology, hierarchical stimulus processing, human suspension, identity questioning, independant film, international psychopharmacology algorithm project, iquelrius notebooks, itoya paperskater pens, keith haring, kokuyo color'n'color collection notebooks, lies people tell themselves, little known bands, maintaining sobriety, mixed episodes, modern culture, modern epidemics, modern pandemics, moleskine notebooks, motivated underachievement, mutualism and postmodern psychology, neural mechanisms of timing, neural networks, neuro-metabolic disorders, neuroactive peptides, neurobiology of addiction, neurobiology research, neurohacking, neurohacking transhumanism, neuroimaging research, neurological pleasure systems, neuropsychology of synaesthesia, neuropsychopharmacology, neuropsychopharmacology of bipolar disorder, neuropsychopharmacology of personality disorders, neurotrophins, nicotrol inhaler, nonconceptual content, number theory, odd family structures, people who steal interests, perceptual belief, perceptual knowledge, perceptual psychology, personal histories, physiologically plausible neural networks, piercing lolita, play piercing, playa dust, pleasure cues, processing of hyperacuity stimuli, proving people wrong, psy-trance, psychobiology research, psychodynamics of political correctness, psychology of interpersonal relations, psychosomatic response, puerperal psychosis, push:series, radical ethics, raising capybaras, randomaccessmemory.org, rare books, rational emotive behaviour therapy, rejecting preconceptions, rejecting subliminal communication, relational psychology, religiophilosophy, reward deficiency syndrome, sensory recall, sex and neurological disorders, shifting fault lines, sobriety at burning flipside, sobriety at burning man, social and behavioral science, social psychology, spirituality and sobriety, spirituality in sobrity, subconscious programming, subjective behavior analysis, subliminal communication, systemic lupus erythematosus, the medial forebrain bundle, theoretical analysis, theoretical neurobiology, theoretical universes, thought origins, tough answers, underlying reductionistic machinery, visual cognition
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    I'm SO very much a Pisces!!
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