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  1. BronteJD

    The Dormouse

    In the imp: I get minimal to no tea off this, but a slightly citrusy sweet floral instead. Initial Application: Very clean, slightly sweet smelling. There's a citrus undertone here, which I'm wondering if one of the four teas is citrus based? Not overpowering, but it's just sharp enough to undercut the sweetness of the floral. 10 minutes later: Very soft, but not faded. Perhaps a smidge more of tea coming out, but it keeps vascillating between fresh/sharp and floral/sweet. Very interesting. 1 hour later: Hmmmmm.....the interesting switch between the sharp and the floral seems to have died down, and now it's a tiny tiny bit more floral than sharp. I still like it alot, but not sure if I'm getting a full 5 ml or not.
  2. What about for an eight year old?? Nothing too overpowering or strong, because her parents (this would be for my niece) are mildly conservative and don't want her smelling too "grown up." Thoughts and recommendations would be welcome as I'd like to get her some for Christmas! Thanks!!!
  3. BronteJD

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I'm a bit late picking this up, but I wanted to say thank you! I so appreciate you having done the work on this, and keeping it updated! Ditto to that! I finally have sufficient imps to the point that I'm having option overload - but the thought of creating such a database/spreadsheet was a bit overwhelming. THANK YOU for doing this!!!
  4. BronteJD

    The Organ Grinder (2006)

    Was really excited about this one, and almost purchased a bottle sight unseen. SO glad I didn't. In bottle: Huh. Sour smell, don't get any almond, think I'm picking up on a bit of pine. Nothing milky, either. Wet: Stronger sour and bitter smell...and definite pine. I'm having the same initial strong "I don't like this" reaction that I did with Yew-Trees...and I'm not sure if there are any similar notes. 15 minutes: Ugh. Do not like this. The bitter and the sour are all that are coming out on me, interlaced with a strong piney note that really isn't helping out. As someone indicated, almost like a bad air freshener struggling to pervade a lavatory. Which is a horrid analogy, but that's what I'm getting. No tobacco, which I love, or almond, which is also a a love. And it's a strong smell, too. One hour: Couldn't wait that long. Had to wash it off. Thank goodness for decant circles.
  5. BronteJD

    Antique Lace

    in the bottle: Pure vanilla cream. Wet: Vanilla cream still, but soft, not artificial smelling like poor quality car air fresheners. It manages to be sweet but dry at the same time. Sweet because there's that immediate mental sugar quality we give to vanilla, but also dry because there's something powdery in there. 15 minutes later: Pure deliciousness. Vanilla with some kind of dry light floral weaving in and out. It never becomes artificial or overpowering. Yes, it does have an old-fashioned quality to it, it's not odd or unusual like some of the more esoteric scents (which I do love), but it's just amazing. It also seems to have a little bit of throw, which is unusual for me...I tend to absorb alot of the bpal scents so that only I seem to smell them, or people directly next to me. one hour: My HUSBAND loves this. He hates most perfumes, finds them artificial or cloying or whatnot. He started sniffing around my neck, actually, asking with a wry grin, "So. What BPAL is that?" But it's still delicious totally dry, and it seems to have some staying power. Still vanilla, still that soft dry violet wafting in and out. I totally agree with the comment that it doesn't smell matronly or fussy, it smells like your best memories, evocative of a more elegant time. Definitely ordering a 5 ml of this.
  6. BronteJD


    Frimp from the lab. First funereal oil. In bottle: Lots of roses, but not cloying as rose smells can sometimes be. Wet: Soft and dried roses. 15 minutes: Still rose-y, but powdery. I think I'm getting some of that "rich earth" that everyone's talking about, but it's more like rich damp earth that's been thoroughly and completely mixed with crumbled rose petals, as opposed to two separate notes. One hour: rose still strong and predominant, perhaps a bit more sharp than before. Slightly soapy, but again, not that cloying nauseating smell that fake rose can have. The earth bit seems to have gone, though. Overall: Hmm....not sure! I tend to like more spice-y and foody scents, with a few exceptions. This one isn't an overpowering floral at all, which is a good thing. It's a gentle soft rose, but not overwhelmingly unique. I might do another imp of this later on. It's in the "To Keep" pile for the moment.
  7. BronteJD


    This may be my favorite BPAL so far. Oh. My. In bottle: Not *that* lemony, even though it's definitely there. It's just this swirl of light lemon and some musk and a faint powdery vanilla scent. Wet: Some lavendar showing up, but squarely mixed with vanilla and something else I can't identify. It's bizarre, but this is an almost androgynous scent - it's squarely masculine, but with a suggestion of femininity. Dry: I can't stop sniffing my arm. This is utterly gorgeous. There isn't anything which comes out on me as a predominant note, but everything is existing in perfect balance. Plus, it seems to last, which is Of the Good. Dorian Gray has always been one of my absolute favorite novels, and now his scent matches perfectly. Outstanding.
  8. BronteJD


    This was a frimp from the Wonderful Labbies. Bottle: Pine-y, but more like Pine-Sol than walking through the woods to me. Of course, I live in Miami, so I don't know from woods. We've got Palm Trees here. Wet: Huh. Sweet, with a note or two that I can't figure out. Not horrid, but not sold just yet. Dry: Really don't like it...it's actually making me a bit nauseous. Sweetness, but not a floral (which isn't generally a problem). I'm guessing it's like a sap-type scent, very chemical-smelling. 30 minutes later: had to wash it off. Did not work for me, which is a disappointment, because it was the first frimp I tried from this order. Ah well, can't win them all.
  9. BronteJD


    Got a frimp of this from an ebay auction. In the bottle: Dark, spicy chocolate. Wet: Same. Instant falling in love reaction, must have a bottlenowplease. Just rich complex chocolate - not Hersheys chocolate, but something darker and more sophisticated. Drydown: Hmmm....sandalwood and myrrh REALLY take over. The chocolate fades into the background and the woodsy smell is borderline overpowering. Overall: I think I need to test this again. I absolutely loved it at first, to the point that I walked over to the computer to set up a new order, but the woodsy smell made me take a step back. It's a delicious scent, but I'm not sure if it's what I want. EDIT: Wore this to work today. LOVED it. Maybe it was a time of day thing, but this time I put it on the AM before leaving, and it smelled absolutely divine all day...the chocolate and sandalwood balanced out perfectly. Also, it LASTED most of the day, which is odd, as most of the BPAL scents have a tendency to fade on me. But yes, will be ordering a bottle post haste.
  10. BronteJD

    Mad Hatter

    In the bottle: Mint like whoa. Almost didn't put it on. Wet: Again, with the heavy mint. My brain wants to add chocolate to the mix, but I'm not sure if it's really there. Dry down: Mint/pennyroyal fades, but is still the predominant note. The lavendar is also coming out, and the citrus is a distant third. REALLY enjoying this. Few Hours later: it's a very light faint scent at this point, quite masculine, and very enjoyable. Mint stuck around, but it's a lovely enveloping scent. Will definitely be purchasing a bottle of this with the next order. LOVE it.
  11. BronteJD


    Bottle: Never having smelled Tonka, or at least, been aware that I was smelling Tonka, I'm thinking that's the first thing that's hitting me right after the violet. Mmmmm.... Wet: Little more violet coming out on the skin, definitely clove and incense in there, but not so much that I smell like I'm standing next to an incense burner. Drydown: Violet fading out, but still there. A great blend of the violet, clove, and incense. Light in terms of potency, but definitely deep, complex, and distinctive, but not overpowering. Love this, will definitely be buying at least a 5 ml. BronteJD
  12. BronteJD

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    Generous Frimp from the BPALers...thanks!!!! Bottle: Very light-scented floral blend. Wet: Goes strong and floral very fast. Incredibly feminine and elegant, old-fashioned, but in a good way. Not musty or stuffy at all. Reminds me alot of Jean Patou's old scents, like Amour Amour and 1000. Drydown: Hmmm....got a bit stronger than I was ready for, but seems to be muting down into something softer. Not getting anything other than floral scents, though. No lemon or anything else. Not sure about this one. It's definitely not "pale and delicate" on me. It's strong stuff. I do like it; again, there's something very elegant and refined about it, but not sure if I'm going to be ordering a 5ml of this or not. BronteJD
  13. BronteJD


    Swarthy and vibrant! An elegant, full-bodied scent that ignites all the darkest passions. Bold red wine, mimosa, and a trickle of clove. In the bottle: Sweet sweet sweet and fruity. Almost didn't put it on, it hit me so strong. After 10 minutes: The sweetest, fruitiest sangria ever. The red wine is a distant far undertone on this, with an incredibly potent blueberry/strawberry slamming into me. Really am not liking this. Not getting the clove, which I love, or even the wine. This is getting stronger and sweeter by the minute. After an hour: Never got the clove or the orange that I wanted. Just sweet fruit, but almost synthetic smelling, like an air freshener in a car. Sad now. BronteJD