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  1. ambrosia

    Embalming Fluid

    After reading all the reviews I really wanted to like this, but it smelled just like lemon Pledge on my skin. I waited and waited for it to surprise me, but alas... I guess I'm just not cut out for citrus scents. Ah well.
  2. ambrosia


    I got an Imp's Ear of Wilde for my boyfriend (who likes fresh, clean scents) and it immediatey turned into something reminiscent CK-1 on him....which really isn't a bad thing at all. It was also sexier and less alcoholy than CK-1 (that would be because it's an oil, yes, duh). I love it on him. He really seems to like it on him. Now, if I could only get him past the "perfume oils are for girls, though" pish-posh. I would recommend this scent to anyone who likes shower-fresh, rain-clean, masculine but not machismo scents.
  3. ambrosia

    Estimated ship time.

    Oh, my my my! I don't mind waiting, honestly. Yes, I am an impatient person, but the waiting makes it that much more exciting when the box arrives. It's kind of like sex - the teasing and the foreplay makes the ultimate goal that much more wonderful. Love you Beth and BPAL!! Here's blessings to you (and to all BPAL peeps shivering with antici.......pation) and hopefully the USPS and CCnow gods will get their shit together. Amber
  4. ambrosia


    Lovely in the bottle, lovely when first applied. But after the first hour I smell like an old lady. Musty, powdery with a hint of sandalwood. Not my cuppa as far as perfume goes, but I'll try oil burning, as Allamanda suggested. Would be nice to anoint candles with, too, most definitely!
  5. ambrosia

    Black Rose

    Exquisitely melancholy. The background scent to an ancient exequies. Heavy, dark and floral: a blend of roses, with a touch of amber and musk. Black Rose is what I have always wanted dried red roses to smell like....and then I go to smell the dead flowers and they smell like dust. Therefore, this is what I shall be scenting my dried roses with. I received an Imp's Ear of Black Rose. It came off too sweet and powdery on me - powdery in the way that amber can be powdery. Although I really like the rose notes, it's just a bit too sweet. When Black Rose mixed with my own pH, the overall scent kind of gave me a headache. But I love what I smell in the bottle. My roses will be very happy.
  6. ambrosia

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Ooooh, I like the sounds of Golden Priapus and Tempest! And of course, NOW I see the "Search" button on the BPAL page. D'oh! Many thanks to you both!
  7. ambrosia

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    I'm almost ready to place an order for new Imp Ears! But I also want to treat my boyfriend to a few, as well. Here's my list... For me: Haunted, Dragon's Milk, Ophelia, The Unicorn, Wanda, Black Dahlia and Titiana. For him: Wilde and Wolf's Heart. I'm also extremely tempted to get Embalming Fluid and The Apothecary. So! What do you insightful minds think about scents for men? Wilde? Wolf's Heart? Any others you can suggest? Thank you!! Ambrosia