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  1. Oh! Using Gentle Lentil as a soap! I'd never have thought of this. Thanks for the tip. I have tons of Gentle lentil sitting around that I'm not using as shampoo anymore. Okay, here are some LUSH/BPAL combo rec's: *Potion with: -Alice (these match each other eerily well) -Maiden (this brings out the carnation/floral side of Potion) *Hot Toddy with: -Old Port-au-Prince -Hellfire (the NEW version) -Hellcat *Sympathy for the Skin with: -O (love this combo!) - use some Afterlife moisturizer with this for the full effect! -Snake Oil -Bliss (chocolate-y/vanilla sundae )
  2. rosefaith

    Looking for a Gardenia scent

    Black Dahlia is a lovely gardenia scent. It is sweet (there's some jasmine in it as well), but not too sweet. Also, it contains some amber, which nicely grounds the scent.
  3. rosefaith

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    Some scents that have lasted a particularly long time on me are: Spellbound, Haunted, Snake Oil, O. Most oils containing amber have a lot of staying power.
  4. rosefaith

    Info about combining orders?

    Hey hypothermya. I, too, placed a Blue Moon order on 6/17 and have yet to receive it. As you know ( ), I'm in California as well. I, too, placed another order on 7/2. I'm thinking, though, rather than combining the orders, that I haven't received my 6/17 order yet because of the BOTTLE SHORTAGE, as belladonnastrap was mentioning. There was some post somewhere - can't remember where, or whether it was made by Brian or Elizabeth - that said something along the lines of, "All orders from 6/17 should be shipped out by 7/15 (or something like that), with a few exceptions." You and I are probably among those exceptions. Did you place your order late in the day on 6/17? I did, and I think that this might explain why I'm one of the ones who hasn't gotten her/his order yet. I think what BPAL did was queue up the orders in the order they were placed, and that they ran out of bottles by the time they got to the orders that were placed late in the day (that's my theory, anyway). What I'll probably do is wait until BPAL re-opens and if, Heaven forbid(!) , I haven't received my 6/17 order by then, I'll contact them. However, I know that the not knowing can be more frustrating than the waiting, so if you're just going nuts wondering if there's been a mistake with your order, then maybe you should try to contact them. Perhaps you could double-check some of the forum threads first, though, to see if you can find your answer there. Good luck!
  5. rosefaith

    Where is this scent?

    Dolly Dimple and Mrs. Black, usually when you receive a freebie imp that has no Lab description you are the lucky recipient of a prototype for an up-and-coming scent. I'm one of the ones who received Wolfsbane in my latest order. It's a cool scent - masculine, strong and woody and foresty. If I were to guess about some of the notes, I'd say sandalwood, cedarwood, and something pine-y. I'll try to go re-sniff and get more specific.
  6. rosefaith

    The Saddest, most Melancholy & Wistful BPALs

    It's funny, the first 3 that immediately came to mind for me were: *Nocturne *Twilight *Zombi Then I realized that all 3 were Funereal Oils, so I think andra's right on in recommending any of the Funereal Oils. Other Funereal's that could work for your purposes are: *Despair *Shroud *Eternal (I've not tried this, but it sounds like what you might be looking for) *Silentium Amoris (ditto the above) *Tears (ditto again) Other non-Funereals that might do are: *Water of Notre Dame *Tombstone (this one's not wet and soggy or wistful and flowery like many of those above. It's more dry, dusty, desolate, and abandoned feeling.) Good luck! Let us know what you choose. Oh, and welcome, by the way...
  7. rosefaith

    The smell of night

    I don't know what it is, but it sounds great! The closest thing I can think of is Ultraviolet (violet, eucalyptus, maybe some mint - I forget). In general, many scents containing violet have a wide-open, indigo night sky feel to me. Faustus also has this feel - the violet and the frankincense give it a tall, wide, dark feel. The cinnamon is not too pronounced and so doesn't warm it up too much.
  8. Bummer! This is a minor tragedy, because Old Morocco is sooooo yummy. Other scents I can think of that have some similarities to Old Morocco are: *Scherazade (slightly more floral and just a tad sweeter than Old Morocco) *Snake Oil (you've probably tried this already, though) *from the description, Queen of Sheba seems as though it might have some similarities. I haven't tried this one yet, but just received it today and will report back when I have some firsthand info for comparison. Also, are you absolutely sure your skin has swallowed Old Morocco? I used to feel this way about Dana O'Shee, then gradually discovered that it was not actually the case. In the beginning, I could hardly smell Dana O'Shee on me, but others could smell it. Later I wouldn't smell Dana O'shee when I first put it on, but could smell it after it'd been on my skin for awhile. I wonder if this might be the case for you?...Also, sometimes scents smell differently/more/less on your skin at different times.
  9. rosefaith

    Important info regarding shipping and emails

    That's what I figured, but thought I'd check just to be sure . Oh well. *sigh*
  10. rosefaith

    Important info regarding shipping and emails

    Did ya'll actually place your orders on June 10? or was June 10 the day the Lab mailed your orders (orders that you had place in May)?
  11. Yes, definitely Old Port-au-Prince. That's the first scent that came to my mind as well. Let us know how you and your boyfriend end up liking it, ebonykawai. I also imagine the new Hellfire might have some similarities to Hellcat as well.
  12. rosefaith

    Important info regarding shipping and emails

    A paypal-type question, Brian: when placing a paypal order, would you like us to also send you an email at the Lab with a copy of our order, or does the one you get from paypal suffice? Happy to send you a separate email, if that would help you keep track of orders. On the other hand, if a separate email would just clog up your mailbox unecessarily, happy to not send one . Which would you prefer?
  13. rosefaith

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    My favorite scents on men are: *Jolly Roger (this is an outdoor, ocean-y, manly man scent, a la Russell Crowe in Master and Commander ) *Faustus (a gorgeous, dark, complex, interesting scent) *Old Port-au-Prince (spicy, rummy, and a bit sweet - but not in a girly way) *Aureus (resiny and woody) *Tombstone (picture being in a deserted saloon with wood paneling, in a ghost town in the Sierras. You're up at 8,000' and there's a dry conifer forest nearby...With a dash of vanilla - but a buttery vanilla, not at all sweet) *Cathedral (resiny, dry, and incensey) *Black Forest (the name says it all, reminiscent of being in a murky dark forest)
  14. rosefaith

    Slight change in plans.

    No way! How did that happen? andrabell, I'm really curious about the notes in Lughnasadh, too.
  15. rosefaith

    Blue Moon Update: Now Live

    I know! That's why I ordered 2 bottles.