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  1. Trying to make a list of scents i wanna get for the full moon update.... so far my favorite BPAL to date has been Lilith and Morella. Any recs would be greatly appreciated! Thnx!
  2. Sierona

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    i think Baobhan Sith is pronounced like this (or how i always pronounced it please correct me if i am imcorrect) Bo- vhan Shee
  3. Sierona


    This is such a gorgeous scent! Definately very honey, and very amber on me i was so happy when i put this on!!! I got a few compliments from a few rambunctious college guys today (giggle) nothing makes a girl better when someone tells them how yummy you smell (omg thnx Elizabeth your really helping the self-esteem here!!!) ... Unfortunately my chemistry sometimes doesnt like vanillas and turned a lil bit sour on me after a few hours, i thought i was gonna have to part with this one until later on in the day it morphed again back to the warm honey/amber... think i will keep it for now hehe... i so love the mix of honey/amber very sunny... a nice warm spring/summer scent when i think of it, very sexual with a slight slap of innocence... O lasts very long... it changes but is still going very strong on me after an 8 hour day...
  4. Sierona

    Baobhan Sith

    Took a chance on this one and ordered a 5ml instead of an imp with the gut feeling i would adore this one. Verdict= Gut is actually right for once wooohooo! I am a big fan of grapefruit scents, especially in the summer... At first this packed a very powerful Grapefruit punch really great when you need a lil extra help when u need to get moving in the mornings. As my day went on the tart grapefruit was still there but the tea/ginger definately came out more and softened this up very wonderfully. I like how this transforms but i do need to put more on at the end of the work day though... which isnt bad i usually wear a different scent at nite anyhoo... so glad i ordered a bottle of this!!!
  5. Sierona

    Mad Hatter

    Nice strong, mint scent, very soft lavendar in the background on me. Definately on the "gonna buy a bottle" list. My guy seems to like this scent too (but on him not so much on me) though on him it seems a bit darker and musky, but totally yummy!.... This would be a great scent for when i need to kick my ass awake in the morning.
  6. yeah vice end up more choco-cherry-vanilla on me ... ugh yeah i forgot about bergamot also smells wonderfully citrusy too... oh the choices ... i think i will just have to make an really huge order and experiment (insert mad scientist laughter)... lol
  7. i was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a chocolate orange scent using Bpal oils... i assume toying around with Bliss or Vice for the chocolate part... but there are so many different oranges in the single notes section. Anyone have a recommendation on which Orange note to use? Thnx tons!
  8. Sierona


    This one is pretty hard for me to describe but i will give it a go. On me this turns kinda woodsy, with a powdery citrus scent lingering in there... like JJ i dont like powdery at all... but i love this. There is something deep and a lil spooky about this scent... its not overpowering ... it just lingers and seems part of me instead of a perfume. I think i am liking this one enough to by a 10ml next time... (wonders what its brother Phobos is like now!)
  9. Sierona

    Input, please!

    Name: Jo Anne Photo: http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v83/Sierona/jo78.jpg http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v83/Sierona/Jo301.jpg Sin of Choice: Lust (mmmmm lust...) Virtue you embody: Love (nothing feels better then the insanity of love whhheeee!) Astrological Info: Taurus Sunsign, Capricorn Moon and Cancer Ascendent How you found out about BPAL: I have a girlfriend who wears BPAL fragrances and i had to pester her where she got her scents! So glad i did... I am such a Bpal addict now! Any comments you'd like to add about the Lab or life in general: I never really wore perfume at all... only on rare occasion, department store perfumes just never suited me... Elizabeth's oils definately enhance my feeling beautiful, sexy and strong. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful blends!
  10. Lookin at my lonely bottle of Lolita Lempicka (its been feeling really neglected lately since i found Bpal)... I decided to put a lil bit on lightly... i love this scent but i feel naked without Bpal on my wrists! Anyone know of a scent that will compliment Lolita well? Thanx!
  11. Sierona


    Ok... this one is a guy magnet! On me this smells of chocolate cocoa, after this drys for an hour or so it turns more vanilla/ chocolate which is really nice but almost borders on being a lil too strong on me... but so glad i didnt wash it off cause an hour after this changes on me to a deep milk chocolate (even more chocolate then Bliss ODD!). I cant get enough of this, and the Man wouldnt get off of me!
  12. Sierona

    Phantom Queen

    This one is absolutely STUNNING! Very deep strong orchid... when i first put this on i thought the orchid was a bit overpowering and cloying, after about 30 mins of wear this blossomed into one of the most beautiful, wild, womanly scents i have ever put on my skin. (this is another one the kitty approves of so it seems she keeps on lickin my wrists!)
  13. Sierona


    The pinnacle of wealth, luxury, self-indulgent pleasure, voluptuousness and sensuality. Bright violet with sweet clove, Mediterranean incense notes and tonka bean. First sniff out of the bottle was a nice strong violet scent (i love violet!), i couldnt put this one on fast enough! After putting it on my skin and waited a lil while, violet is still the main scent in this at least on me... a bit of spiciness due to the clove i guess... and i swore i smelled something watery (not quiet marine like), and deeply exotic. I didnt think i would love this this much, definately gonna be one of my favorites!
  14. Sierona

    March Hare

    From Mad Tea Party: A twisted teatime tart: apricot and sweet clove. This is extremely "Mad" scent! The juicy sweetness of apricot which alot of chaotic spiciness to it... For some odd reason this reminds of of a candle i used to burn for the Yule holidays. But this is a very unique and much loved scent which wears quiet a while ... hasnt needed a touch up in hours. This has got to be an amazing room scent cant wait to try it out!
  15. Sierona

    Dana O'Shee

    I got Dana O'Shee as a free sample in my recent order and boy am i glad Elizabeth put this in here! This is a very light delicate scent... I can smell the honey (yum!) but this also ends up turning into a beautiful cherry almondy scent on me. The staying power on this is pretty decent on me and stayed true throughout the day. Cant get enough of this!