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    Definitely cinnamon blackberry, the same blackberry that I smelled in Glasgow. Very strong, but didn't burn my skin. It's not something I wear, but it's nice in a diffuser.
  2. nephthys_lvx


    My impression of Yesod is pretty much the same as the others - very aquatic wet, drying down to a nice, ethereal jasmine. Strong out of the bottle, but has faded a great deal in an hour. Still, all in all, a nice watery scent.
  3. nephthys_lvx

    Rose Cross

    This is an amazing scent. It started out very rosey on me, but after drydown the frankincense comes out and balances out the rose beautifully. It's definitely a ritual blend, but I can see myself wearing it as well. I can't wait to get this home and try some on a blank incense stick. I did that with Sea of Glass and it made a beautiful ritual incense.
  4. nephthys_lvx

    Storm Moon

    I love the ozone tang in this one! It reminds me a lot of Sea of Glass, but lighter and tangier. Definitely an aquatic floral. I wish it would last a little longer on me, but it's worth touching up from time to time.
  5. nephthys_lvx

    Black Annis

    I got this as one of the freebie imps in my order this week, and when I opened it, my first impression was pipe tobacco! I sniffed it a bit, then set it aside, sniffed a couple of other imps, then went back to it. It's weird, I can't put this one down. I got up to do something else and caught another whiff of it, I'd gotten a little on my finger when I put the cap back on, and now I can't stop sniffing my finger. I love vetiver and civet, and this is a dark dark dark scent that is totally intriguing. I might wear it a couple of days (not to work, tho, too dark for that) and see if it becomes a 5 ml want. I think it probably will.
  6. nephthys_lvx


    Looks like I'm the first to review this one... In the bottle, I smell olive and something else, maybe wine. Very deceptive. On my skin, it smells like cinnamon with something floral underneath. In the diffuser, I smell storax with another floral scent underneath. This is a very complex scent, and it's hard for me to pick out the individual floral notes. But I think it will be a keeper, especially as a room scent. EDIT: Merged with existing review thread. --Shollin
  7. nephthys_lvx

    Horn of Plenty

    Interesting scent, kindof like amaretto with the same odd undertone that I smelled in Has No Hanna. But very pleasant. And effective - I wore it yesterday, today I got a call offering me a contract job cleaning up and rebuilding a badly hacked website. I think I'll be using this a lot
  8. nephthys_lvx


    This is a very intense scent, deep, earthy and raw. Not something I'd wear out somewhere, but could be useful for serious ritual use and, like today, toolmaking. I'll have to play with this on awhile before I make a final decision on it.
  9. nephthys_lvx

    The Wheel of Fortune

    This one I like, I need a little Jupiterian influence in my life right now, and Wheel of Fortune seems to be helping. It started out rather sweet and too complex for me to pick out the individual notes, and dried down to a soft, sweet, incensy scent. It's also lovely in an oil burner. I got a 10 ml in a swap, and I think it may not last long
  10. nephthys_lvx

    India Bouquet

    First sniff - Anise, very strong, and not that pleasant (I can't stand licorice) Second sniff - Now it's starting to smell like an East Indian shop, which ain't all bad. Third sniff - never got there, my stomach made an unexpected lurch and I had to run and wash it off. Too bad, I like the smell of curry, but there is something in this that is nauseating to me. Probably the anise... Off it goes to the swap bin!
  11. nephthys_lvx

    Water of Notre Dame

    This is the first BPAL oil I've felt the need to cut with a carrier oil. It is *strong*! But as others have said, it's green, aquatic and very soothing. The first time I wore it, I was asleep within a half hour. I'm trying it again, and as I type this I feel myself relaxing despite a rotten day. This one's definitely going to be a 5 ml.
  12. nephthys_lvx

    Mabon 2004

    I got the cherry sucrets scent at first too, then it started to morph into something that smelled like sweet spiced wine. I took a nap this afternoon, and kept smelling it while I was asleep, and by the time I woke up I decided I like it. Oh, and this nice looking guy at the grocery store that I see all the time spoke to me for the first time, so maybe I need to wear it around men that I'm attracted to and see if it has that effect on any of the rest of them
  13. nephthys_lvx

    Silentium Amoris

    Not sure if I like this one or not yet. It's *very* rosey coming out of the bottle (which is okay by me), but then something else, niaouli perhaps? That has completely taken over the rosey scent on me. I'll have to wear this one again before I'll make a decision on it.
  14. Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo smells just like cotton candy on me after it's dried for a little while. The girls at the office were loving it!
  15. nephthys_lvx


    This was very bright and fruity wet, but after a couple of hours of wearing it, the blackberry and heather have blended into a soft, warm scent. The blackberry is still the most prominent element, with the heather underneath. This one's a keeper, I'll probably order more when I run out of this bottle.
  16. nephthys_lvx


    I'm going to leave this for a couple of hours and see what it morphs into, but for now I smell like a Red Hot candy I can smell something else trying to come through, but the cinnamon is killing it. It really smelled good in the bottle! This would make a nice Yule room scent...
  17. nephthys_lvx


    Old Kathmandu smelled a lot like Cathedral in the bottle (especially the cedar), but when I put it on, it smelled like wintergreen! After a half hour, it's mellowed out into a beautiful floral incense scent. This one's a keeper! I didn't like it much as a room scent, seemed to disappear quickly. But in the oil burner it smelled a lot like Cathedral, so it doesn't matter.
  18. nephthys_lvx


    I really wanted to like this one, but the rose scent was too sweet and reminded me of a funeral where the flowers were so sickly sweet that they made you ill. I'll try it one more time, but I think this one's off to the swap pile.
  19. nephthys_lvx


    Yes, it's sweetgum resin. The cool thing is that it smells exactly the same burning as it does in the jar.
  20. nephthys_lvx


    I've been playing with storax (a sweet, spicy, very strong smelling tree resin), and can't come up with a blend that I really like. It seems to me that it would work well with rose, but the scent I'm looking for is eluding me. Maybe something for the Lab to play around with sometime? I love the smell of it, but it really is too strong to use by itself. A few correspondences: Element of Earth Sefirah Hod (8th Sefirah on the Tree of Life) The Egyptian god Anubis
  21. nephthys_lvx


    I got Ultraviolet on a swap, and the bottle had leaked just a little, enough that when I opened the envelope the scent hit me right in the face... WOW! This stuff is gorgeous! It was mostly eucalyptus out of the bottle, but now that I've had it on for a bit, the eucalyptus and violet are playing cat and mouse with each other... I'll walk in one direction and smell violets, then turn around and the eucalyptus is there. There's a little mint that pokes its head up from time to time too. This one's definitely going to be a 10 ml., it's not a strong scent so I expect I'll be topping it off often...
  22. nephthys_lvx


    I fell in love with this one the minute I opened the bottle. Sweet and smoky at first, it dries down to a spicy, resiny scent. I'd love to use this as a room scent as well as wearing it. Looks like a 10 ml bottle of this for me... ADDED Sept. 19: I love this one. Wet, I can smell wine & figs, with underlying resins and spices. Dry on my skin, it's a rich, sweet, resiny scent. In my oil burner, the wine and fig scents really come out. This would be a wonderful scent for meditation or ritual work. It will live in the box where I keep my temple oils. Already ordered a 5 ml of this!
  23. nephthys_lvx

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    Smells sticky sweet in the bottle, but it turns into this soft cotton-candy scent on me. 5 hours later it's still with me too. Makes me smile, definitely took the edge off a bad day Might have to get a big bottle of it. A co-worker has absolutely fallen in love with it.
  24. nephthys_lvx

    Are custom scents available?

    I hope that Elizabeth decides to start doing custom scents again too. I have a small bottle of an oil that I'm absolutely in love with, yet can no longer obtain. Once the little bottle is gone, that's it. I was hoping to have it duplicated... Nephthys_LVX
  25. nephthys_lvx


    It is so different from what I normally wear that I'm having a little trouble deciding if I like it. I keep sniffing my wrist trying to decide. It's a little too sweet, but I'll wear it for a few more days to see if it grows on me. I do like it as a room scent.