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  1. elfmaiden

    Centzon Totochtin

    Imp: Warm Chocolate, Like a baking brownie. Wet on skin: A buttery coffee smell with a strong note of the wine's alcohol. Dry: Dry cocoa and a fruity note, the alcohol burns off leaving a really interesting smell. I probably won't wear this as a perfume but I know the imp will get used up in other ways! Jenn
  2. elfmaiden

    Taurus 2007

    Undoubtedly the most morphing blend I've tried so far. Imp: Very minty with something strange lurking in the background, like a violet that was stepped on or something. (Perhaps it is the thyme I find odd?) Wet: Minty and once on my skin the florals definitely start to bloom. It completely losses that odd scent I get from the bottle. Dry: A warm almost spicy sweet blend of flowers, a hint of rose lurking. I really really love this one after the initial stages! Definitely give this blend alittle breathing room before you make your decision! Jenn
  3. elfmaiden

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    This smells very cocoa on me. There is nothing sweet and chocolaty, it's a very dry and dark dark chocolate. The kind I love the most! I find it a bit to distracting as a perfume! Lol. Usually my skin amps the sweetness but I get nothing of the cream in this one. It's a very lovely smell, but as compared to Bliss it is it's much darker and more bitter cousin. Jenn
  4. elfmaiden

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    It think it has to do with the cocoa part of the oil. I know some people say the GC oil Bliss separates like that as well, but my imp is perfectly clear. I wouldn't worry, just roll the oil before you use it. I guess it has something to do with how cocoa reacts as an oil. Sometimes it stays nice 'n clear and other times it separates out. There are a lot of cases of this with blends that come directly from the lab. Chalk it up to all natural goodness. Hee hee Jenn
  5. elfmaiden


    The reviews here sold me on buying a bottle. I originally took a brief sniff from a bottle of a friend's of mine and didn't like it. Something got me started reading reviews and I grabbed a bottle after they came down from Will Call. It's a weird love! I really am not fond of how this smells straight up from the bottle. It's so juniper and patchouli. On my skin it's very earthy and musky. I love it. It gets slowly sweeter as the hours go by (I generally amp sweeter smells). It is definitely a "down & dirty" scent! I think I'm slowly moving over to loving patchouli. hee hee. Amazing blend and not for the those looking for something delicate. Jenn
  6. elfmaiden


    From the bottle and with it's initial application to my skin Svadhinopatika is very incensey. However once it dries for about 1 minutes, it is really something lovely! I'm getting much more of the amber and the sweetness. The sillage from the honey is far throwing for me too, but when you get close to my wrist you get the beautiful mix. I am really glad I scored a bottle! I agree with the descriptions that it's warm, incensey, and slightly golden. Jenn
  7. elfmaiden

    Pink Moon 2007

    A spicy floral, sweeter than regular carnations and definitely a PINK association with this smell! It does really mellow on my skin, hanging close with not alot of throw. I like my perfume like that and it seems perfect for everyday wear! Jenn
  8. elfmaiden

    The Oblation

    Wet: All Lavender. I agree it's a herbal smell, but not unpleasant. Drying: The blackberries show up and are balancing out the strong lavender. Dry: A lush mix of ripe blackberries and honey, with lavender keeping things from getting too sweet in the background.. A very 'pretty' and juicy scent! Jenn
  9. elfmaiden

    Aries 2007

    This is definitely a hot and spicy blend. From the bottle it's strange and over powering, but on my skin with a bit of a dry down it's cooled slightly. I can really smell the ginger (YAY!) and the pepper is second to it. I'm not sure what the last note it but it's sweet and more of a heavy floral (Honeysuckle?). It's getting much sweeter on my skin, which isn't surprising as I amp those notes. By far one of the most intriging blends from the lab I've encountered. Jenn
  10. elfmaiden


    I love the light refreshing scents and this hits the nail on the head! It's very green smelling, fruity and bright but not sweet. I concur that it smells like a more commercial perfume and this was an instant hit with me! Great for summer time wear! Imp upgrade to bottle oh yes! Jenn
  11. elfmaiden

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    I've been having trouble finding one of the musky spices scents that I could fall in love with. Snake Oil went alittle too powdery and Smut well, I love her but I can't wear that all the time. lol. Mme. Moriarty is my single favourite scent right now. It's warm and sweet, but doesn't ever get over powering. I think the plum helps to really mellow it out. This is definitely going to be my first purchase where I'm buying my second bottle before the first runs out. Jenn
  12. elfmaiden

    The Lion

    Warm and spicy and amazingly bright on my skin. It's a very golden scent and although I've been familiar with amber before, this is a nice intro. The smell is incredibly wearable! Jenn
  13. elfmaiden


    Smells like a freshly baked chocolate cake on me and in the imp. It doesn't change much on my wrist, just getting very warm and yummy. Definitely a foody smell! I love it, but I dunno about wearing it as perfume. Someone might thing you have actually baked something. lol. Such an amazing smell though! Jenn
  14. elfmaiden

    Nine Muses

    I have to agree with many others in saying Nine Muses is not for it's perfume value. But it's helped me get through many late night art assignments and I would not give it up for the world. It's got a clash of smell and they seem to compete for the top notes. I don't get a cleaner smell, but it does smell medicinal and herbal. But, I don't care if my dirty hands smell good, just as long as they're doing the job. Love this one! Jenn
  15. elfmaiden

    The Hesperides

    This was a very fresh apple scent in the imp. To me it's a very sweet apple smell, maybe that's the background notes poking through. It's much different on my skin and becomes super sweet, but my skin tends to amp up the sweetness. It's a very lovely green apple scent! Jenn