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  1. Shannihilation


    In the bottle this is very dark and spicy. The woods and the bay rum seem to be the dominant notes. When I put it on my wrist it was very sticky and thick. Resin from the woods maybe? On my skin it's very spicy but not quite so dark. There's a light powdery sort of feel to it. But not like baby powder... like an after bath body powder sort of thing. I can't pick out the tea rose at all. But the rum, musk, woods, and currant are amazing. This is probably more of a manly scent, but I don't care. I'll wear this anyway. It's a bit strong though so I'll have to remember to apply it sparingly.
  2. Shannihilation


    All flash and glam: white wine, heliotrope, d’Anjou pear, and lotus. In the bottle this is very boozey and sweet. I was a little worried about putting it on but I decided to be brave. On my skin this is very light and sweet, but the wine is still the dominant note. I'm not getting the usual bubblegum scent from the lotus which is good. This is almost a "breezy" scent and really perfect for a sunny Spring day.
  3. Shannihilation

    Thirteen (13): July 2007

    I am a huge fan of the original 13, on me it's all glorious chocolate and orange. But this one leaves me going "Ewwww!" In the bottle it's very spicy. I can definitely pick out the clove and the cocoa. It's dark and sharp. On my skin it's very strong and still sharp. The clove and the cocoa are still dominating the other notes completely. I can only just touch on the peach every now and then. I keep sniffing my wrists hoping to find that with time this has smoothed out and become less sharp and bitter. I'd love to see more of the sweetness come through. So far it's just not happening though. In some ways this strikes me as a very commercial men's cologne sort of scent. The first incarnation of 13 (that I know of anyway) that has the white label, is still my favorite.
  4. Shannihilation

    Miskatonic University

    I've heard people rave about this scent since I was introduced to BPAL but because it was so hard to find and in such huge demand, I'd never tried it. I wanted to though. The scent sounded perfect for me. Coffee and books? Heaven! I recently got a bottle and I have to say, I'm really disappointed. In the bottle this is scorched caramel with maybe a hint of coffee. No dust. No woods. Just burnt sweetness. That holds pretty true on my skin as well. Except that there's also an added "plastic" odor. Every now and then I get a slight whiff of something pleasant but it's not constant and the other stuff isn't worth the occasional goodness.
  5. Shannihilation

    La Petite Mort

    In the bottle this has a musky slightly floral smell. Like snake oil and a hint of roses. On my skin though it warms into a very sexy, dark, scent. It's very smooth and has a blatantly sexy smell. The description for this scent is perfect.
  6. Shannihilation

    Moon Rose

    A crisp, pale, almost translucent rose dusted by moonflower and midnight dew. In the bottle this is very light. The description of "pale" fits so well! And there's an almost aquatic note too. I just can't believe how perfect the description for this is. I can pick out each and every note. I'm not a big fan of florals but this is right up there with my few favorites. It's very soft and light and so pretty. I layer it with Bath and Bodyworks Sensual Amber lotion and they work really well together. I can't get my husband to stop sniffing me when I wear the two together.
  7. Shannihilation

    The Black Tower

    In the bottle I'd swear this has chocolate in it. Boozy chocolate. I'm guessing it's actually the red wine and the teak maybe. On my skin it initially is a sharp, sweet, cold scent. But as it dries it warms up and gets slightly dusty and incensey. It smells really good. And it has pretty good wear time too. I put it on at around 9:00 am and at 5:15 pm as I write this I can still smell it.
  8. Shannihilation


    In the bottle this is a very sweet, cloying, floral. Not my kind of scent at all. There's an underlying spice too but it's not very dominant. On my skin for the first half hour or so it stays a really strong, sweet floral. I can pick up a green, mossy sort of note as well. But it doesn't last long. Dry, it's still dominantly floral but spicier. Almost a men's cologne kind of feel to it. I actually like it, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to suffer through the initial overpowering floral period.
  9. Shannihilation

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    In the bottle this is sharp and has a sort of cough drop kind of smell to it. I sniffed and wrinkled my nose. One I put it on though it starts to soften up a bit. I've been wearing it for a couple of hours now and I can't smell the snake oil at all. It's all vanilla and neroli on me, which is fine with me. I love Neroli and the vanilla that the lab uses. The amber is there in the background adding a sensual note and blending everything else together. I went from thinking this was horrid to really loving it. I think I'll probably end up wearing it pretty often.
  10. Shannihilation

    Crow Moon

    In the bottle this smells sharp and almost mediciney. Wet on my skin it's sharp and chilly and very perfumey. I came close to washing it off before it even dried. Now though I've had it on for a couple of hours and it's dried down to a soft, dusty, cool floral. I'm liking it far more than I expected to from the way it smelled in the bottle and then wet. It's so pretty now!
  11. Shannihilation

    Blood Moon 2005

    In the bottle this is all spice. Maybe cinnamon or cassia. I was careful putting it on the first time as those two oils tend to turn me red and itchy sometimes. Once I saw that it wasn't going to irritate my skin I put on a bit more. On my kin that spiciness stays dominant for the first few minutes, but then the musk starts to come out along with a hint of vanilla. I'd swear there was snake oil in here. It smells so much like it. Just darker. Dry this reminds me of a spicier Snake Charmer. Snake Charmer seduces while this just takes control and has it's way with you. This is such an intriguing scent. I'm really enjoying it. Especially once it's dry. It's soft and spicy but still "strong" and in control. This is awesome. Definitely one of my favorite Lunacies.
  12. Shannihilation


    In the bottle this is all florals. Like an expensive department store perfume. Which is generally my problem with Salon scents. Only one has really worked for me and oddly enough I have yet to get a bottle of it. (Satan and Death With Sin Intervening) I came close to not even trying this because I've not had such great luck with Salon scents and I'm not a huge fan of predominantly floral scents. For the first twenty minutes or so it's very strong and still all floral. Now though the amber has started to smooth it out a bit. It's really pretty and would be great for a night out somewhere glamorous. But it's just not for me. This bottle will probably go live with my Mother In Law. I think she'll really like it.
  13. Shannihilation

    Black Pearl

    In the bottle this is definitely coconut. And the musk. Everyone says that Snow White has coconut in it and I don't get that at all, but I have no problems finding it in this one! On my skin this is still predominantly coconut,but not foody. And it dries down to this soft, powdery (but not baby powder), lovely scent. And it has some fabulous wear time. I put it on at around 2:00 yesterday afternoon and could still smell it when I went to bed at 11:00 pm. This is really beautiful.
  14. Shannihilation

    The Shivering Boy

    In the bottle this has a chilled floral smell to me. I'm not overly familiar with any of the notes except the ozone so I'm not sure which one or ones may be the floral I am picking up the most. On my skin it's still a cool floral but the ozone and the sleet are really coming through. It smells like a cold winter day with the smell of the rain (sleet) in the air. And there is very definitely some pine in there. It's not overpwoering at all, but I can pick it out for sure. It's really pretty. Initially it's awfully strong but after about 20 minutes it softens quite a bit and becomes this really lovely cool, clean scent. I like it alot.
  15. Shannihilation


    As soon as I smelled this in the bottle I thought it smelled just like my Buddha candle. He is made from beeswax. I love that smell. The amber comes through in the bottle as well but the beeswax really seems to be the dominanat note. On my skin it's still mostly beeswax but the pomegranate and fig are there along with the amber. It's just bordering turning to burnt plastic on me though if I sniff up close. Farther away though i can't smell that at all. It's very soft and subtle and the different notes all blend really nicely. I like this alot.