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    Lick It Again

    Every holiday season should be full of lewd suggestions and filthy double entendres, right? This is a new take on last year's Lick It -- a peppermint candy cane with an extra jolt of sugar. in the bottle: oh. em. gee. pure liquid candy-cane-y goodness, with a healthy dollop of sugar and vanilla to sweeten the peppermint up. i could sniff this all day. wet: same. awesome. i love this. i want to eat myself. *coughs* dry: damn. i lost the peppermint all the way around. i smell like MB: underpants. if i sniff super-duper hard, i can still find the peppermint, but it's pretty much gone vamoose on me. verdict: while i'm bummed i have no pepperminty numminess to revel in, i love this nonetheless. i will be ordering (at least) one more bottle. i think i'm going to attempt to track down a bottle of the original as well (so if any of you have one to swap/sell...? *grins*) ETA: initial testing was done on my wrist. now i'm wearing it everywhere i usually wear my bpal oils, and each and every spot feels incredibly cold and tingly. it's...interesting. also...various parts of me smell differently now. the crooks of my elbows are all sweet underpants...between my boobs is pepperminty. so...yay!
  2. finecurvedhips


    in the bottle: watery mint. i don't know what i really expected, since the description listed no notes, but...i dunno. watery mint was a surprise. wet: same. still not too excited over this one. dry: mint totally disappears. i don't get any of the fruity/juicy notes others have found. i get a slightly powdery/soapy fragrance that isn't as bad as one might think. it's a very light scent, though, and i could see this one being the first bpal i would have to reapply throughout the day. verdict: undecided. it's pretty...but not too sure if it's me. it definitely smells better on my skin than it did in the bottle, though i mourn the loss of the mint.
  3. finecurvedhips

    Pumpkin Queen

    in the bottle: very heavy on the pumpkin. i don't know why i was surprised, what with the name and all, but i was. i guess it's cause i'm one of those that take the order of ingredients kind of literally - as in food - and i thought that it would be the least abundant component in this blend. wet: i dunno. still very pumpkin-y, though i can kind of smell some of the spices coming through. dry: caramel corn. i kid you not. i have NO clue how this happened. verdict: no way. not for me. it made me slightly queasy . while it's lovely in the bottle, it didn't play nice with my skin chemistry.
  4. finecurvedhips

    Schwarzer Mond

    i worked hard to get a decant of this one - i was so bummed i couldn't afford to grab it when it was up on the site. in the imp: hrm...very...not-your-typical-moon. well, the moons i've had, anyways. very strong to my nose, though i can't pick notes out if my life depended on it. wet: uhoh...something doesn't like me at all. dry: this smells like bad men's cologne on me. not a keeper for me. *sobs*
  5. finecurvedhips

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    in the bottle: i can totally understand the snake oil/snake charmer/smut correlation that other bpal-lers have mentioned. the sweet/spicy meld is amazing...but then, right when i quit inhaling, i get a super sharp note that makes the back of my tongue and throat feel twitchy. wet: same as in the bottle, but the sweet notes disappear entirely. dry down: that sharp note just dominates and makes this scent completely unappealing on me. i had such high expectations for this one after reading all the reviews. this ended up not being for me. i halfway wonder if those that got this scent before the component issue have a different scent altogether...? i don't know which of the notes listed could have gone so, so bad on me. *sighs* ten minutes after drydown: i smell like sweaty unwashed armpit. *gags* and what's worse? i can't get it off!!!
  6. finecurvedhips

    Snake Charmer

    oh, my! i'm in lust with this scent! in the bottle - this reminds me of smut/snake oil/scherezade...possibly the love child of those three. very 'spicy', and i suck at notes, so that's about the most detail i can provide. drydown - can i just make out with myself, please? like, NOW? *grins* this hardly morphs at all, and for that, it only gets better. while i'm beyond touched someone gifted me this imp, i am now on active stalking mode for MORE!
  7. finecurvedhips

    The Brides of Dracula

    so, so pretty! first sniff: my very first thought was that this smelled insanely similar to et lux fuit, to me, though with a generous dollop of honey mixed in. slightly 'spicier' flowers, honey, and...well, i guess that's about all i had at first impression. on me: woah. the honey went vamoose, and it's all 'girlie' smelling now. the spiciness died down, too, which makes me sad - i'm not a sweet floral fan. verdict: while it smells divine in the bottle, and still smells quite lovely on, it's just not me.
  8. finecurvedhips

    Chrysanthemum Moon

    mum moon, alas, disappoints me greatly. i was expecting nice musky-spiciness with a hint of spicy/tart florals. it was everything but. in the bottle: it smells almost acidic with sweet flowers. not an autumn scent at all. very dime-store perfume. on me: it dries okay...i even thought about keeping it for all of 15 minutes. then it just went poof. i'm a sad girl now. i'm half-wondering if they had some component issue and had to tweak the formulation somehow. i smell not a hint of musk. or smoke or incense. nada.
  9. finecurvedhips

    Baobhan Sith

    first sniff- no grapefruit at all. a light floral to my nose, which is incredibly untrained, i'll admit. wet- rose?!?! where on earth did that come from? dry- a nice commercial scent on my skin. i had such high hopes for this one, what with the grapefruit and the ginger. neither comes out for me at all. i get a small whiff of the white tea, but it's really just a mishmash of florals for me.
  10. finecurvedhips

    Blood Kiss

    i was doing a wee happy dance when i got this as a frimp in my last lab order. imp- when i first opened it, it was jaw-dropping awesome, but when i waved it under my nose it was awful! i was so sad, but decided to give it a go anyways. wet- omg, get it off! i don't know if it's the vetiver or what, but it was just hellishly ick on my skin. like really bad patchouli ick. drydown- honey? that's all i get with -maybe- a hint of cherry to round it out. i have to say i'm rather infatuated with this phase. *grins* i have never had a scent morph this completely on me before. still no keeper for me - i'm not a huge honey fan, but this is a sure winner for anyone who digs the honeys.
  11. finecurvedhips


    wow...i have to say this one totally works for me. in the bottle- pure green tea, with maybe a wee little hint of lime wet- still the nummy tea scent, not so much on the lime, and the aloe starts to nose its way in drydown - all seaspray!! omg...the beach is my one, true happy place. words cannot describe how much i'm loving that i have a bpal scent that is so perfectly beachy! the tea completely disappeared for me. if i sniff hard enough i can sorta smell the lime still, but for all intents and purposes - i smell like amazingly fresh, clean, delicious ocean breezes! ETA: and then it divebombs into pure green tea an hour or so later. *sighs* while i still think it's a perfectly lovely scent, i'm thinking this one might be going into the swap/sales pile.
  12. finecurvedhips


    oh my - yum. in the imp - cookies! lovely, amazing gingerbread cookies. full of spice and warmth and all sorts of good stuff. wet - still seething with ginger. i don't get any of the incense mentioned in the scent desription. dry - this pretty much dies to cinnamon with a hint of ginger on me. i was a bit disappointed this didn't keep more oomph. verdict - though this smells good enough to eat, it reminds me of craft stores at xmess time. *sighs*
  13. finecurvedhips


    i had such high hopes for this one, judging by the notes in it. in the bottle, this was simply divine, with no single note jumping out at me. on wet - at first it was just incredibly floral, then got a tinge of baby wipe scent to it. dry- baby wipes with a hearty dusting of baby powder to go with it. my husband's final analysis - 'you smell like a clean baby's butt'. thanks, but no! LOL
  14. finecurvedhips

    Snake Oil

    first whiff - omg, i just wanted to curl up in this smell and roll around purring. on me - ouch. it burns!! this was my first owie-skin problem with bpal. apparently my skin doesn't like one or more of those nummy-smelling Indonesian spices. i don't smell the vanilla hardly at all - just a teasing hint of it when i least expect it. i'm keeping this. i'll eventually find a scent locket or something to use it with.
  15. finecurvedhips

    Blood Amber

    first whiff - so THAT's what dragon's blood smells like? oh, and a hint of amber-ish-ness, too. on me - oh my, this is nice. not too sweet, not too sharp or complex. this makes me feel mysterious, like people might get a whiff of me as i walk by and ponder who i am and what i'm up to. i think i'm smitten.
  16. finecurvedhips


    first whiff - musky and warm. easily brings to mind wandering through a street-vending marketplace with incense and crowds of people. on me - sooo good. another sex-ay scent! very much a musky scent, with a good dose of incense. i'm not sure if i smell the saffron or not - darn untrained nose again. my husband calls this my 'hippy' scent. *grins* a bottle is in my future.
  17. finecurvedhips


    first whiff- wow. very clean, fresh, and definitely oceanic. on me - i can see where others are getting the 'irish spring' reference, but i actually kind of like it. it does have a bit of the soapy smell, but it reminds me more of playing on the beach, the wind laden with salt water and the tang of a coming storm. this one's a keeper.
  18. finecurvedhips

    Honey Moon

    first sniff - woah. honey. with an after-smell of something mildly herbal. this smells promising. on me - honey. through and through. sticky, golden, melt-on-your-tongue honey. as much as this smells good, it's just not me. i need some spice with my sweet.
  19. finecurvedhips

    Holiday Moon

    this had the notes i was hoping would be more predominant in dragon moon. first whiff - tea! on me - yup, tea, with a good shot of green growing things thrown in for good measure. ohmygawd, but i like this one. not one i see myself wearing on any kind of regular basis, but it's so light and fresh that it's hard to dismiss it altogether.
  20. finecurvedhips

    Dragon Moon 2006

    first whiff - oh no. flowery. i was so hoping this would smell more strongly of the tea leaf, bamboo, and sandalwood. my untrained nose smelled no dragon's blood at all, just the cherry blossoms. lovely as they are, they are not what i was hoping for. on me - yup. flowers. it's nice enough, i suppose. i may hold on to this, though chances are i'll end up trying to trade it off.
  21. finecurvedhips

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    first sniff - grapefruit! and some spicy stuff. on me - oh.em.gee. *drools* i get mostly grapefruit with a bit of sandalwood. very citrus/spice, and i love it sooo much. i've already tracked down a second bottle. *sheepish grins*
  22. finecurvedhips

    Budding Moon

    first sniff - way more fruity than floral, which i was rather stoked about. (i'm not huge on flowery stuff) on me - boo. turned VERY floral on me. not a hint of plum. not a wisp of ginger. not a dollop of musk. pure flowers. nice flowers, but flowers nonetheless. off to the swap pile for this one.
  23. finecurvedhips


    i love teh smut. *grins* so much so, in fact, that i just tracked down a bottle to buy for my very own. imps are just teasers! in the bottle - this was stronger than i anticipated. not in a bad way, though, just in the way that lets us know to use it sparingly lest we perfume everyone around us to death. LOL on me - nummy sums it up. this smells hot - warms bodies rolling around together kind of hot. this scent makes me feel exceptionally sassy, much to my hubby's pleasure. *grins* i don't smell foodiness so much as just a sweet layer with all the musk. this definintely works with my skin chemistry. i've heard/read people compare this to snake oil, but i have to disagree. smut wins, hands down. also, the throw is spectacular. just a smidge of this wonderful scent goes a long way - both in how lovely it smells, and length of time it stays on - over 8 hours! pure genious.
  24. finecurvedhips

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    my bottle was XX (20). in the bottle, i can smell sugar-y goodness and/or vanilla on top of some type of spiciness or muskiness, maybe. btw- i have no clue how to distinguish notes, so...yeah. on me - WOW! this is, by far, my most adored scent i have ever worn. i just about cried after it dried down to a warm, sultry, come-and-take-me-now kind of scent. i want MORE!! how incredibly cool would it be if the lab kept notes on what went into each bottle, and we could order more? /wishful thinking *grins*
  25. finecurvedhips

    Dragon's Bone

    this was a blind experiment on my part. i've never smelled dragon's blood, but i know i like sandalwood, so i thought i'd give it a go. i can't really place why, but i really didn't like this one on me. too...musty or something. made me feel like i had dust coating my throat or something along those lines.