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    BPAL of course, beading, reading, the collapse of infrastructure, writing, NaNoWriMo
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    My sunsign is Cancer... I knew the whole works back when I was into astrology, but no more, alas.
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  1. Luhtarian


    Sandalwood. Sweet sandalwood, but just sandalwood all the same.
  2. Luhtarian

    Leo 2007

    I bought this for my other half, who is a Leo, and not only does she really like it, I must say it's quite a sexy scent indeed. Lots of amber and spices, and it has a lot of staying power- every time I catch a whiff I go weak at the knees!
  3. Luhtarian


    I love this. I was concerned about the lavender, but it's not at all prominent on me. The result is a very clean, cool scent with more complexity than I usually find in a "clean" smelling perfume. The florals are present but not overpowering. It lasts a good long time on me, although it's never overpoweringly strong.
  4. Luhtarian

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    In the imp and when I put it on there is a strong smell of honeydew, or some other melon. It's yummy... but then the amber amps to pure baby powder and totally ruins it. ...I still have no idea where the honeydew smell is coming from.
  5. Luhtarian

    Eat Me

    Wow. This is REALLY foody, which I like but might not work for most people. It's very sweet, I'm definitely getting the cakes. When it went on I thought I smelled salty buttered popcorn! But that went away once it hit my skin. There's also something almost sharp behind the cakey stuff - the currants? I LOVE it.
  6. Luhtarian

    The Lady of Shalott

    The scent of calm waters just before a raging storm, limned with achingly-beautiful blooms, an icy scent, but somehow warm, and mirror-bright: bold gardenia, crystalline musk, muguet, water blossoms, clear, slightly tart aquatic notes and a crush of white ginger. Wet, I can smell all the different components, aquatics, ginger, the whole works. Dry, it smells oddly like celery... not BAD, but celery-ish all the same. It doesn't change from the celery, so I think I'll give it to my friend that loves gardenia.
  7. Luhtarian

    Forbidden Fruit

    It goes on smelling like candy. Dries into a powdery/perfumey floral, maybe a little too floral for me. I'll probably swap it or give it away, although it's a nice scent. It just needs someone who likes florals a little more.
  8. Luhtarian


    Going on there's a LOT of lime... as it dries, the musk comes out. It almost seems to make the lime smell 'dirty'. Unfortunately, it stays that way... dirty, slightly sweaty lime.
  9. Luhtarian

    Come to Me

    It smells strongly of herbs and lemon... not really pleasant. I haven't had a chance to test its effectiveness!
  10. Luhtarian

    Shadow Witch Orchid

    A very pale orchid, a delicate and perfumey floral. Is there rose in this? It's going a little soapy.
  11. Luhtarian


    I can't really weigh in on this one because the rose turns to pure soap. Oh well. Try it if rose DOESN'T do that to you.
  12. Luhtarian

    Blood Countess

    ... Corrupted black plum, smoky opium and crumbling dead roses covered by a deceptive veil of Hungarian lilac, white gardenia and wild berry. I'm surprised I like this one, but I do! It's a sweet, yummy floral-plum thing on me, really nice. The roses don't show themselves, thank God - they always turn to pure soap on my skin.
  13. Luhtarian


    A lot of lemon and mint. Some creamy musk in the background... it doesn't really work on me, it seems sharp and unbalanced.
  14. Luhtarian

    Black Pearl

    Oh, this is delicious! Creamy musk and coconut. I can smell the hazelnut too, but it doesn't take over, thank God. I love it!
  15. Luhtarian


    A lot of mint and lemon... very sharp! Something creamy in the background?