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  1. voix

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    Is there anything that smells like a granny smith apple just when it's cut? Not an impression of it but really something that smells exactly like a freshly cut granny smith?
  2. voix

    Why are LEs limited? Will they come back?

    thanks! the bottle on ebay was sold before i got to bid on it. so purple phoenix is lost on me. i think i'll just look for cleanly tested bottles. though the hoarder in me(i do so love purple phoenix. so much it's not funny anymore) want every last bit i can find. pelase please make it a GC scent if it's not because the ingredients are too expensive. i dab it on everything seriously. my clothes, my paper in the study, my burner, my curtains, i diluted a little bit and spray it round the room.
  3. voix

    Why are LEs limited? Will they come back?

    Oh my, i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE purple phoenix. It's moody, yet beautifully so. It's really the most perfect "purple" scent for me and silly me only got one bottle of it. Will i ever be able to get another untainted bottle of purple phoenix again?
  4. voix


    ooh, just received my bottle. shall try my best to give a decent description. in the bottle:ooh. zesty orangey smell. a bit like orange mints? this was quite strange to be because there was no orange whatsoever in the notes describe. on me: at first is was just like orange mints(hacks orange flavour to be exact) emplified. then slowly, it started to resemble fae a lot. only more zesty and outgoing. if fae was a little white fluttering faerie, then glitter is it's orangey cousin. rating 4/5 the only bad thingw as that it was gone really soon. like about 2 hours?
  5. voix

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    hahas. my bad. just as in only.
  6. what about purple phoenix? i find it such a deep purple scent and it smells wonderful with so much depth. i think i'm going to go mad when i finish using mine and cant find another bottle. so any equivlents out there?
  7. voix

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    they just send me an email that says your payment ofr USD84.00 has been sent to paypal@blackphoenixalchemylab.com is this counted?
  8. voix

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    anyone knows how all saints, brides of dracula, purple phoenix and glitter looks like? i've placed an order but i just cant wait. going crazy thinking about labels.
  9. voix

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    thanks. but unfortunately, this is my first time using paypal too. how does a receipt looks like?
  10. voix

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    i've got one question. started ordering bpal directly(normally i just participate in sprees) and i did a paypal order. will bpal give me a confirmation email or something. because till now there's no reply from them. i ordered the limited edition(purple phoenix, brides of dracula, all saints, glitter) on the last day before it went dead, did i order?
  11. thanks! i got glitter in the end. i dont know why but feu follet give me this idea that it's somewhat a more grownup vresion of fae. maybe cos of the name? whereas glitter sounds totally flashy and sweet like bon vivant. which is something i like buttoo sweet for me. thansk a lot guys.
  12. It's quite hard to find scents that are close to fae or have that vibe. anyone has recomendations?
  13. anyone knows of O variants? I like how it smells so absolutely honey-ish on me. sadly, it dries to a powdery sort of scent. it's the best i've tried so far. i'm not sure if it's the amber, the honey or the vanilla but it's good! is O like snake oil? or eat me? eve, though full of honey as wel, smells possitively vile on me. would love to know other O a likes. big big thank you.
  14. i remember posting this but i cant seem to find it now. are there any hair products, lotions, soap, shower gel that smells like the following scents. O Fae Snake oil Antique lace Scherezade Dorian Lolita edited to add dana o shee
  15. i never get that reactin as wel. but then again, i havent tried alot of scents. i just notice them trying to sniff around more thats all.