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    Plague Doctor v13

    This is the only proto I asked my pick-up angel to get me. The name intrigued me and I have always loved the hand made Madame Talbot Plague Doctor doll that the Lab has sitting out at the shows (as seen in pictures). I'm really stumped as to specific notes in this one. I do get something herbal and green with maybe just a touch of spices. Maybe a touch of leather. It's very well blended. When I opened the bottle my husband was 2 feet away and he said "ewww I don't like that one" Without him knowing it I tested it and after the dry down I stuck my wrist under his nose and he was like "Oh now I like that one" I was like "well it's the ewww one" He really liked the drydown (which didn't take long). I have found it's always best to skin test and this experience just proved it. Will be hanging onto this one and see how it ages. Much :love!: to my pick-up ETA: If you like Planting Moon you'll like this.
  2. beachbabealways


    Not sure if I have posted a review on this one or not but last night I went into one of my boxes because I haven't worn perfume in quite some time and I just grabbed a bottle ... it was Vixen. I put a lil' on and put it back in the box. 20 mins later I am smelling this glorious smell but it smells like AGED Snake Oil. Thinking this must have been a mistake (maybe I misread the label) I went back today and pulled it out and tested it again. Yep, smells like aged Snake Oil but maybe better. My bottle is from early 2006 (and I also have a bottle of Snake Oil 2006). I was amazed that the orange blossom wasn't as strong and no longer was the front runner in this perfume. My suggestion ... buy a bottle for aging. You will be surprised!
  3. beachbabealways

    Eldrich Dark Bath Oil

    I'm not getting the Snake Oil in this like others. To me this smells like my aged 2005 bottle of Smut. I like Smut. However I'm not sure I'll be keeping this since I already have something that smells like it in my collection. On a side note, if your afraid of leather or rose I didn't pick up any in this blend (sniffing from the bottle or on my skin). Actually I didn't pick up the honey either. ummmm ...
  4. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Love the labels ... thanks so much for posting the picture.
  5. beachbabealways


    Love this! If you liked Enraged Bunny Musk give this a try. On my skin this smells just like it.
  6. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Here you go! Those are cute! I've been missing out on so much but at least I get to see the labels. Thank you for posting them. My 13 year old cousin is here with me this summer so any extra $$$ I might have spent on myself is being spent on her so it's worth it because we are having a blast. We are heading back to Hawaiian Falls today so I will just pretend I am swimming in a pool filled with Mouse Circus. I can't wait until it goes live but also hope that's not for a month so I can re-coop.
  7. beachbabealways

    Vespertilio Proterus

    This is like an A&W Cream soda with Ginger. It's all bubbly when I first apply it but that disappears after 10 mins and I'm left with a vanilla cream ginger saffron confection. I do not pick up any of the other notes, which is fine by me. If MB Underpants could have a younger flirtier sister this would be her. My skin has never picked up the butter rum in Underpants so in that vein it's like swapping out the sandalwood for ginger. I agree with the first poster that it's the same ginger note in Mother Ginger. This is a fun & flirty scent.
  8. beachbabealways

    Great Vampire Bat

    Out of the three bats I received this is by far my favorite and I am absolutely loving it!! I have never smelled an orchid like this. It has a sweetness to it. It reminds me of Treat 1 (with the watermelon) and Nag Champa. Just the right amount of sweetness and incense. The only problem I am having is staying power. Maybe aging will help in that area. I will never give up this bottle. SEXY as all get out on my skin! Thanks so much to my fairy.
  9. beachbabealways

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Try BLOSSOMS IN SPRINGTIME http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shunga12.html I have both and it's the closest thing I have found to MBU.
  10. beachbabealways

    White Chocolate with Lemongrass, Coriander and Almond Cream

    This is such a lovely blend. Like Sharkdiver I do not detect the coriander. Coriander is also known as Cilantro so I'm not sure if Beth used the oil from the seeds or the leaves of the plant. Since I love Cilantro in leaf form I can say I do not pick up that note at all. Lemongrass is a fav and this is what stands out on me along with the white chocolate. So far no almond note. Maybe it will come with age.
  11. beachbabealways


    I really miss the Lab's search feature. Does anyone know of any BPAL scents (besides Motley) that has Rhubarb in it? If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
  12. beachbabealways


    oh whoops.. sorry ivyandpeony, I don't think I knew about that rule so I see why you (re)moved my post here - my apologies beachbabealways - I can't remember now what I posted here originally, it was something along the lines of Motley being the best rhubarb EVER, and Heroine being sadly very un-rhubarbish on me, and same with Lawful, but maybe you'll have better luck with those two. I wish rhubarb would show up more often though, it's such a beautiful sultry fragrance. Oh yeah I have a bottle of Motley from when it came out.
  13. beachbabealways


    Oh sorry, that is my fault. I will fix my post.
  14. beachbabealways


    Thank you both ... off to read reviews.
  15. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    So cute! I wasn't sure if I should post it here because it's a bath oil but hey it's a label. We are all about labels in this thread so I figured why not. ETA: The bath oil inside is divine!
  16. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Do the Yule labels have a pearl look to them? I swear my labels have a pearl cast to them. I love them! ETA: I also noticed the corners of the labels are rounded on some. I notice the pearl cast in Yellow and Pink Snowballs and Pumpkin Masala.
  17. beachbabealways

    Ice Princess Bath Oil

    Winter Maiden's little sister.
  18. beachbabealways

    Leather Phoenix

    No powder here and the rose is subtle. Thank goodness. Very deep, dark and sexy as hell. When I sniff this, Dracula comes to mind. Like something one of his women may have worn in that big ol castle. It's not a morpher on me. If you like Romanti.goth (which I love) you should try this.
  19. beachbabealways

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    Not picking up any one note in this blend. It's like all the veggies were put in a blender. It's very pretty and if you like Planting Moon you will probably like this one.
  20. beachbabealways

    Hot Buttered Rum

    Buttery. Spicy (I'm getting nutmeg and allspice but no cinnamon) and of course rum. I may be picking up a little brown sugar but I'm not certain on that. I love the buttery part but then again I love Shill.
  21. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Bumping your request because I want to see some pretty labels too.
  22. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Yeah it is really cute but better yet the oil inside is divine on my skin. I love it. The only one that didn't work on me this time was The Wiley Grasser and I had such high hopes for it. I loved the pine when I opened the bottle but then it turned to flowers on my skin ... pine went *poof* and the cotton candy never appeared.
  23. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I just noticed "Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab" is somewhat cut off on the label for The Gorobble.
  24. beachbabealways

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Beaver Moon 2011 Sorry, this was way to big. When I'm able to I will take another pic and resize it.