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  1. Anathema Holmes

    Lost/Missing Orders (UK)

    Thanks for your reply maewitch! It turns out it was sent to Canada by mistake but, rather wonderfully, it arrived today! So pleased! x
  2. Anathema Holmes

    Lost/Missing Orders (UK)

    Sorry if there is a topic for this, I couldn't find one. I was wondering if there has been a problem recently with orders coming to the UK. I placed an order mid October that never came and I have spoken to one other person here who says their order was lost. (Worryingly when I tried to track the package it appears to have been sent from London to CANADA when I am in the UK! That last tracking info was Nov 25 and then nothing.) Just wondering whether it is safe to order anymore. I have never had this happen before so I am really sad as it contained Christmas/birthday presents and cost me a lot of money. If anyone has any info/similar experience that would be greatly appreciated! x
  3. Anathema Holmes


    I've been sniffing this the past couple of nights trying to work out what it reminds me off and I've just realised what is is...Halls cough sweets. The honey lemon menthol ones with the nasty gooey bit in the middle. Must be my skin just being especially weird. That said, it's not entirely unpleasant, just a bit too lemony for me.