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  1. Taniwha


    To me, this is Dragon's Blood and cocoa. I actually did a search in this topic to see if anyone else got Dragon's Blood, and no one mentioned it. Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time I smelled something that likely wasn't there. This is rich and strong - I love it.
  2. Taniwha

    Midnight Kiss

    First of all, thanks so much to the Lab for frimping this! It's a great idea - gives folks a chance to smell it before it's gone. Sadly, now I know in advance that the bottle I've got heading my way won't work for me. At first sniff, I get the lovely, dry Boomslang-y cocoa, but it's quickly overtaken by musk and grape. It reminds me very much of a fruity Smut. That is bad news for me, but should make some folks very happy. There are notes in here that I adore, but I'm not getting any of them. Where are the amber, sandalwood and patchouli? It's just the booze note from Smut that didn't agree with me. I knew it was a gamble since I don't care for the grape/wine note, but I was hoping that it would fade into the background. I will, of course, hold on to it for awhile, because you just never know how it will age, and imps sometimes smell different than the bottles.
  3. Taniwha

    Allison Gross

    When first applied this spends a few moments smelling exactly the way Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo used to long ago. This is a good thing, because I adored that smell, and the deep, deep green color, and I'm instantly taken back to a teenage shower - kind of strange, actually. Allison's powers are strong. As it dries it makes me feel like I'm lying back, relaxed and happy, in a huge, sun-warmed field. There are wafts of grasses, wafts of spicy flowers, with something almost loam-like (ambergris? musk?) anchoring it all. As I wear it awhile, much of the greenery drifts away, and the sweeter, more delicate flowers pop up. This one morphs quite a bit on me, but each stage is delightful. I kind of swore off ever again buying two bottles unsniffed, but this one has me regretting that decision.
  4. Taniwha

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I just uploaded images of Blue Moon, Rose Moon and Gemini in the Community Gallery. They're not the greatest - I'm still learning how to use a digital camera. They'll give you an idea, however.
  5. Taniwha

    Gemini 2007

    My review is going to sound like an echo. I was hesitant to order Gemini, but since I am one, I had to. I adore the lavender which grows around my patio, but I don't care so much to wear it on my skin. Gemini starts out as the sharp, biting lavender that I don't like to smell like, but soon the orchid turns it onto a lush, creamy floral that really suits me. It reminds me very much of the orchid note that I've grown to love in Abhisarika. I don't really catch the frankincense, but I'm guessing that will become stronger with age, and that's fine by me. I've tried several of Beth's lavender blends and they've all been pretty much single notes on me. This one is a departure, and I'm very pleased that it works so well.
  6. Taniwha


    I just got a bottle of this on eBay, and it's the 2006 version. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but regretted not getting it when it was re-released earlier this year. I was happy to find a bottle very reasonably priced. Holy hell! This stuff is amazing, even though it's not exactly my usual cup of tea. It's pretty much straight up patchouli, although I catch some beeswax sweetness as it warms up. There's a depth there, though, that I can neither describe nor identify. It makes this such a deep and evocative scent on me - I can't stop sniffing and reapplying. I only wish it had more throw. It seems like it should be stronger, but it's probably best if it sticks close to my skin. I can't wait for my husband to get home...
  7. Taniwha

    How to make a paypal order.

    Thank you both for the info - I'm glad to hear it's been cleared up. Off to empty my wallet...
  8. Taniwha

    How to make a paypal order.

    Are people still getting the comments eating page on paypal? I want to place my 13 order, but don't want to have to bother the Lab with a followup email to confirm my order. I'm still getting the page that WAS eating the comments, but wonder if they've fixed that glitch.
  9. Taniwha


    I've tried many, many of Beth's rose scents, with varying degrees of success. In Hope I have found a truly beautiful, soul soothing rose, and I'm so happy. It's just pure rose goodness. Well, with teeth. I haven't tried mixing Hope and Faith together yet, but I imagine it will be divine.
  10. Taniwha


    I don't really want Faith to know this, because her teeth frighten me, but I was really only interested in her sister. I knew this would be a pretty violet, and it is, but the scent of violet is usually too overpowering for me. It sends me into sensory overload. Having said that, this truly is a lovely scent. Fresh, it does remind me of Antique Lace with violet overtones. I prefer that stage to the drydown, wherein it becomes a little too powdery. But it is what is advertised - pure, sweet violet. I haven't tried mixing the two together yet - I imagine that might be very nice. I don't think I'll part with Faith, just don't know how often I'll use her as a skin scent. I think she'd make a lovely lotion addition.
  11. Taniwha


    First applied, I get the faintest whisper of florals blending in with the spices, then it transforms into almost straight up nag champa. I have no problems with that - I think it's a wonderul, incensy thing of beauty.
  12. Taniwha


    I almost paid a large sum for a bottle of Smut on eBay last year because of so many rave reviews. I held off, but got some of the 2007 release. I'm so glad I didn't overpay, because sadly, Smut is not for me. I love the musks, truly, and wish I could wear it, but the woozy boozy waft make me really uncomfortable, almost ill. Very strange - I'm by no means a teetotaler. I've had very few bad, visceral reactions to Beth's oils, but this is one of the few. I wanted to LOVE TEH SMUT!
  13. Taniwha

    Mr. Ibis

    I agree with shelldoo, this is a very gentle fragrance. It's oh-so lovely, and I find it very calming. It's a gentle green, the aloe, I assume, with the faintest whisper of a floral. I'm hoping that the musk and sandalwood bases will make it a long lasting fragrance, because it just envelops me with a sense of peace. I had to meet with a funeral director just last week, and I wish that he had smelled like Mr. Ibis.
  14. Taniwha

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    In the bottle and first applied, I get a caramel note, although it is sadly plastic to my nose. After it dries it is strictly a spicy, dusty vanilla. I'm getting only the faintest hint of chocolate, and it's more the cocoa note than chocolate. I'm figuring that's the dust I'm getting, although it could be the musk. The cardomom is lovely, though, if you like that note. It's reminding me a bit of a sweeter Bengal. I'm going to let him settle back into his hole for awhile, as he was pretty much frigid when I got him, and even though I allowed him to warm up in my pants pocket, I may very well be missing his more subtle nuances. Just couldn't wait to sniff that Whistle Pig!
  15. Taniwha

    Aloof, detached scents?

    Niflheim seemed very cool and isolated to me. It felt lonely, which may not be quite the evocation you're looking for, but I felt kind of "checked out" when I wore it. I wasn't quite sure I liked it, but if that's what you're seeking , then it's a good thing! The description: The House of Mists, a land of icy fog, shadowy darkness and soul-chilling cold. Dark, damp blossoms winding through an impenetrable, murky gloom.