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    Still figuring it out... my nose is so very new at this! I'm slowly working my way through about a billion imps and a few bottles to help out ;) Hmm... GOOD = tobacco, coconut, sugar, hops/mead, musk, amber & ambergris. Non-rose/jasmine-heavy florals. Orchid! BAD = tea (unfortunately), most roses, jasmine, strawberry. I'm a sexy/spicy/heady scents sort of gal: Perversion, Red Lantern, Blood Kiss, Snake Oil, Morocco... sweet + musk/smoke/spices = yum!

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    book binding and little art books of all varieties • burlesque • corsets • belly dancing • mix tapes • Sephora • sparkly things • TEA!
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  1. bookishgrrl


    Lovely! I snagged the mad bunny
  2. Yes, yes, yes, boys love vanilla! Regan (orchid vanilla) and Mouse's Long And Sad Tale (amber vanilla) are my top day vanillas... in fact, I think I have to get a 10ml of MLAST before they go poof, I love it so much. The daytime LE I get the most boy reaction to is Enraged Bunny Musk. Not vanilla, but it's a lovely light musky scent. Mmmm...
  3. bookishgrrl

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    My long and (not so) sad tale: I ordered Mouse's Long and Sad Tale when I saw the MTP update, it sounded heavenly! However, while waiting for my order to come in, I tested two imps heavy on sweet pea that smelled absolutely dreadful to me (Aeval and Juliet). Because of that I was filled with sadness, assured that I'd hate MLST when it finally arrived. Sweet pea? No thanks! When the order arrived I set it aside. After sniffing everything else I reluctantly cracked it open and braced myself for the horror... it smelled soft, sweet... almost candy-like! I dabbed some on and it was the sweetest smell. Vanilla, but not heavy vanilla. The 'candy' smell I'm getting from somewhere. A light, sweet barely floral. Sweetpea... who knows? I can't figure out what the f&*# sweetpea smells like (or it's in here just a trace, or it's a different source/batch). All I know is that this has become my go-to sunny-day-in-a-skirt scent. More, please!
  4. bookishgrrl


    Tried it on both myself and bookishguy... is was delicious lemony sugar cookies (with a light base of sweet pale musk at the end) on both of us. Delicious! Though slightly disconcerting as we're both large, robust sorts and thought it felt far too blonde, delicate and fey for our personalities. We still huffed our wrists like crazy, though. I might try it as a summer linen spray.
  5. bookishgrrl


    Seraphim ended up falling into the "rather nice floral" territory for me. Wearable (i.e. no crazy rose or jasmine amping) but I'm typically not a floral girl.
  6. bookishgrrl

    Embalming Fluid

    Very fresh... lemon and tea with the aloe adding astringency, almost to the point of medicinal. Stays true throughout, decent wear and throw.
  7. bookishgrrl


    What a wacky little scent... At first it was all bracing mint. Then, the mint dissapeared and the oddness began. Smelling my skin directly it smelled like... oregano. Dried oregano. Someone else said basil, either way it was a dried herb smell. BUT from about 6 inches out, it smelled insanely delicious. Sweet, earthy. It took a bit of time to figure out what was going on. I would be sitting there, wondering what smelled so great, and lift my wrist up and get only oregano. After a few hours the oregano smell went away and left only the deliciousness. It must be the ambergris in the base. I might have to hang onto this and further experiment. Hmm.
  8. bookishgrrl

    Jolly Roger

    I bought an imp of this for bookishguy, and stealth attacked him with the imp wand when he was preoccupied with playing Sid Meier's "Pirates!" Yar! His review: "Yo ho ho. Oh, you need more than that? Uh. It was good. Kinda smelled oceany." Uh, yeah. Thanks. My thoughts: Lighter than I imagined. Smelled like sea-spray soaked wood and leather. Light throw, but his skin sucks up oil & scent very easily. I'm going to make it into a spray, and I think it'll do well as a lighter summer scent.
  9. bookishgrrl


    Morgause smells like a lovely blended classic floral perfume on me. Most florals are difficult for me to parse, the majority get lumped into either "eh, it's a nice enough floral." or "gack! jasmine/rose overdose!" This falls in the first category. It's nice... but not quite me. Still glad I had a chance to try it out, though.
  10. bookishgrrl


    Thank you so so very much, whomever packed my last lab order, for including Perversion as a frimp It has instantly become one of my favorite scents! Wet: in the imp and on initial application it was attractive smelling, but jumbled so I couldn't really tell what was what. Initial Dry: immediately I can pull out sweet sweet tobacco, a slightly alcoholic tinge (thank goodness the rum is behaving... I can have issues with rum going too rummy), leather rounding out the body of the scent and a creamy vanilla-ish base. I feel dead sexy, even though I'm in my scrubby PJs. I could totally see myself wearing this to a fetish event. Later: mellows into a complex but very sweet scent with tobacco and coconut (hello! nice you joined us!) making up the most easily recognizable notes. Here's something I've learned from Perversion: I adore tobacco scents. I wasn't sure what was in Red Lantern that made it such a favorite during the drydown, but apparently it's the tobacco/coconut. To my fairly new nose Perversion is very similar in the middle stages, sweetly smoky but not as foody as the caramel-rich Red Lantern. AND it's General Collection! On bookishguy it is less sweetly tobacco, and more deeply leather and spice. The best BPAL I've smelled on him so far There will be a bottle (Or two. I'd hate to fight over it with the boy) in my next order, and it might even beat Red Lantern as my favorite smoky evening blend. (edited for minor spellin' issues )
  11. bookishgrrl

    Drink Me

    Thanks, lab, for the lovely lagniappe! Off the bat: Butter, toffee, and pineapple. It really is butter AND toffee, not just buttery toffee. Like a buttered popcorn jelly belly after you've bitten it, the sweetness underscores it. Definitely has fruit with it. There may be cherry, but my nose is horrible at picking out cherry, and mostly picks up pineapple. Mellows into a buttery sweet cake-y scent with a hint of spice. Mmm... Pineapple upside down cake!
  12. bookishgrrl


    This stays so true on me that it's almost like it's a single note... I'm not sure if it's just so well blended there aren't obvious stages or if this imp (from a lot off ebay) is just old and some of the notes have gone poof. Either way, I love it! Wet on skin: a sweet, sweet, floral. But not like the 'florals' I usually avoid. This is clear, green-smelling. Very early-summer-sitting-in-the-backyard-in-the-sun. Initial Dry: My floral-amping skin goes to work, and I'm sitting inside a cloud of sweet deliciousness! This is my favorite floral note I've smelled on my skin to date. It's bright and fresh. Puts me in a good, sunny mood. Later: Still the same scent, just lighter. It lasts a few hours before I need to reapply. And I don't hesitate to reapply Final Verdict: Yeah, I love this. I can totally see this as a signature spring/summer daytime scent. ETA: the other day I had just finished dabbing some on and somebody went, "hey... what smells like beer?" Me: "Prob'ly me!" Everyone gathered around and 2 of 5 did get a beery smell, but as the one said, "But, like... *expensive* beer." :-P So, apparently I love both beer AND tobacco notes! Go, me!
  13. bookishgrrl

    Hollywood Babylon

    Wet on skin: Delicious! I can pick out many of the individual notes, and the musky sugary sweet fruit is swoon-worthy! I love this from the starting gate. Until... Dry on skin: (10 minutes later)... strawberry incense. When I was about 12 or so my teenaged friend constantly burned strawberry incense from Spencer's. Though I'm not opposed to a little trip down memory lane now and again, it's not the scent I want to project, so I'm heartily disappointed in the way my skin morphed this. On the plus side, it stayed true to the dried down scent and lasted *quite* a while. Hours later I still smelled like I just walked out of my friend's smoky bedroom to head home at the end of the night. Final Verdict: Strawberry incense... humph. Grrr, chemistry.
  14. bookishgrrl

    Juke Joint

    Hmm... first applied, it's minty and sweet and the faintest hint of cigarette smoke (???) I don't see that in the notes, but it's what I get (corroborated by an independent sniffer). I'm not sure about mint scents on me, but I do well with sugar and booze, so I keep the faith. Dries down quite quickly to a sugary sweet scent. The booze is fairly tame and the mint has gone from top note to very subdued. I can barely smell it at this point (the mint), but it does lend an almost 'clean' feeling to the sweetness. There's a depth/spice that I can't really place under all the sugar. Nice enough, not in my top 5 or anything, but a nice sweet scent. Gone almost immediately. Peaked between 10-30 minutes. Barest traces remain past an hour. This imp's of unknown provenance so I'm not sure how old it is and if that's affecting the potency. I like the sweetness though, so I think it's going in the pile for spray/lotion experimentations... muahaha!
  15. bookishgrrl

    The Black Tower

    Tested on bookishguy and myself simultaneously. Wet: so well blended I can't really pick out any notes. A fleeting whiff of leather, perhaps, but it was only a moment... Initial Dry: Here's where we split... on him it's developing into a lovely masculine scent, still very well blended so it's hard to pull out any specific notes. On me? What I think will soon be labelled, "my white sandalwood problem" occurs, and I smell like nice cologne on top of harsh, bitter wood. Later: On him, it's quite delicious smelling, but *poof* scent eaten by his skin (as all scents are wont to do) inside of an hour or so. On me, the bitter wood has overtaken everything. Final Verdict: Good on him, if I can manage to make it stick around for any appreciable time.