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  1. Nekomata

    Office Wishlist

    I've made another wishlist for office things. :} http://amzn.com/w/3D58CLIBTB3ZB
  2. Nekomata

    A Bunch of Ketchup.

    If you had to decide what your stripper name was, what would it be? I have no idea. ;_; Is anyone else afraid of or creepy out by dummies/puppets/Muppets/etc? Other things you're squicked/freaked by that's best left by the wayside? Super creeped out by muppets and dummies. I like string puppets and Folkmanis hand puppets though. what level of contact were you hoping for? Whatever my witch has time for! I like 2-3 messages a month usually. I also love sneaky witches. :} Are there any local museums/attractions you keep never getting around to going to? I keep missing the Art Museum in Chicago when we venture up there. I think we may just hit it in December though! September 26th Is there any kind of international candy you love or would like to try? I like trying most things. ^,^ Is there any cheesy/non-cheesy Canadian stuff you'd be interested in? Maple syrup or moose stickers. o_O If you were to go here and create your very own chocolate bar, what might it have in it? say you stumbled into Camp Half Blood (or whatever the Roman camp ends up being named <bounces in anticipation>), which god claims you? Artemis, though I'm not too familiar with the material. September 25th Stuff you've been meaning to do: Would you be interested in regional jams, jellies, or other preserves? Sure Do you have any bedtime rituals? Is there any particular product you have to apply or a certain shirt you wear or an act you perform to get you in the "bedtime" mood? I think that's a bit too X-rated for this community. LOL Are you interested in today's/any recent Tee Fury shirts? Trying not to look... own too many shirts. Princess Bride? Yay or nay? Meh. A friend kind of ruined it for me with her SUPER OBSESSION. What's your favorite classic fairytale, witches Little Red Riding Hood, Mr. Fox or Beauty and the Beast. September 24th how do you feel about ethical animal fiber, i.e. wool and the like? The only thing I have an issue with is fur. I like felting wool and wearing wool. :} What about little wee creatures for your desk or mantel? Yay! I think I have some examples faved in Etsy. Look down. What are you wearing, right now? Soft pants, a jacket, a tee from shirt.woot.com Kerchiefs? Head? Or nose? I wear them in my hair. It's the weekend, and you find yourself without a single chore or responsibility for a few hours. Right this very moment, what's the one thing you would do if you could do anything? Write or paint. September 23rd Is there anything you'd like from the Mütter Museum Store? I just noticed that Cocoa Pink has 5 ml Perfume Atomizers. Yay or nay? Scents you would like? Scents you would NOT like? Not familiar with them. what's your favorite kind of pizza? Anything with white sauce and no mushrooms or sausage. Are there any food items you're craving/aren't able to find around your area? Cheerwine. I love that stuff! September 22nd If you're interested in a handmade pouch/cover for an item you have (phones, tablets, books, keys, kettles...), what would your ideal pouch/cover have? Design, material, additional functionality/features like pockets or lights or secret hidey-holes? Ack, too many options. ;_; I'd like some nice paperback book covers, or a tea cozy. Both would be cotton and quilted I imagine. Would you like a photo collage based around your interests/favorite colors/favorite themes? Yes. :} If you're crafty, are you interested in spoonfeather? And if so, what things there delight your eyes? Everything and it's too pricey. Colors! What are your favorite colors and what colors do you not like? Pictures and links, people! I don't like most yellows, only golden or orangey yellows. Pastels are usually right out unless they're blue. I like jewel tones and natural colors. What is your favorite word? Defenestrate. What are the feelings on arm warmers? Color, style, texture, length? I wear fingerless glove style warmers pretty much all winter. Elbow length, soft cotton is good. Do you like tarts? tealights? jar candles? votives? All of the above. What's your favorite flavor? Sour, sweet, bitter, salty? Sweet or salty/sweet like sea salt caramel. So, are there any online gaming witchees who covet purchasable in-game items or other gamer-y stuff? (yup, geek question) Yep! I want a wind-rider mini-pet for WoW right now. What is your favorite coffee blend at Starbucks? If you don't have one, what is your favorite roast of coffee? I don't actually go to Starbucks for anything other than mochas (Though I do get those pretty often.) My favorite coffees are locally roasted and sold in locally owned shops. My favorite flavored coffee is Highlander Grogg, which can be hard to get locally.
  3. Nekomata

    Some more Qs! O_O

    If you could have a salon scent made, based on any artwork(s) what would it be? Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott Are you scientifically curious and/or process-oriented? Would you like a project-type gift that allowed you do do something like make soap from scratch, take and (nontoxic-ly) develop photographs using a pinhole camera, use plant dyes on yarn or fabric, etc.? Yes, I love mini-experiments and craft kits! Witchee, would you like a gently used BPAL tshirt? Sure! Do you like charm bracelets? If you had a bracelet, what sort of charms would you want on it? Favorite hobbies, symbols, whatever? I have a necklace with medallions (A greyhound from http://www.craftycelts.com/, a tourmaline stone, a St George Medallion.) I've been looking for a good wolf or infinity symbol! Cthulhu: yay or nay? Yaaaaaay! My favorite tee is http://www.sighco.com/Black-Goat-of-the-Woods-Tavern-p-175.html and I have a few of the collected stories, but not nearly enough. Is there something that you wish you could do, but you keep putting it off? ...take a Bikran Yoga class here http://www.knowyogaknowpeace.org/ I just never seem to have the money. Put your current mp3player (I am the anti-apple, so no ipod ), winamp playlist, what have you, on shuffle, list the first 10 songs: My battery is DEAD. *wail* Witchee, have you made (or are you planning to make) any Lab or Trading post orders soon? And if you did (or plan to), you should share what you're getting No plans. I try not to order during SW rounds. ; Do you have any interest in rocks? Not like, polished colorful stones.. but like... rocks. With geologic significance! I've always wanted a bit of meteorite or fossilized teeth. If your witch were to knit you a scarf/shawl/cowl, which would you prefer, and what features would you want? Would you prefer something light and drape-y or thick and warm? What kind of colors would you prefer? Do you have any fiber allergies or preferences? I think I've covered color prefs. Something light and drapey would be cool. Someone posted this in the thread and I think it's really pretty. http://mightygoodyarn.blogspot.com/2010/06/meryton-knitters-nod-to-jane-austen.html I'd also love a scarf! If you have a pet, could you please post a photo of it? I really need to see what your pet, if you have one, looks like. I posted pics in the main thread. :} Do you like/own/wear/want fairy wings or something of the like? Sure! Bat/dragon/demon wings would be even better! How do you feel about terrariums? Love them. Used to have one until my poor millipedes passed on due to old age. What's your favorite horror movie? The Descent. (Did I answer this already? o_O) If your witch was the practical type and wanted to include one or more of your everyday essentials, what would those include? I'm talking about the bath products, lotions, face lotions, teas, food, etc that you really use every day. I drink unsweetened Lipton iced tea like it's water. I've been needing new towels, hand and full sized, for a while... which is pretty boring to think about. Jane Austen .. Yay or Nay? Yay! I put up quotes I love in my office and studio to get me going, They range from goofy to sarcastic to inspirational... Are you interested in a hand painted quote? Do you have one in mind, or a topic in mind? Sure. Something peaceful or reflective would be nice. Do you like period or period-styled paraphernalia? Stuff like postcards, notecards, jewelry, office supplies, what-have-you? I love the Victorian Era and the Renaissance. If you like manga, comics, and/or graphic novels, what is it about them that you like, in general? The story, the art/style, etc? The story and the art are equally important. I loved Amano/Gaiman's The Dream Eaters. It was a perfect mash-up of art and story. I feel the same way about The Book of Ballads, illustrated by Charles Vess, and the illustrated version of Stardust.
  4. Nekomata


    I may have already answered some of these. If you'd like me to make one BIG entry, let me know via e-card and I'll be happy to make one! Favorite Mythological Creature? Did I already answer this? Goat style unicorns, satyrs and fauns! I also like dragons. Do you garden? Yep! I do herbs in boxes every year and have a flower bed in the front. I'm not very good at starting things from seeds, though. Do you decorate for Halloween A little. I already have a bat on the door. When you are having a really rough day, what do you like to do/have to make it a little brighter? Eat something sweet, veg out and read. What are your thoughts on comics? Any you like? Any you have been wanting to try? Favorite characters? I've been having a hard time keeping up with comics. I was reading Fables but lost interest. I'd love to have the complete Sandman volumes or any volumes of Flight. Is anyone fond of programs like Adopt a Tree/Highway/Library/Manatee/Acre of Rainforest/etc?: Yes. I would really love to adopt Renki at wolfpark.org. I also appreciate donations to rain-forest organizations. If you RP, tabletop, forum, or otherwise... Do you have any original characters you'd like to see art of? If so, please give information! Even if it's a link to a web page or a profile or picture! I have a ton, but I don't have a good place to direct someone too. Most of my references are locked in an LJ gallery. If you'd really like to know, ninja e-mail me or ask in an e-card and I'll set up a picasa gallery. ; What #1 actor, director, author and/or musician are you obsessed with? I can't keep actors straight... unless they're Johnny Depp. Is there a particular artist and piece that you would like a print of? If so, what is your max size that you could spare on your walls? I have some faved in Etsy. :} If you are in to beauty and makeup related stuff, what kind of stuff do you like? What is your skintone and hair color? Are there any beauty products you've wanted to try but just never purchase? Fair skin with red hair. I like very colorful make-up and nail polishes. I'd love to try some OPI or Essie nail polishes. I'd also love colored mascara and mineral make-up. Are you going away for any part of this round? Nope. Would you like to receive a mix-CD from your Witch? Love to! Do you enjoy any outdoor activities? Do you have a favorite form of "exercise"? I love hiking, jogging and walking. Again, I could use a good Yoga video since classes are currently out of my price range. Any witchee's with a ravelry account have any favourited patterns that cost money that would be a welcome gift? I can't knit or crochet but I love items that are made of yarn! Do you work/study at a desk and enjoy interesting or cute office supplies? I share a communal office space, so any cool supplies are lost within days. For home I can always use tape. ~_~ Witchee, are you a fan of musicals? If so, which ones? I like Phantom, Cabaret and a few others but I'm not a HUGE fan. I'd love to get a hold of the Wicked Soundtrack. what are your favorite types of Halloween candy? Peanut kisses, mini Hershey bars, candy corn/pumpkins. And another question; anyone like anything in particular from Think Geek? Caffeinated items, those butterfies in jars, the sun and moon jars and, this is weird but, the blood type test kit. I never got to do one of those in school and I think they're neat. Oh, and the Swedish firesteel! Pinterest, do you have boards you want to share or are you following anyone with great boards you want to share? I had one but it doesn't allow even tasteful nudity, so I ditched it. It offended my artistic sensibilities or something. Would you like to receive e-books? And if so, in what format? No e-reader. I would be happy with .pdfs from places like Smashwords or other Indie e-book sites. How did you dress up for your last party or compulsory-formal-dress occasion? I wore a tailored suit and skirt. It was a job interview and bleeeegh. I tend toward a more eccentric fashion sense and like vintage fashion. Do you enjoy puzzles/riddles? (Cryptograms, Sudoku, Crossword, Jigsaw, etc) I like New York Times crosswords Mon-Wens difficulty. My husband and I often do them together when we grab lunch. SOCK PREFERENCES?over the knee, knee, ankle; bamboo or cotton? Over the knee or knee. I like cotton and bamboo, as well as wool. I pretty much am in love with SockDreams. Is there anyone here who likes toe socks? You know, those socks with a place for each toe? I would love some thin toe socks to go with my Vibrams. I think they have some on SockDreams and a few other places. What strange misc. items would you love to receive that you just haven't gotten for yourself? No idea. o_O How do you feel about franken polish? Are you okay with all chemicals, or would you prefer 3 free? Would you want glitter or holographic glitter? What colors would interest you? Seems like a neat concept. I'd like to try 3 free but am not too picky. I like jewel tones, glitter, greens, purples, reds, and metallics. Dear witchee, how do you feel about lip balm? Favorite style (twist up tube, pot, tube with wand, etc.)? Favorite flavors? Flavors to avoid? Favorite brand? Do you need more right now or are you set? Are you one of those people who could never have enough lip balm even though you have a bowl on your dresser overflowing with them and 10 in your purse and an order for more on the way? I always need more because I loose them. I like the Badger brand stuff and the Luch balms. I like honey, vanilla, chai, and strawberry. The only flavour I don't like is chocolate. If you were turned loose in a basic drug store (CVS, Walgreens - a pharmacy with attached mini-mart, basically!) with a $20 bill, what would you pick up? I have recently become obsessed with the crackle overcoat nail polish, so I'd grab some of that in silver. Then I'd probably spend the rest on necessities. Darling Witchee, would you enjoy farmer's market pickled veggies (green beans, garlic, asparagus, etc) or fresh canned peaches or something of that nature? Yes. Do you prefer color or white photographs? Nature or abstract? Color and nature, though I have seen some B&S abstracts that I've liked. I usually like photos of plants, animals and epic scenery. I also like photos of old buildings and castles. No graveyards, please. would you be interested in something like this? https://lostcrates.com/how-it-works It sounds really awesome! Amigurumi, yes or no? Yes! I have a question! What are some of your favorite paintings? (famous or undiscovered?) Feel free to link to examples! JW Waterhouse - anything. If you could have an image painted for you - sky is the limit - what would it be? That's hard... How about a dragon on a seaside cliff. Or, less realistic, all of mine and my husband's RP characters in a sort of 'family' portrait. Name your 3 favorite scents for candles Cranberry, Pumpkin, Fireplace. Almost any fall scents from Yankee or derivatives (Those scents in soy candles.) Name your 3 favorite types/flavors of tea Types: Genmaicha- Tea Pigs Creme Earl Grey- Teavana Chai- Tea Pigs or pretty much any brand but Celestial. Would you like any ecotools makeup brushes? I do need some brushes for shadow pretty badly. :} Do you like Legos? Especially mini-fig key chains, Lego block keychains, small Lego sets, etc? I like the medieval and anubis lego keychains. I make them into necklaces. Since the previous question about "what would you buy from the Lab if you had unlimited funds, etc" left WAY too much to the imagination with no limitations (my answer was pretty much BUY ALL THE THINGS!), what would you do if you found a $50 bill on the ground and a nagging voice in the back of your mind told you that you HAD to spend it on BPAL or else face Death. Also, say they had free shipping (LOL) so don't factor that in. What would you get? And spend it all! Or as close to $50 as you can get. the Lab: Umm... A weenie or Salon and one Chesire Cat. A question! If you are crafty, what's your personal art style? I'm not talking just about what art you like to look at, but what kind of art do you like creating? Do you have a "process" while you're creating beauty? Draw something, ink it, hate it. Draw something else, toss color on it, hate it. Draw something, leave it as a sketch so it can never be ruined. <-- Process is very hectic and hateful, but sometimes I get something I like. I tend towards an illustrative style and use ink, pen, watercolor pencils, watercolor and pastels. I like folklore figures, nature and character art. Are there any Arcana Weenies that you MUST HAVE? I like Arcana but never look at their page because I need less scent obsessions. >_< So what say you? IS an "unexpected" visit/in-person witching OK? I'd love to meet someone for coffee but my highly medicated, anxiety ridden self is probably not up for surprise people. If you could choose a Smack, what would it have in it? I love this idea! Just haven't tried it yet. Sugared Roses/Spice Trade/Vanilla Bean Or Bonfire/Suede/Unearthed Or Espresso/Chocolate Mousse/Mint Medley Or Fresh Squeezed Citrus/Bluegrass Or Redwoods/ Spice Trade /Coconut Milk
  5. Nekomata

    Art Qs

    Would you be interested in getting fountain pen inks or art supplies via JetPens and or DickBlick? I have a pretty big DickBlick wishlist, so I think that answers this question. For those interested in watercolors, how would you feel about getting a palette filled with paint from my watercolor tubes but not getting the paint itself? That would be really cool! How do you feel about getting art supplies in general? (copic markers, watercolor, brushes, paint, sketchbooks etc.) Art supplies are always welcome! I work in pencil/ink/watercolor. I also do lino cuts and paper-crafts. How do you feel about Threadless tshirts? I love them but I already have too many tees. ;_;
  6. Do you wear t-shirts? Are there particular things you like on them? Would you like one designed by your Witch? And, if you don't mind saying, what size t-shirt do you wear? Yep. I'd love one with a stylized wolf or leopard. I also seem to have amassed a collection of Little Red Riding Hood tees from places like shirt.woot.com. (I have 5... I need help. ) How do you feel about pumpkin scented things? Not perfume related, but soap, candles, etc.... <3<3<3 Pumpkin scented candles and air sprays! Has anyone else heard of or does anyone else love Glamourkin? Haven't heard of it. Are you looking for a certain kind of DVDs to spruce up your collection right now? I... I have no idea. I am so bad at knowing what I'd want on DVD. I would like to have the Xena box sets at some point. Same for Hercules. Ah, middle school nostalgia. Does anyone like postcards? Is anyone willing to be a Nacho witch for postcards? Love them and am willing to send them if someone wants. I might even still have some I made myself. Do you like Star Trek? Original TV series, films, spinoff series, etc? Favorite characters? Eh, I only ever watched it sporadically. I'm a bad geek when it comes to Sci-Fi. Witchee, would you like a framed photograph and of what? Sure. Perhaps a creepy tree or sunset. I also like macro art; close-ups of bugs and flowers. Are you more prone to order out or cook at home? Would you be interested in cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and the like? If so, anything specific? Cook at home for budget reasons. I could use some quick meal/crock pot cook books. I also love baking recipes. I could use new measuring cups, heat resistant spatulas and tea related items. New question: How do you feel about maple syrup? Maple syrup goes on everything at breakfast. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. It's one of my favorite flavours. How do people feel about little pocket shrines, maybe something inspirational/motivational to keep in their purses/backpacks/whatever? (Like these: http://www.art-shrin...cketshrines.htm) I like them and have made a few myself. Do you like beef jerkey, I know some may be vegatarian, but where I live beef is a staple and beef jerkey abounds. If so do you it really thin, hard and crunchy or thicker and softer. (OK that borders on obscene)- I like all sorts of jerky. It's a great snack for hiking. Also do you like or racier ecards from time to time and do you need to be warned if something may be not safe to open at work. Sure, but a warning would be nice! o_O Doctor Who? Yay or nay? (please don't make me cry by saying nay) Have yet to watch any. I'm sorry. *cry* How would you feel about gummies? Like, gummy bears? Gummy werewolves? Gummy vampires? I'd enjoy the novelty and then my husbeast would eat them. How would you feel about a totally original Gela-skin for your laptop/iPod/phone? Stickers? Decals? I like decals and stickers. Stephanie Law art would be great for sticking on my laptop. Since this is a Halloween round, what's your Creepy threshold? Are you a cartoon bats and smily pumpkins person or a skulls-and-bones the-dead-are-rising kind of person? Are your fairytales dark or Disney? I like fairy tale dark, but I have to re-iterate that I don't like human skulls or skeletons. Animal skulls, like deer and bird, are fine though. I also don't like super realistic gore. Are your ears pierced, Witchee? Do you have any other piercings? Would you like to receive any items of jewelry for these piercings? I have four normal ear piercings and a nose stud. I can always use more earrings! How do you all feel about Whoopie Pies? They're delicious! interested in anything from Lush? Flying fox, bathbombs, bubble bars and anything honey scented. Do you blog? Would you like a header for your blog, a layout, etc? The only thing I need is a new Friends Only banner for my LJ. Would you be interested in a handmade bookmark? Of course! do you like chex puppy chow or muddie buddies (ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate chips, PB, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, chex cereal)? would you want to get some from your witch / nacho witch? I love puppy chow! How would you feel about receiving a Groupon deal for something in your local area? If there is anything you WOULDN'T like, mention that also. I like groupon restaurant and spa deals. I tend to prefer the sort that you can do with two-three people for the restaurant ones. do you like real sugar skulls? Things with sugar skull designs? No. Who here adores meringue? It's decent, and the husbeast loves it. I tried to make some once and failed horribly... ;_; Can you sum yourself (whether it be personality, life's goals, ethics, whatever) in 10 words or less? I'm bad at this game. ;_; How about little bottles of booze? Ya wanna? What kind? Anything but vodka is good! What are your views on fudge and brownies? (Also, if you live in a warm place, where the fudge might melt, that'd be helpful to know. Or, if you're diabetic and fudge is death, that'd be useful to know, too.) O_O Views = I never make either, unless it's for a party, because I will eat it all in a day. Brownies are one of my fav. desserts. Also, what about mochi? Love it, hate it, baffled by it? Love it. I like the adzuki filled kind. I also like seasonal mochi.
  7. Nekomata

    More Q&A~!

    When you're miserably sick (*sniffle, cough!*) what are the things that comfort you the most? Sick right now and loving lemon-ginger tea. Also warm socks, a fuzzy blanket and some eucalyptus to inhale. What constitutes ultimate luxury to you? (go crazy!) A clean, posh hotel room with a jacuzzi tub, a lot of space and a great view of a city at night. Having access to a full spa treatment; massage, facial, manicure, pedicure. Dressing up and having dinner nearby. One day I would love to spend New Year's eve in Chicago with all of these trimmings. What do you really NOT want? I really don't like human skull/skeleton motifs. So anything halloweeny with a skeleton will probably be side-eyed. I adore deer/goat/cow skulls and bones, however. I don't know... I'm just weird. Anything from the update ya'll are liking? BPTP UPDATE Any atmosphere spray. I want them all! Does anyone like kimchi? Love it. LOVE! I like preserved and pickled things in general. Would you be interested in a sample box(from somewhere like Birchbox or loosebutton)? Those both sound really cool! You have to place a Lab and Trading Post order. Right fuckin' now. No spending limits. What do you buy? Everything? o_O Paintbox Soapworks - anything you're interested in, in general or from the latest update? Guy Fawkes, The Queen is Dead, Avast, Indian Summer - All in sorbettos. Do you guys have any sports that you follow obsessively? How about favorite teams and/or athletes. I kind of hate sports. :{ Does confetti/glitter make you angry or fill you with glee? It's great if I am forewarned. Otherwise it gets on the floor and my dogs eat it. How do you feel about stuffed animals/plushies/general soft, cuddly things? If you like them, what kind of animals would you be interested in? I like them! I collect black cats, leopards, dragons and wolves. I'm interested in the many neat handmade things on Etsy. I don't like teddy bears at all. Would you be interested in a handmade bookmark? Yes! Interested in anything from Lush? Flying Fox and anything honey scented. Also love bath bombs.
  8. Nekomata

    2011 Fall Questions~! Part I

    I am fond of the thrift. Do you mind lightly used goods? Please be specific! For instance, I'm a little squicked by used clothing, but I don't mind any other used goods (i.e. books, glassware, games, DVDs, whatever.) As long as it's clean and gently used I'm fine with clothing. When I thrift I usually get skirts, shirts, CDs and books. I don't really buy any kitchen stuff. Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you know of any Etsy shops that are Switch Witch friendly? I don't personally, but I have a huge Etsy wishlist that should include a few forumites. Would a gift or a postcard from Disneyland make you squee with delight or puke into your mail box? I am not really a fan of Disney. Their animated stuff is o.k. but I don't care much for the company itself. what are your favorite types of Halloween candy? I also love those peanut butter kisses in the orange or black wrappers. I also adore mini bars, especially Mr. Goodbar. Sixlets are also pretty great. Do you prefer soap or shower gel? Please give examples of your favorite scents or brands. Gel. My all time favorite is Lush Flying Fox. How do you like your chocolate? For example with nuts, mint, peanut butter, caramel? I love chocolate with almost anything. But no peppercorn! Xp Beads! Do you use them? Would you want some? What sorts of beads do you like? Sure! I like natural beads and findings. I also like Czech glass and beads shaped like mythical animals/regular animals. Anyone here like caramels? Sea salted caramels?!?! I love caramels, especially Fleur de Sel and Earl Grey flavored. Would you like a hand dyed or hand painted scarf or wrap or other item? If so, what colors/designs/fabrics do you like? Yes! Natural colors; burnt orange, greens, plum, black, deep ruby, blue, etc. I like wool, silk, cotton and linen. For designs, leaves, lotus flowers, foxes, wolves, stars, trees. This was a question before, but does anyone here like stones? Just pretty polished stones for use in whatever purposes? I have a huge collection of stones; ones I've found, ones bought at mineral shows, gifted stones. Of all types, too. Minerals, fossils, gems, pretty river pebbles. Do you like to burn incense? Yes! Harry Potter - a fan? Read the books. Meh. If you were to receive a gift card, what places would you like to get one from? Lush, Sock Dreams, Sephora, Paypal. Is there a particular myth/folktale/legend/fairytale/godstory that you're drawn to? I'm really in to European Folklore and Urban Legends. My favorite story/tale-type is Beauty and the Beast. I also really like Mr. Fox/Blackbeard. Who's into nail polish? What colors/brands? Very! Trying out OPI and Essie lately. I like vivid colors. Do you like knitted goodies? If so, what would you like and what colors? Yes! I like jewel tones and autumn colors! I could use a shawl, scarf or gloves. Would you be interested in homemade edibles that are NOT sweets? Any specifics? Hmmm... Not sure? All I can think of is biscuits or jerky. What is your favorite animal? Wolf What are you going to be for Halloween? A unicorn satyr! If you could have a piece of oil painting jewelry (pendant, pair of earrings, or ring) with absolutely anything painted on it, what would it be?(If you prefer wall art instead, same question as above.) Something natural. I like leaves, lotus blossoms, roses, wolves, foxes, coyotes and the like. I think looking at my Etsy account will give a good over veiw~! How do you feel about nick-knacks? Like 'em~! Do you have an E-reader/iPad/something similar that you need a cover/case for? Nope, still reading books on paper. How would you like to receive some of your Witch's favorite recipes, tailored to your likes/dietary restrictions? And specific wants? I love trying other people's recipes! One pot meals and anything baked would be nice! No restrictions! Muppets: yea or nay? Noooo. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that's scared of them, but I don't like them do to childhood trauma. I appreciate that other people love the muppets but I do not. O_O Favorite Mythological Creature?: Hmmm... satyr or unicorn (the goat style unicorn). Hence the Halloween costume... Do you like hair things barrettes, headbands, flowers: I like barrettes, bands and sticks. I've been growing my hair out so I need things to tame it with! I'm not much for hair bands. Are you interested in anything from the Villainness Bad Apples update? Sure; I tend to like their stuff but hardly ever buy any for myself. If you have a pet, would he/she/they like to receive a treat or a toy as a gift? Does your pet have any dietary restrictions or other preferences w.r.t. said treat? All of my pets, cats and dogs, love treats. :} They're all addicted to Greenies. Only restriction is that I try not to give them anything that's primarily corn. I guess you could send some corn for the chickens, though. LOL Do you like coffee or tea? Would you be interested in trying some different types? I love tea and coffee. And yes... Would you like to receive a mix-CD from your Witch? Sure. If your witch were going somewhere on a vacation during the round, would you want a little souvenir? Sure! Do you enjoy any outdoor activities? Do you have a favorite form of "exercise"? I love hiking and going for walks. My favorite form of exercise is Yoga. I'd love a really good Yoga DVD or recommendation! Would you be interested in a felted handbag? Do any of these styles appeal to you? http://tinyurl.com/3o2epzl (there's at least one guy-friendly style, too!) Wow, these are all great! I like the chevron bag and the one with bamboo handles best. I also like the unisex bags a lot! I've done some felt-work and I can't imagine making bags that are this awesome! Are there are patterns, motifs, etc that you especially like? Oh, lots of things. I like Celtic knots, trees, animals, flowers, all sorts of things. Echoing above and suggesting my wishlists will give a good idea. :} Witchee, would you be interested in having a special tea cup/coffee mug/glass to drink out of? Of course! I still use a mug I got in my first Switch Witch! I love hand crafted items. If you're a tea drinker, is there any specific tea you would like to receive, not just the kind/flavor but also the type/packing--i.e., tea bags, loose tea, compressed, etc? I like loose leaf earl grey, loose leaf chai, jasmine pearls and flowering teas. I'd love some more Malta De Cruz Mate Cocido. As a rule I don't like Yerba Mate, but a friend in Argentina sent me this stuff and I <3 it.
  9. Nekomata

    More conglomerated Q&A.

    Here is some early morning ketchup. It goes on eggs. Do you collect stones/rocks? I'm talking like "semi" precious stones, ie moonstone, bloodstone, quartz ect. Are there any that you're looking for at the moment? Are you in need of a stone but don't know which kind? I love garnet, turquoise, tigerseye and amethysts and am always looking for nice pieces to wire wrap. What's your favorite Halloween Music? I really like ballads around this time of year, and creepier folk tunes. Pete Seger - Pretty Polly, Medieval Babes - Tam Lin, are good examples. I also like listening to scary stories on tape if the person reading is good at what they do. Do you have a deviantart print wishlist or favourites list? Sadly, no. I will someday! Is there anything from Blooddrop that you want to try? GC? Halloween update? Not familiar but willing to try anything! Do you like weird scary things as traditionally girly fashion items like heels and handbags? Purses and those shoes lined a few pages back are neat. What song is on heavy rotation for you right now? Heather Alexander - Bedlam Boys. If you could get any one thing hand-painted from your witch, what would it be and what would be on it? Something autumn themed, cats, wolves, dogs, satyrs. Not all combined, of course, though now I can see it in my head... o_O If you have played before, what are some of the most memorable things you've gotten? What really made you go WOW? If you haven't played, same thing, but not limited to SW. Last round I was in: Caramel Bess from John and Kira's (OMG! Sooooooo good!) and lovely books from Wwindy. I also love the mug juniperusintrepidus made me waaaay back when I started. And I've misplaced the dear witch's name, like that horribly disorganized person I am, but this was one of my favorite packages, ever. I really adore handmade things, and she made both the scarf and the dread falls. She also enabled me to Teapigs, which has some really decent tea and reasonable S&H to the U.S. Can I talk to you about the living dead? How do you feel about Zombies? I like dressing up as a zombie, I like zombie comedies (shaun of the dead, zombieland), but I don't like actual zombie movies very much. What kind of shoes do you need/want? What size shoes do you wear? Would you mind gently used shoes? I'm full up on shoes, unless they're boots. Everyone needs more boots! I wear 8.5. Do you like paper dolls (new or vintage) or coloring in books? I really like Dover coloring books and even some of the more simplistic books. Not much for paper dolls, however.
  10. Nekomata

    Foodie Questions

    How do you feel about recipes? I like them as a general frame of reference. What kind of a cook/baker are you? Equally good at both. My failing is lack of measuring things and being too 'creative' sometimes. Are you happiest calling for delivery or microwaving a lean cuisine, or will Food Network be asking you to host their new program? A little of all of the above. I have a cooking love/hate relationship. I mean, I can make souffle that doesn't fall but... I don't wanna! If I send you something home made would you like the recipe for it? Yes, please. If you are someone who doesn't want baked goods sent, would you like a collection of some of my favorite recipes? Can I have those anyway? +d
  11. Nekomata

    Mmm, ketchup?

    OK, I know that lots of folks love socks. Do you have a preference of length? Materials? Patterns? ...every sock, ever. Just as long as they're not boring white! I tend to go for knee-thigh high as I wear a lot of skirts. Also, <3 tights, leggings and everything layerable. I like loose wool socks (for layering) but otherwise prefer cotton. Dream Costume. Too many to list. O_O I really want to dress up as Lolth from D&D some year, because I'm that much of a geek. I still don't know what I want to be this year. How do you feel about recipes? If I send you something home made would you like the recipe for it? How about home made mixes or kits? I love the idea of all of these! I've always wanted to try one of those jar recipe kits. (Either to make one or to... make one. ) Would you enjoy homemade bath products (bath salts, fizzies, etc.) and/or linen sprays? Esp. if scented with some of your favorite BPAL scents? Sure! For holidays, do you decorate? Would you like decorative stuff, weenie or otherwise? If so, do you lean towards the elegant, the crafty/folksy, or the more, erm, campy? I don't really decorate beyond putting something like a wreath or cut-out on the door. For Halloween I like bat cut-outs. What interests you from the latest lab update? Pretty much everything. ;_;
  12. Nekomata

    A bit more ketchup. :}

    Find your iPod (or other MP3 device), put it on shuffle/random. What are the first five songs to come up? You can have ten, because my main playlist is loooong. 1. Mika - Lollipop 2. Faith and the Muse - Elyria 3. Within Temptation - Jillian 4. Heather Alexander- Bedlam Boys (LOVE this ballad!!!) 5. Inkubus Sukubus - Belladonna and Aconite 6. October Project - Bury My Lovely 7. Yoko Kanno - Yakitori 8. Repo: The Genetic Opera - Chase the Morning. 9. Kypteria- The Promise 10. Blackmore's Night - Castles and Dreams Chocolate or other types of candy? Chocolate or salted caramel. For tea drinkers, do you prefer loose leaf or tea bags? Either is fine. Is there anything you need for your kitchen, ie measuring cups, spoons, grater, ect? I like to collect cookie cutters and shaped pans, like Vikingware cake pans. Music, DO you prefer Live or Studio? Edited or explicit? Studio, unedited. Live is o.k. for folk and ren faire style stuff. If you are an animal lover, is there a specific type/breed that you love most? I really like sight hounds: greyhounds, elk hounds, pharaoh hounds, Irish wolfhounds, you get the idea.
  13. Conglomerated for your convenience. =D How do you feel about silly, funny knick-knack, dollar store stuff, stickers, magnets etc? Would you like receiving that kind of stuff or rather not? Maybe one magnet or stickers. I already have plenty of clutter, otherwise. =D Is there a specific book you've been wanting to get but haven't found the time or the opportunity to? Heh, check Amazon. Do you read mangas/watch animes? Which ones? Do you have a particular favorite? Would you like to receive mangas or anything related to them? My favorites are Ergo Proxy and Slayers. I'd love Slayers light novels or the Ergo Proxy DVDs. I haven't read or watched anything incredibly new for a while. Are you open to receiving things that are not on your wishlist, maybe something your Witch thinks you might like? Of course! Do you like journals/notebooks/sketchbooks? I like sketchbooks, especially moleskins and watercolor paper. How do you feel about stationery, like nice pens or notepaper? I think I have too much as is with hardly anything to use it for. :{ Always need new micron pens in any size and color, though! Would you like homemade preserves (e.g. marinated vegies, pickled onions, chilli jam?) Sure! Would you like something you have to make yourself? Depends on how hard it is. ; Say you were my witchee, and I found things on your wishlist that I could totally make. Would you want me to make it? Or would you rather it be purchased for you? I rather have you make it! It's a lot more meaningful that you would want to. } Partial bottles? Yes. Who is your favorite soap etailer? Villaness, Lush What kind of make-up do you wear? What colors? Is there anything you'd like to try but haven't yet? Urban Decay and Bare Essentials minerals. I like colorful eye shadows and nail polish; green, metallic, neon, etc. Lip Gloss Colors: Mulberry, Coffee, shell pink, neutral. What about vintage decoration items, teacups, etc etc? Teacups and glasses would be nice. With regards to your gifts, would you prefer your presents' awesomeness evenly spread out (several packages of pretty terrific things) over the round or a slow build-up of awesomeness (going up from pretty cool things to something super-duper cool at the end) to go out with a bang? Do you have a preference? I like things spread out but don't mind waiting until the end. Do you crave many Ecards and contact or are you okay with little contact from your Witch? I like occasional e-cards but I don't require them~! If you witch made you something and it didn't come out just right, would you still want it? Of course! If you could see one concert right now, who would it be? Lacuna Coil Do you like maple sugar candy? Very much. Do you have a place where you list all the BPAL you have or have tried? Somewhere... lost in LJ. What is your position on the chocolate & bacon flavor combination? Eeeeeh... >_< Go to your spice cabinet, what are the three most used spices? Pepper blend, tarragon and garlic. Microsoft or Apple? Microsoft. Where was your last vacation? What did you like most? Florida. Being on a quite island full of wildlife. Would you appreciate receiving handwritten letters and/or postcards (anonymous or not)? How about sending them? Yes and yes. Would you like a tea cozy? I... I'd need a better teapot to go with it. Otherwise, I'd love one! Vampires/Vampire literature: I like short story collections, mostly. Never got into any major vampire series. Consoles: PC all the way. Sometimes I play with my DS Lite. I prefer tabletop RPGs and boardgames, though. Plants and flowers: Hmmm, not sure? I like flowers and plants, but my plants have to live outdoors. How do you feel about marzipan?: I like it quite a bit and my husband -loves- it. If you could have 3 BPAL bottles fall (gently) out of the sky right this second that you've been looking for or pining for - which 3 would they be?: Succubus, Pinched with Four Aces and Perversion. Are there any international treats that you love and have a hard time finding? Walkers Crips, Kinder Surprise and Malteasers.
  14. Nekomata

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    I get cardamom, musk and caramel. There's a bit of chocolatey vanilla when I'm not directly sniffing my wrists. All together this is really yummy. Mmmmm.
  15. Nekomata


    I have to agree, Skuld in the bottle is really kinda gross. I got a frimp two days ago and set it aside after sniffing. Bleh. But then I looked at reviews and decided to give it a chance! It's really rather nice on me. It turns into a powdery, light musk and floral blend. I don't get much of a honey note, but everything else is nice!