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  1. Aromantism


    It is the most disappointing scent I've got from here so far. It is watery, and completely characterless. Skin test did not improve it either.
  2. Aromantism

    Horse Chestnut Honey

    I got this as a freebie. Definitely not something I'd buy by choice, and it is a pleasant surprise. Absurdly sweet, but also slightly waxy. There's something almost putridly sour about it yet somehow it worked for the scent rather than against it.
  3. Aromantism


    If ginger were a tree, Djinn would be the dew collected from the ashes of the ginger-tree bark.
  4. Aromantism


    [deleted due to duplicate review]
  5. Aromantism


    The Babylonian Goddess of Dreams, who bestows the power of Oneiromancy onto her priests. This blend opens up psychic sensitivity during sleep and aids in the understanding and correct interpretation of portents and symbols. I know it's meant to be lavender and lemon. What I'm getting is a kick in the face of ginger. Dislike.
  6. Aromantism


    It is the tree-est of all the scent I ever had, with a hint of burnt pepper. After it dries, the scent of betal nut becomes overwhelming. While I like it, it's a scent that I wouldn't wear because I suspect it will irritate others.
  7. Aromantism


    I've always been fond of smoky flavours, let it be strong black coffee, fire places, cigarette smoke (I know), or the scent of coal mines (I will stop now). With that in mind, I'm surprised over how clean this one is. It's smoky in a calculated way, like finely roasted spice. My main complain is that it doesn't last at all.
  8. Aromantism

    Serpent's Kiss

    I'm rather fond of Dragon's Blood, so I decided to purchase this. The result is something sweeter, greener and warmer, cherry rose pseudomonas. It lasts alright, though I need to top up during the day. It's a nice enough scent, I just think I shall stick to Dragon's Blood.
  9. Aromantism


    I dislike coconuts, nor that I like the scent of food on me. So upon opening this vial I was horrified by the tropical smoothie scent. I decided to shove it on anyway and I'm glad I did. Once it dried off, the previous overwhelming food smell turned into subtle, cocoa buttery scent; while the coconut is still noticeable it is a good kind of coconut. This is a product I will buy again.
  10. Aromantism


    It somehow managed to be both perfumey in the early 1900s way, and girlish. Not my scent. My favourite aspect was the almond, cyanide scent upon application. Pity that it didn't last long. I would stick to Snake Oil myself.
  11. Aromantism


    Strong almond, strong floral, a little bit fruity. It is particularly severe, so just a little bit well do. Dries into something spicier.
  12. Aromantism

    The Temptation

    It's one of those scents that works better hours after application, than in the bottle. It resulted in a well coordinated peach blossom and musk mixture that lasts forever, though the rose scent is a tad strong. I swear I can pick out traces of jasmine too, which I disliked. Overall though, one of the better floral scents.
  13. Aromantism


    Rainy, stormy, melony, perfumy; but mostly soapy. Not a personal favourite. EDIT: This is one of those scents that needs to be worn at the right place. In Melbourne it is like cheap laundry. In tropical humid Malaysia, it turns into five star magical item.
  14. Aromantism

    Les Bijoux

    In the bottle, it's sweet, sickly and powdery. Upon application, the peach was particularly strong, but not quite the peach blossom that I hoped for. The rose came out afterwards. It stayed well though, flowery without being too over the top. Still way to sweet for my liking. EDIT: Two hours after application, it becomes something else altogether. Still sweet, but now alive rather than sickly. I like it a lot more now.
  15. Aromantism


    There is such a thing as too rosy. It smells incomplete and overbearing at the same time. Not my personal scent.