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  1. somacat

    Skeleton White Hair Gloss

    This is great, by far my favorite of the colors I've tried. There is a very elegant, special, fancy-pants note, a nice clean crispness from the tea, and something kinda wispy and haunting like a gulp of fog at the end. This is so spectral. It is very inexplicable while being elegant, cool, and work appropriate. This is the epitome of vata dosha, dry, cold, aloof, haunted and soooo good.
  2. somacat

    Holy Trinity

    This is amazing. It smells like wet rainy mornings and springtime near a pond. I will cherish my decant and hope for the funds to get this is bottle form. In
  3. somacat

    Perfume to match songs?

    I want scents of Blood Sugar Sex Magick (chili peppers) King, esp judas my heart by Belly who are so fuckin' awesome live (team Gail!) and all the Bjork
  4. somacat

    BPTP & BPAL Layering Combos!

    I am loving Goatweed Leafwing layered with Geisha and Samurai and I was wondering about other favorite layering combos to evoke certain moods/places. I was hoping this could be a thread about ways to combine glosses and bath oils or linen sprays with perfume oils for different types of amazing scents. For me Goatweed and Geisha and Samurai is the ultimate orange. Ava and Boo hair gloss is the ultimate white creamy sexy yum. White tea and sage with Kumiho or Shanghai are the freshest and summer scents. Theodosious the Legerdemain with Teatime Hairgloss is a David Bowie in Roswell scent. I want to know others' layering concoctions
  5. somacat

    BPAL in the Hospital

    I'm in hospitals and clinics a lot through my work. I figured out that the most important thing for me is placement. Stuff both gets wonky and has way too big of throw if I put it in my boobs. I tend to wear a tiny dab of kumiho, shanghai, amsterdam, or Theodosius the Legerdemain behind my ears. I have been wearing 2-4 squirts of hair gloss too these days, as I've been bleaching the crap out of my hair for colors. I'm not hospital staff, so hopefully I'm not being too scent pollutiony
  6. somacat

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I posted here once before, but my collection has grown a lot since then and I have some new favourites Sarah the Mother Bear Paladin Coyote The Bear Prince Bewitched I seem to like skin musk, vanilla, leather and berries, but welcome any recommendations! Maybe elf for the berries and herbs. Tombstone might be great for the desert-ness. P.S. Everyone was spot on for me, I love baobhan site and will one day get a bottle when I have the moneys as I drench in the imps.
  7. somacat

    Teatime in Roswell Hair Gloss

    I finally got my hands on this as I was broke when it first came out. Fresh out of the very hot mail-box this is a molasses brown sugar pie with cucumbers and light tea with a hint of cool shadowy room in summertime . I love this!!! It is going to go into my heavy rotation as I've been needing something like this for summer since I ran out of white tea and sage which is my other hot weather blend. I'm going to be layering with amsterdam, tombstone, kumiho, and ava, which are my summer perfume regulars. I really enjoy this and look forward to catching more of the notes with continued wear as they seem to take turns dancing to the forefront together in different combinations.
  8. somacat

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    You guys rock!!!! I now have permission to buy me some Jareth and some BFJ Attending. I've been eyeing both of these, plus Bowie. I'll try to track down some decants. Venus Murcia and Dandelian SN go back and forth from plasticky on me. It smells so amazing at first and then my skin chemistry starts play-doh'ing it up. It's sad because otherwise I would be solo down!!!
  9. somacat

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    tI wanna do this again because my skin chemistry has changes and so honey and roses are just not working too well and I'm more open to notes I thought I couldn't handle like leather. I still can't do jasmine, red musk, and snake oil. In no particular order Ava Kumiho....Shanghai also extreme goodness Tombstone Theodosious the Legerdemain Amsterdam
  10. somacat

    'Pink' scents

    Winter in My Room is an ultimate moist, hazy pink scent for me.
  11. somacat

    Oranges, Satsumas, Tangerines & Mandarins

    I love goat weed leafing for orange blossom and I've added Geisha and Samurai to my regular morning hair routine. I usually always go to white tea and sage, because of the freshness and work appropriateness, bit now I'm super into Geisha and Samurai. The Amber and brood orange are somehow a bit oceanic and woodsy at the same time, plus they mix really well with https://www.cedarcide.com/product/cedarcide-original-biting-insect-spray/ (natural insect repellant spray, 'cos social work) I also have to shout out for Ava again because the satsuma is really starting to come out now, blending with vanilla musk like the moment you peel a tangerine to reveal the white parts without any bitterness of pith or baby diaper smell I associate with navel orange peels.
  12. Top 10 in no order (I don't know years, spelling, or punctuation) Schmendrick the Magician Dracul Troll Theive's Rosin The Deep Ones Cthulu Theodosious the Legerdemain Organ Grinder Wooden Bullet Paladin
  13. somacat

    Smell like a Greenhouse

    I second Hagsgate Amsterdam I too should like to smell like greenhouse. I have trouble with a lot of the Luisiana earth scents because jasmine, rose, and most gardenia turns foul on me. I really liked grave pig for awhile, but this year it turned a bit plastic/mold on me (probably stress) Belladonna has a good strong bitter evil green scent.
  14. somacat

    Looking for scents that smell like chai

    Pumpkin 1 2014
  15. somacat

    Ginger scents & the different types of ginger notes

    Gingered Chocoalte Souffle is exactly like these spicy ginger lip truffles http://www.realfoodtraveler.com/2016/02/moonstruck-valentines-chocolate-deliciousness/
  16. somacat

    Metallic scents

    The Harpy Celaeno has one of the eeriest cold metal and sadness scents.
  17. somacat

    GUNPOWDER! Recs for explosive blends?

    I love the gunpowder in mommy fortuna
  18. somacat

    Christmas Box / Sweet Box Scents

    I love Oleander honey, but it smells more like oleanders and sap to me. I like to find blend that are really true to plants. I like honeysuckle, but I've never found a scent note that captures the plant and doesn't morph to a semi sickly or melony sweet note. I would be desperate for perfect hyacinth without any false notes. I would love a recommendation page with pics of less well known plants accompanied by their bpal pairs.
  19. Hi Phoenixies, Today I smelled the most amazing shrub, which I found is called sweet box or christmas box, and has an amazing vanilla, pollen and honeysucklesque scent with wafts of clean forest air. I was wondering, is there a BPAL for this? It isn't a listed note in the directory, but i thought someone on the forum might grow this and know a scent match. http://www.graybarn.com/Top10_Pages/Sarcococca_confusa.jpg
  20. somacat

    Gingered Chocolate Soufflé

    Dark chocolate liquor transforms into chocolate lip close and then morphs into a ginger essential oil and orange spa dya with dark chocolate truffles. This is somehow just like eating dark chocolate truffles while soaking in a sexy bath!
  21. somacat

    Vicomte de Valmont

    I'm sure this is what Willikins, Sam Vines' Butler and man who knows how to fight smells like. My finance says it's like a sexy Grandpa...in a good way.
  22. somacat

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    My favorite notes seem to be these, however Mommy Fortuna includes two-penny magic and ploenetic which I' not sure have corollaries but might include vetiver and incense. The incense in OLLA Eve are not delineated, and the only note I was able to discern with certainty in Chuparosa was rose, although honeysuckle might have a 2 if it's in there as well as Shanghai. I'm surprised by how little vetiver showed up, and that I didn't find more overlap. I looked at Eve, Ava, Edith Cushing, Dracul, Kumiho, Chuparosa, Goatweed Leafwing, Red-spotted Purple, Shanghai, Mommy Fortuna, Tombstone, Amsterdam, Pele, and Pumpkin 1 2014. I thought the crisp adjective might be significant so I counted that, too. I really didn't think I liked musk because red musk is so wrong on me. This is really cool. Musk 4 (three white) Sandalwood 3 Vanilla 3 Tea 3 Crisp 3 Honey 2 Rose 2 Mandarin 2 Ambrette Seed 2 Orange Blossom 2 Ginger 2 Cedar 2
  23. somacat


    This is so evocative. It smells like rain and cleanliness and open windows on cold mornings. An attractively moribund, melancholy note. It makes me think of a grandly appointed bathroom with heavy soft towels, twee soaps in printed paper from English department stores, and all traces of blood scrubbed spotless.
  24. somacat

    Edith Cushing

    Initially I get the salty caramel corn note, but this quickly turns to lush vanilla candy and a breeze of tropical incense. This is super wonderful gentle, sexy and strangely confident.
  25. somacat

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcake

    This starts out with the pumpkin cream note of last year's lovely Pumpkin 1, which is a personal favorite. It unfortunately starts to turn craft -store apple cinnamon in the dry-down, and I amp cinnamon, especially a red-hots or dry cinnamon stick note like crazy, no that's where it goes. Sad face.