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  1. Hopefully this makes sense to other people. I'm looking for scents that remind you of a cool, damp basement. Like, when it's so hot in the summer and you walk down into the basement where the temperature drops 10 degrees, and everything is suddenly still, dim, and quiet. It's a smell that reminds me of dampness, dust, dirt, ozone, concrete, and musty old furniture. Maybe a smell like old people, like your grandparent's house. I'd love any recommendations but I'd especially love recommendations for scents I can get as imps from the main website (vs limited editions). Thanks!
  2. I really wish the Gaiman line did come with imps. I am a huge Gaiman fan. But the money all goes to charity so if I can scrape together the money to buy a few more bottles I suppose it won't be the end of the world! The Good Omens bunch sound especially good. War does sound good, but Crowley is also really tempting....
  3. You guys are the best! Thanks for the recommendations! I'm thinking of going with Debauchery, Perversion, Bengal, and Fenris Wolf. Both Red Rider and Black Rider sound great, does anyone have a suggestion towards one or the other?
  4. Hey there. I'm new to the forums but not quite new to bpal. I've ordered a pack of imps but only one of those worked at all on me, and I'm having such trouble trying to decide what to get for my next pack that I thought I'd ask for your help. The scents I've tried are: -Snake Oil: BEAUTIFUL. Perfect. -Santa Muerte: Nothing but rose on me. Smells way too much like a grandmother. -Lurid: rather generic, way too sweet -Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds: Again, nothing but rose on me. -Fallen: Generic. Too sweet once again. -Sea of Glass: Smelled like a bottle of soap had been dumped on me. Way, waaay too sweet, in the worst way. Like something decaying. -Mag Mel: Very strange, but I can't put my finger on it. Too sweet again. -Port Au Prince: Smelled like some horrible cleaning product -Potter's Field: Ordered a big vial of it. Love the strong vetiver and earth, but it fades super quickly on me. So, it seems like the flowery, green scents I was going with the first round didn't go over well. So I'm avoiding those for now. What I'm looking for is scents that suggest a certain power, like a tiger. Like barely-held-back violence. Seductively dangerous. I love Snake Oil but I'd like to avoid scents that smell too much like incense. I was thinking of picking up some Wanda, but I have no idea what else. Suggestions?