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  1. la_biscuit

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    While I adore Hellcat, it may be a bit too sweet if you aren't sure if you like foody. Carnivale is lovely, though.
  2. la_biscuit

    Blackrayne and Black Phoenix Collide: SOAPS

    The whole CATALOGUE! okay. At least Snake Oil, Lady Macbeth, O, and Bliss. Or Gluttony. The seven sins would be a great call. *saves pennies*
  3. la_biscuit


    Hellcat, as I expected, has become one of my top three scents. I LOVE this one, and so does the boy. Mmmmmmmm....
  4. la_biscuit

    Site update in progress. Good & bad news.

    No bad news there... Your oils have always been more than reasonable, and the work and love you put in is priceless! Thank you for everything, Beth!
  5. la_biscuit


    I wore this one yesterday. Gluttony... mmmmm... One of my favorites. On first application it's SO overwhelming it gives me a headache, but as it dries down, it morphs into a foodie scent fan's dream. Creamy, buttery, caramel with something a bit smoky for depth. If only I could bypass the headache stage.
  6. la_biscuit


    Wearing Wrath is like getting a spunk infusion. I've been running low lately, and decided to try it out... I LOVE this scent. Like red hots with real depth. Grr! spunky now, grr grr!
  7. la_biscuit

    Input, please!

    Name: Amy URL, if applicable: http://wonderbiscuit.com - Not that there is anything to it just now... Photo, if you don't mind: I'll try to upload one when I get home. Sin of choice: Envy, unfortunately. Virtue you embody: Hope. Astrological Info: Pisces sun, Scorpio moon and Virgo ascendant. How you found out about BPAL: My friend Kurt referred me to his friend Rachel for my last set of extensions, and she smelled beautiful. At that time she was associated with the lab, and gave me some yummy imps. Any comments you'd like to add about the Lab or life in general: Elizabeth rocks my socks!
  8. la_biscuit

    Lady MacBeth

    I have a huge bottle of this one, I love it! It is my "deviously playful" mood scent. The boys love it when I wear it to work!
  9. la_biscuit

    Four new scents coming soon, and a small update.

    Woohoo! Go, Beth Go!
  10. la_biscuit

    Home early, because I can't take the strain.

    We love you Beth! I'll send what strengthening energy I have your way...
  11. la_biscuit

    Greetings from rainy Las Vegas!

    Oh, I'm so sorry that Ted hasn't been well, and I hope you manage to escape your stress, even for a little while... and I lurve you too!
  12. la_biscuit


    Ahh, and I am considering a career change, too. Alas that LA isn't currently an option.
  13. la_biscuit


    SATYR from Love Potions Unleash the bawdy, unrestrained passion of the satyr! A ferociously masculine scent: sexual, vigorous, and truly wild. This is my boyfriend's favorite scent on himself, and I love it on him too... This is what he has to say about it: The Gingerbread Man, playing in the mud; with sprinkles on top.