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    Confusion on the description: This is only for women, but gender neutral? Not sure what that means. In the bottle: Eh, something randomly sweetish floralish. I sniffed it a couple of times and set it aside before trying it. Didn't catch my nose then. Wet: Hm. Smells a lot like O to me -- very sweet, with an almost honey or amber scent. Not sure which. I like it okay, but O caused hubby's nose to tickle a lot last time, so if it stays like this, I'm going to pass on it. Dry: BLACK PEPPER! Wow. All of the sudden it smells like a lot of black pepper underneath that sweet scent. I *like*. I like a lot. Reminds me of hot summer nights in Florida, for some reason. There's also a somewhat smoky scent that comes out during the dry-down. Did I mention I love this? As it fades, it becomes almost entirely peppery on me, which I still like. This is only my first try with it, but I'm definitely going to keep trying the imp (a freebie in my last order) and may order a big bottle. Cheers, Jonobie
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    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Cathedral is very very woodsy smelling to me. It's also nicely gender-neutral. Cheers, Jonobie
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    Snake Oil

    By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla. Appearently, I'm a freak. For the first hour on, I smelled extremely boozy. My officemate even commented that I smelled like a cheap bar. Oddly, O did the exact same thing -- very, very, boozy smelling on me. I wonder if there's a common note that does that? Anyhow, I hadn't put much on, but it was overpowering. Now, though, after a bit longer, it's mellowed down into a nice spicy scent with a sweet undertone. Smells a lot like Old Morocco (which I LOVE) with an extra kick. I like it a lot. I'm not sure if I'll buy a big bottle, though, until I try a few more times with the imp. I don't like that boozy smell all that much, and this seems like a scent that can be very variable. Cheers, Jonobie
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    I got this as one of my "extras" in my box. I like it! I couldn't remember what the description of it was, but my first thought after putting it on was, "Hey, this is great, for those of us that think Cathedrals should be in the deep of the forest." It's a *very* earthy/woodsy smell. Kinda like wet dirt *ought* to smell like, if it's going to be made into a perfume. It's a beatiful scent. Smells a bit like patchoulli and sandlewood to me at first, and then warms up into something more sweet smelling. Possibly a big bottle scent, although I'll probably wait until I get through my imps to decide for certain. Cheers, Jonobie
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    The search for "Clean" scents - general discussion

    The Apothecary smells very "clean" to me. You know how your hands smell after using a really nice bar of soap to wash them? It reminds me of that. Cheers, Jonobie
  6. jonobie

    The Apothecary

    Okay, today I tried The Apothecary. It was one of my extras from my last purchase. Oddly, I don't have a lot to say about it. It's a good, clean scent. Smells ever-so-slightly soapy, in a good way. You know how your hands smell when you've just washed them with some nice, flowery soap? That's what Apothecary smells like. My first impression was that it was a "just okay" scent -- not particularly "me". I think I'm really a spicy scent girl. Anyhow, it's definitely a summery scent -- it's sorta sweet and flowery. Gets slightly heavier after being on me for a while. It does last a long time -- I could still smell it on my wrists when I got home in the evening. My estimation of it was bumped up a great deal when hubs hugged me this morning and did the, "Mmmm, you smell *good*," comment. So this might actually be a big bottle for me after all. [Edited to add: Okay, second day on. It's fading faster, but it's really growing on me. My office mate proclaimed it a lovely scent (she has an extremely sensitive nose; I'm not drenching myself in it, honest!), and I decided it was the perfect scent to wear to a big presentation. This will definitely be a big bottle, as soon as I get through all my imps and figure out what else I want.] Cheers, Jonobie
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    Now this is definitely more promising than the Inferno I just tried. It totally reminds me of this beautiful complex and spicy perfume powder my Dad and I used to get my mother when I was younger. I always said I'd wear it when I grew up, but one year when we went to get it for her, it couldn't be found anywhere. It's a pretty heavy scent; I'm not sure how much I'll wear it in the summer, but I'm really happy with it. I smell vanilla and a nice undertone of spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg or something. It doesn't really smell foody to me, though, just complex. After putting it on this morning, I wanted to drench myself in it. It doesn't have huge staying power, though. My wrists no longer were scented 3 hours after I put it on in the morning. The base of my throat retained the smell longer; not sure why. But, I like it so much, I don't mind too terribly. Definitely a big bottle for me, possibly one for my mother as well. Cheers, Jonobie
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    In the bottle, this smelled ... well, the thing I thought of was cleaning fluid with a cinnamon kick. I was dubious. On me, it first turned my skin reddish, probably because of the cinnamon. And then, for the first 10 minutes, that was ALL I smelled. Cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon. Okay, but nothing special. It then turned into a weird candy smell -- think floral/sweet with cinnamon. I've heard Big Red gum used to describe this, and I think it's accurate. Anyhow, after about 2 hours the smell was entirely gone. No loss, since I wasn't caring for it anyhow. Sad, though, because I was really looking forward to this one. Maybe I'll use it as a room scent. It was okay, although not fantastic. Cheers, Jonobie