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  1. dragonryder

    Van Van

    A very nice scent, but lemon is not one of my fav scents to wear. Soft and clean, just not for me.
  2. dragonryder


    Roses and incense..... love this combo. Even the aquatic notes are behaving and not overpowering everything else.
  3. dragonryder


    This a very neat scent. I can close my eyes and almost transport myself to the jungle. The incense adds to the dream of an ancient ritual.
  4. dragonryder


    I smell the lilies most of all, not so much the crocus. Light floral scent, easy on the senses, almost dreamy.
  5. dragonryder


    This is a really nice scent for those who enjoy fruity scents. The floral blends nicely, but the fruit is just not something I would wear.
  6. dragonryder


    Don't smell the lotus as much as the lavender. Lavendar and spice after wear, unique, not floral, not spicy, but a great blend of both.
  7. dragonryder

    Queen Gertrude

    Mmmmmm, wisteria is stronger on me than the violets, with a small bite of chrysanthemum. Not really a soft scent, but doesn't knock you down either.
  8. dragonryder

    Tiger Lily

    I smell more lilies than honey, but it's all good. Sweet and light, wears well without overpowering.
  9. dragonryder

    The Scales of Deprivation

    The scent is awesome.... The lemon just hints under the sandalwood, giving it a light breezy air, but with just a little kick with the frankincense.
  10. dragonryder


    I see a lot of lemon postings for this, but I smell oranges, spicy oranges. This would make great aromatherapy, but not something I would wear.
  11. dragonryder


    Wine at first scent out of the imp, but the mimosa came out upon wearing, for a sweet spice. Not heavy, but very long lasting.
  12. dragonryder


    This smells very strongly of freshly tanned leather. No scent of lavender at all, not a good scent on me.
  13. dragonryder


    A light spicy floral scent, can't figure out where the floral comes in, must be the white tea. Excellent blending, not too much of either.
  14. dragonryder


    This is a light scent, not sweet but clean. Must be the lemons. Very nice for a hot summer day.
  15. dragonryder


    In the bottle, patchouli. Worn, patchouli. The patchouli is just to strong for me.