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  1. Scrangie

    Red Currant, Black Currant & Cassis scents

    Eat Me has currants.
  2. Scrangie


    In the imp: EUCALYPTUS!! and violet. On the skin: The mint surfaces and quickly disappears. What's left is violet: sweet, sharp, powdery. After an hour the violet kind of fades into soap. I really love it in the strong violet phase.
  3. Scrangie


    This smells scary. Sharp, strong, hot. A little bit like acetone. Dry grass. Makes my head hurt.
  4. Scrangie

    Antique Lace

    I get strong vanilla and amber. It's really pretty, but a little matronly. It has a lot of throw and seems to last a long time on me. Very smooth, and smells to me very similar to Morocco.
  5. Scrangie

    Mata Hari

    In the imp: Coffee and... urine. On my skin: Day old coffee, urine and flowers. I don't know what's in here that's giving me the pee smell... Jasmine? Ylang ylang? Maybe I am just imagining it. I'm not that fond of florals. This is really bad on me.
  6. Scrangie

    Hymn to Proserpine

    In the bottle: Funky peanut butter. On my skin: Warm, sticky amber and heavy sticky dark fruit. It must have something in common with Eat Me... Currants? They smell similar, but Hymn to Proserpine still gives me the impression of peanut butter somehow. It's really pretty on me.
  7. Scrangie


    Fruity and heavy, but still crisp. I smell peaches and tea leaves. Fruit and brightness, with something more dry and bitter to balance it. I didn't get the chance to try it on my skin- I spilled the whole imp on my pants. Oops.
  8. Scrangie


    In the bottle: Chocolate and dust. On my skin: Chocolate and pencil shavings. Now, despite the unflattering impressions, I really do love Velvet. It's like Bliss, but with a more sophisticated edge. Something to make it not just plain chocolate. Fades really, really fast though.
  9. Scrangie


    In the bottle: Peaches, Pumpkin, Vanilla, spice... Mmm... I want to swim in it. On the skin: The pumpkin warms up and becomes more prominent. The spice evens out the sweet peach and it just becomes this smooth, buttery, incredible scent. Jack reminds me a bit of apple pie... It's so very good.
  10. Scrangie

    How to remove scents from your skin

    I always rub a stainless steel spoon over my hands under running water after I've been cooking with onions and garlic. It really does seem to remove the smell. I've never thought of trying to remove fragrance with it though!
  11. Scrangie

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    Quick sniff reviews... CCCLXXXI: Sharp tea floral. CCCXLXX: Strange sharp tobacco Red Lantern plus floral soap. CCCXLII: Woody, weedy floral. CCCLVIII: Vinyl floral. Mostly vinyl. CCCLVI: Dryer Sheets. CCCLVII: LUSH American Cream. CCCLIX: Light smooth floral. Smells like Calvin Klein Eternity Purple Orchid. CCCLXIX: Orange blossom. A little sad that they're all floral and I really don't like floral at all. CCCLVII is nice, though.
  12. Scrangie


    To me this smells like a very light, sweet super-sugary vanilla scent. Like cotton candy with more vanilla. At times it gets a slightly plastic/dusty scent on my skin, but not consistently enough to be considered a problem... Some days it does, some it doesn't. I really love the scent of Midway- it screams SUGAR. I don't smell any apple or anything, just sugar sugar sugar. It's a very light scent, but it does manage to have decent throw.
  13. Scrangie


    Hmm... This doesn't really smell like buttered popcorn to me. It smells like melted butter. Warm, but not salty. Like the butter note in Jack isolated. Not what I expected from this one... Not terrible, but different. On my skin, however, this takes a very strange rancid turn- like I actually have butter on my arm. Weird.
  14. Scrangie

    Milk Moon 2005

    This is a nice one. Simple, fresh and comforting. In the bottle I smell... Milky coconut. On my skin I smell... Milky coconut. Not heavy, not overly sweet, not cloying. Smells very fresh. If you have Obatala, this is that scent, minus water, and a little stronger.
  15. Scrangie

    Peony Moon

    In this bottle this smells like peony. Sharp, astringent peony, like the peonies in my grandmother's garden. Clean and bright. On my skin this is watered-down peony and cream. Dried down, I smell almost no peony, but I do get this nice creaminess... Not sure where that is coming from, but I like it. This has no throw on me at all, and the lasting power weak. Otherwise, this is a very nice fresh "pink" scent, exactly like fresh peony.