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  1. Zaani

    Gingerbread Zombi

    I'm sad that I didn't like this as much as previous posters. I was kind of hoping for a rose-ginger-dirt scent, in that order, but what I got is more of a ginger-cookies-dirt kind of thing. And it's not my thing. There's something vaguely repulsive about it with the sweet ginger cookie and dead dirt notes that just doesn't sit right with my nose, which I think might have been eased if there was a stronger rose presence.
  2. Zaani


    Whenever I put this on, I think, "Why did I want to get backups of this?" And then it dries down, and I think, "I have to have backups of this!" It's dark and sweet, and I love it!
  3. Zaani


    Disclaimer: Some apple scents turn to nasty chemicals on me. I got lemon and white musk, then about a half hour later, sawdust, and after a few hours it kind of reminds me of citronella candles and fly spray. I thiiiink maybe it's the apple that's responsible for making this not work on me.
  4. Hey! So I recently got the Gosh Hold Me Baby hairspray, and I absolutely love the scent. I'm still new to sniffing things, so the most I've got is that it smells sweet, maybe red-berry-ish (strawberry?), I think medium-light musky?, and it's got a bit of some kind of sharpish clean floral that seems almost aquatic but not "pointy" like jasmine... I may be way off. Sorry for vagueness Google doesn't have any information at all on the notes, at least that I could find, and I really don't have any experience picking out individual notes. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be super helpful and appreciated! I would love to smell like this all the time. Thanks!
  5. Zaani

    A Mirror of Spring Pleasures on Kites (2013)

    Oh, honey... I thought it would be different this time It hasn't turned to B.O. on me like some honeys do when mixed with resins, but there is a definite funk that I'm pretty sure the honey is responsible for. It smells awesome wet, though....
  6. Zaani

    White Chocolate with Mate, Hazelnut, and Banana Cream

    Everyone seems to be getting really varied results from this, judging by the reviews! I got a wonderfully sweet, creamy scent with just enough banana to notice it, backed by citrus-y green tea and just a bit of hazelnut to take the edge off. Totally yummy, I love it
  7. Zaani

    Mother Shub's Cthulhustollen

    This one smells delicious for an hour or so, with lots of rum and sweetness. After that, it pretty much fades to nothing. I tried it on a bit of cotton to get it to last longer, but it didn't smell as nice as it does on me.
  8. Zaani

    Sugar Cookie

    My nose is broken... something in this is making me think of peaches o.O Not fresh ones, more like grilled peaches. Maybe it's the boozy note? Either way, it's spicy and delicious! ETA: The drydown goes fairly maple-syrup-y on me as well. Mother Shub's Cthulhustollen reminded me more of cookies/baked goods than this one did particularly. Maybe aging will bring out the cookie goodness!
  9. Zaani

    Mother Shub's Gingerbread Temples

    Something in this goes funky on my skin. BO/socks-kind of funky I'm not sure if it's the specific honey or a resin, but Bien Loin D'ici did the same thing on me. I've tried a fair number of honey scents and Bien Loin is the only one that smelled weird on me so far, so I'm suspicious that it might be the benzoin rather than the honey.
  10. Zaani

    Jupiterian Phoenix

    (Disclaimer: Still new at this sniffing business!) I love this one. It's exactly what I was hoping it would be - a nice calming, wood-ish blend. Once it dries down, it kind of "flattens out" from the initial pine spike into a well-blended medium green scent that's more complex than just evergreens, though there's plenty of evergreen too It lasts a decent amount of time on me. (At least most of the day - I usually end up putting it on in the afternoons.)
  11. Zaani


    I'm still new to BPAL, and I was kind of expecting more of a pine-y tree kind of harsh, wintery scent. It's probably there, but I can't pick it out very well. For me, this was mostly light aquatic florals and a bit of mint, though I'm pretty sure the woods are grounding it. I ended up really liking it anyways, even though I was hoping for a scent that would smell a bit more cold and desolate. I'll just have to keep looking for that one, I guess!
  12. Zaani

    Mango-Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte

    Yum! I'm so glad this one worked on me. I was expecting more of a delicious tea kind of scent, but the tea is kind of background to the sweeter, creamy, spicy bits. The mango certainly does come out swinging, but it backs off a little bit while the cream, pumpkin and spices do their thing, up to a nice coconut finish after a bunch of hours. A nice sweet, spicy, foody scent.
  13. Zaani

    Punkie Night

    Looks like apple is one of those scents I'm going to have to be really careful about. The sweet apple in Samhain worked fine on me, but this one was candle-y for about an hour, then turned to flat chemical nastiness. Reapplying does not resuscitate the apple part, it just magnifies the chemical smell instead. Hopefully this will behave itself on my boyfriend instead...
  14. Zaani


    (New sniffer here, so take this with a grain of salt ) This one is totally cool! I love the "dried leaves" part of the scent, even though it doesn't smell that much like autumn where I live. (It rains ALL THE TIME here, so dry leaves are pretty rare!) The pumpkin part is really nice, but the apple seems a bit overly sweet to me, even though it's not that strong. On the plus side, this apple doesn't turn into flat chemically nastiness after an hour or so like Punkie Night and some other apple scents have done on me. Overall: 4/5 (bonus points for the cool factor, but it's probably not something I will wear often)
  15. Zaani

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    Boo, it seems that I am one of the sweaty-socks honey people that elka mentioned Super disappointed, this one smelled really nice in the imp. ETA: OK, so I wasn't ready to give up on this one. I think maybe the salty caramel plus unfamiliar musk was the thing making me think of sweat, and when I went back and tried it again a few more times, it was less objectionable. I'm still not sure that I like it, but it's not a total loss.