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  1. Justafallenstar

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    There is a thread here with BPAL recommendations to commercial perfumes. I saw that someone asked about Saint, but I did not find any replies. You might want to look through there, though. That person also listed the notes for Saint - Mirabelle Plum and mandarin are top notes. Tiare flower and caramel with jasmine are the mid. And vanilla combines with a cream type musk with sandalwood for the base. So, even though you might not like florals or fruity perfumes, you might not want to rule them all out. Thanks! I looked and no one had replied so I'm still not sure what to try, but I will keep looking.
  2. Justafallenstar

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I'm new to BPAL so I have no idea what to order. My favorite scent is Kat Von D's "Saint." On me it smells like vanilla with a bit of musk, a sophisticated, grown-up vanilla. So I was just wondering if anyone recommended something similar? I hate florals or fruitiness as well. Thanks!