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  1. I was thinking a little scent sachet or pillow or a felt square for storing in your drawers or hanging in your closet would be nice, especially with base scents like in the RPG section so you can still wear your favorite oils on top. It would be really nice for storing winter clothes to stuff one of these in the box or bin so when you pull your clothes out next winter, they smell yummy and not so musty. It would be a good way to transfer scents to clothes without worrying about watermarks or stains (especially dry clean only clothes). Or a good way to sneak a cologne scent onto a man by hanging a square with his dress shirts or ties so even if he doesn't remember to put a cologne on (or sneaks off), he smells nice for special occasions. I would definitely look forward to pulling out a winter sweater when it already smells good. Or a sachet in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling clean, I could see pulling out my clothes smelling a hint of Bub or Ghost Hippie or Embalming Fluid as I'm still trying to open my eyes as a plus, or pulling my coat out of the coat closet and smelling a faint whiff of Miskatonic as I run out the door as a toasty, comforting pick-me-up.