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    Lacus Mortis

    The Lake of Death: narcotic indole, pale asphodel, and bone-white sandalwood plunged into in an impenetrable sea of black patchouli, labdanum, castoreum accord, and oak moss. im still a newb deep in my soul so idk if im supposed to snap up first review or not but here i go! bought this one as fast as i could, i loved the sound of it. and it doesn't disappoint! in bottle; very dark! i find it pretty masculine, almost like how cologne smells in the bottle but with delectable richness. i get labdanum, sandalwood and patchouli but it's so lovely and dark. wet; a spicy musk, but the oak moss comes out full-force. still masculine, but a sweetness plays on the edges. dry; sharp and very dark. the moss and sandalwood carry the rest of the notes, but it's such a complex, sophisticated scent. very masculine on me, though, which i don't mind at all but others might. would absolutely recommend!
  2. carbonatedmariticide


    got this as a gift with a recent order, and though i gave it to my fiance who has a certain infatuation with oberon as a concept, i gave it a try today just to say i did. didn't expect much but was i surprised! in the bottle, i found it earthy and musky, and wet it held that for a moment or two but then it turned shockingly feminine on me, very juniper and orchid. i'm usually not a fan of feminine scents, but this one is absolutely delicious on me. i don't have more astute terms for it, but man, oh man! i love this scent. it has a pretty decent throw, too.
  3. carbonatedmariticide

    The Phantom Wooer

    tried this one this morning, and, thank the lord! the lab's dust notes always come out on me, and it couldn't make me happier. granted, after about three hours of work, the bone dust has faded into moss and flowers. it's a little close to soapy now, but juuust cold enough to be pleasant. also surprisingly complex!
  4. carbonatedmariticide


    110% honeyed almond milk on me, and it's pretty overbearing. not a big fan of overly sweet scents, but it's not my least favorite. the scent itself is pretty pleasant, but it really takes over me!
  5. carbonatedmariticide


    lightning turns craaaazy harsh on me. like about 90% ozone and sharp rain. the scent is very, very masculine on me, and i'm really not sure if i like it? it didn't morph much from the bottle for me, and while i don't hate the scent, i don't think i'll be investing in a bottle.
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    i was nervous to get this one because of my pretty unjust and undeserved hatred of vanilla, but i caved and got an imp for both the other notes, and ridiculous cowboy reasons. and oh. my. gosh. bottled, it's dusty wood in the sun. on my skin it transforms to saparilla cream soda in a dusty little place. the vanilla is there, but it almost transforms the scent in the root beer direction previously mentioned. lovely lovely lovely scent.
  7. carbonatedmariticide

    No. 93 Engine

    this is my favorite scent. it was my first ever scent from the lab! a gift a few years back for christmas, and i've been hopelessly enchanted by it since. on me, it transforms from the bottle scent (a bright scent that synthesia says is goldenrod yellow) into this hot, complex delight of beeswax, light nectars, and, somehow, hot metal. and it's still the same on me after all these years! my roomate loves it, too! it takes a slightly more woody route on her, but it's just as delightful. highly recommend this one!
  8. carbonatedmariticide


    in the bottle, i feel the scents mix oddly. this was a scent i got an imp of out of excitement after a recommendation, and i actually put it off for a long time due to how it smelled in the bottle. it smelled like neco wafers to me, and i really wasn't willing to put it on my skin out of fear it might keep like that. wet, i find myself immediately relieved-the fir, clove, and balsam come out. woodier scent than what i expected. now, a fair hour or so later, i smell the mint and orange and some of the tobacco-my fiance says it reminds her of the beach? life earlier reviews, though, i do smell a similarity to hellfire in this. very good scent! not very sexual on me, and probably not one i'll wear again until warmer weather.
  9. carbonatedmariticide


    tried this one on this morning and it's probably one of the strongest scents i've had on me. very smokey and coaly, but i smell something dreadfully inorganic in it, which is delightful for me. something about the scent reminds me of lapsang souchong tea.
  10. carbonatedmariticide

    Miskatonic University

    first time giving an actual review on the forums, ha ha. but, without further ado. bought an imp on a gut feeling-i'm a barista, and i figured i should try a coffee scent. in the bottle, it was actually a little worried and almost put off. maybe due to my own poor experience with whiskey the last time i drank, but all i could smell was whiskey and cream. however, i put it on my fiance and, oh, wow! she smelled like coffee for hours-and from far away. still, i waited and waited, until today. this scent is amazing. wet, it's mostly coffee and something like dust. the whiskey and cream are second banana, but still a bit there. but once it dried, it turned to a scent that i can only describe as coffee long ago spilled on the pages of a book, which was only reopened years later. dusty, leathery book rules, and the coffee just mixes like heaven. i love, love, love it!