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  1. concrescence

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Interesting! I had never noticed that at the top of each page before, but now that I look: Sin and Salvation Mad Tea Party Rappaccini's Garden Somnium All say presented in a cobalt blue bottle, whereas all the others say amber cool this is no longer true anymore, though. like i said, all my bottles, GC (regardless of category) and LE, are amber except for a couple that i got very early on (i think they were from the Sin and Salvation category). either the trickle of blue bottles in recent orders are leftovers from when they were more common or the lab is now starting to reinstate them. either way, i wouldn't *expect* cobalt bottles. if you get one, cool, if not, oh well.
  2. concrescence

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    interesting. the lab used to use cobalt bottles more frequently. the only two that i have are from when i first started collecting bpal, around early 2006. i seem to remember that the lab discontinued using the cobalt bottles not long after that, and i think it was because they didn't fit the new bottling machines. perhaps they've gotten a new supplier. that would be nice, because i think the cobalt bottles are prettier. i really don't think there's much of a difference between cobalt and amber bottles, though, than just the color. both will protect the oil from light.
  3. did you email them at answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com from a non-yahoo email address? if so, and you haven't heard from them by the end of business on Monday, i would email again. it is the weekend, afterall. i've gotten the wrong bottle in an order once before, and they were very nice about it. they apologized and sent out the correct bottle right away.
  4. concrescence

    Why are LEs limited? Will they come back?

    probably unlikely. the lab has occasionally resurrected limited edition scents before, usually for their anniversary. however, purple phoenix was an anniversary scent itself, and it would seem weird to bring it back. maybe the lab will at some point resurrect *all* the phoenixes. that would be cool (and very phoenix-like ). your best bet for getting an "untainted" fresh-from-the-lab bottle would be to stalk lab ebay sales. you never know what they're going to dig out of storage and put up for auction.
  5. concrescence


    to me, silk road smells a lot like baklava. it can cause a little redness at first, though, if you have sensitive skin. but anything that has cinnamon, which is important to the whole baklava thing, is likely to have that problem.
  6. concrescence

    How long do bottles & imps last?

    i've never gotten through a full bottle. my first two bottles (and first BPAL loves) were Penitence and Morocco, i received them in Feb. or Mar. 2006, and they're just under half full. i think it's just that i have a lot of different scents, and though Penitence is my "signature scent", i probably only wear it once every week or two.
  7. concrescence

    Why are LEs limited? Will they come back?

    the lunacy scents, as well as those that have accompanied them this past year (the zodiac and shapechangers), are available to buy during the full moon (or two full moons, we got ahead of ourselves when there was a blue moon in may) prior to when that moon/zodiac would occur so that you will have them in your hot little hands and be able to actually wear them at the appropriate time. if you post an in-search-of post for capricorn in the swaps area, you'll probably be able to find some.
  8. concrescence

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I don't think that the musks in Black Lace and Antique Lace are identical. They do bear some similarities as blends, and if you like one, you might like the other. But I wouldn't say one is a substitute for the other. For me, Black Lace was mostly dry and smoky, with a backdrop of vanilla musk, while Antique Lace was predominately sugary vanilla, with barely any musk. I've only worn Antique Lace a couple of times, but the musk didn't strike me as being the same. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else that would be similar to Black Lace, but I'll be sure to post here if I ever find anything. thanks, neelah!
  9. concrescence

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    so... i am in love with both Lurid Library and Black Lace. i'm almost positive that the musk of infernal servants in LL is the indian musk that's in BL, and my skin absolutely loves it. i could roll around in the stuff! i used the search function on the Lab's page, but nothing came up. is there a GC scent that uses this same musk? i've heard some people comparing antique lace to black lace, but i've never smelled it. is it the musk that makes them similar or just the vanilla? if there isn't: Beth, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease use this musk in a GC scent, especially with a bit of vanilla and/or incense.
  10. concrescence

    princess-y scents

    well, i guess i'll update and say what i tend to wear while princessing: alice, mouse's long sad tale, maiden, persephone, pink moon 07, hermia. porcelina- i would second hermia for you because it's quite pink and girly, but that pink pepper gives it a spicy kick. it really captures the sort of feisty yet girly attitude of hermia. i'm poor right now, but snow white is definitely on my list. i might get it for christmas.
  11. concrescence

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    i don't have SAD, so ymmv, but... one to tie, two to win is seriously summer in a bottle. it smells exactly like sitting in the grass on a breezy, warm, sunny summer day while making dandelion chains. unfortunately it's LE and may be hard to find. you would have to pry mine out of my cold dead hands!
  12. concrescence

    CCNow or PayPal

    with paypal, the money immediately comes out of your balance, or if you are doing instant transfer, as soon as the transfer clears at the bank. with CCnow, the money taken from you when the lab "harvests" your order from CCnow to be put in line to be filled. they seem to do this about every 1-2 weeks. if you log onto CCnow after they do this, it will say "shipped" but it hasn't actually shipped. i guess you could think of it as if your order has "shipped" from CCnow to the lab, but the goods haven't really been shipped to you. you'll get a click'n'ship notice from USPS when it actually goes into the mail. i think i just gave you more info than you really asked, but whatever. i'm kind of long-winded like that!
  13. concrescence

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    i would also call your credit card company to find out what the problem is. my credit card company flagged and stalled a lab order once because i had never bought anything from them before with that card and because the lab is listed as selling *computer software* (i'm not sure why or if they're aware of that) and the company said that it was not in line with my usual buying habits. basically, they were watching my back and were afraid it was an unauthorized purchase. i told them that it was fine, and they went ahead and sent the order through.
  14. concrescence

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    i don't have kunstkammer, but my 1.5 year old bottle of morroco did that quite some time ago. i think it's just a normal aging/settling thing with some oils. my morroco also smells fine. as long as it still smells good, i wouldn't worry. ETA: a update on my bottle of high john the conqueror: i had one of those very woody, almost vetiver like high johns. after six months or so, it's now calming down and i'm starting to get a bit of the sweet grapish note that a "normal" high john the conqueror has.
  15. concrescence

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    i would also suggest morocco. vanilla is not one of the listed notes, but it clearly smells like a spicy vanilla. it's very gender neutral and smells great on both me and my exboyfriend.