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    Khajuraho, Red Lantern, Gypsy Queen, Freak Show, Fire Eater, Vice, Snake Oil, Dee, Hungry Ghost Moon, The Haunted Palace, Litha, The Living Flame, Jezebel, Dorian


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  1. nancybridget

    Horreur Sympathique

    The notes say that there is a lot ging on here, but alas, all I get it honeyed wine and it's not for me. Cloying and heady.
  2. nancybridget

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    If you're a carnation lover, this blend is for you. I tend to be on the fence with carnation, so.... I can't decide. It's spicy and reminds me a bit of some of the Asian moons - maybe the chrysanthemum. Either way, I think I love/hate this one.
  3. nancybridget

    Bon Vivant

    Smells like a little girl's sweet perfume. Reminiscent of strawberry roll on lipgloss that everyone licked off their lips in the 80's. I think it was called Kissing Potion! This is dead on for that...mmmmm....
  4. nancybridget


    What a sweet, almost cloying, violet and tea rose. I can detect each scent independently, however the rose is more prominent. I would make this one a staple or anything, but it was pretty to play with. If I ever decide to go as Marie Antoinette for Halloween, I'd rock this out.
  5. nancybridget

    The Raven

    Being a neroli lover, this one makes me so happy! I love the way the aromas mingle with the musk and violet and sandalwood. It's pretty and greenish, but a bot ominous at the same time. I would love to have a bath in something delicious like this. The Raven is stunning!
  6. nancybridget


    A blooming floral blend, with a lovely dose of violet. Unfortunatley for me, many floral turn into soapy soap soap soap. Morgause is no exception.
  7. nancybridget

    Tiger Lily

    Lovely bloomin' lilies! What a perfect floral for the springtime.
  8. nancybridget

    March Hare

    Fruity, milky syrup. Pastry-like with some melted butter rum in there.
  9. nancybridget


    Coca~cola, but flat, not carbonated! Maybe there's an orange slice bobbing in there.
  10. nancybridget


    To me this is oranges and lemons! Maybe I have a mislabeled imp. Oh well, it's like a cool, sweet summertime drink with lots of ice. So fresh!
  11. nancybridget


    Hmmm...I'm getting frangipani or a sweet gardenia. There's something tropical smelling here. I love this for the summertime.
  12. nancybridget

    La Petite Mort

    All I am pulling from La Petit Mort is almond. It's almost like s ingular note to my nose. How odd.
  13. nancybridget


    Musky resins are abundant here. This reminds me of something like an old cellar. There's nostalgia to this scent...
  14. nancybridget


    Swamp blossoms and sweaty greens. Morphs into super florals. Not my flavor.
  15. nancybridget

    Temple of Dreams

    Sharp, acrid and sour. A completly bitter herbal blend.