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    Gingerbread Poppet, Bordello, Bloodlust, Laudanum, Fenris Wolf, Wanda, De Sade, Severin, Whip, Voodoo, Dana O' Shee, Black Widow, Chimera, Jack II, Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, Blood, Dragon's Milk, Dragon's Heart, Absinthe, Embalming Fluid, Masquerade

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    when it all boils down to it...<br /><br />*top three favorites*<br />bands: The Cure, The Cocteau Twins, Neutral Milk Hotel (and The Dresden Dolls and Rasputina :))<br />films: Pink Flamingoes, Eraserhead, Jan Svankmajer's Alice<br />authors: Oscar Wilde, Franz Kafka, William Burroughs<br />foods: sushi, curry, chocolate<br />drinks: earl grey tea, red wine, guinness <br />places: Japan, Italy, Spain<br />places in USA: NYC, Hawaii, Santa Fe<br />comics: Meatcake, JTHM/Squee, Lenore (and anything Robert Crumb does is cool with me)<br /><br />other about me-ness: I'm 4'10'' (I am an elf of doom, I am.), and 98 lbs, I have naturally black hair and very pale skin, so I suppose I'm an inevitable goth of sorts. I dress like a thrift shop/vintage weirdo and wear lots of hardcore platform boots and mary janes. I wear exclusively red lipstick (MAC, usually), and I always have for as far back as I can remember. I am an art student that is currently a dark room gnome. I probably wear too much glitter eye make up. I travel a lot and I read a lot and I smoke a lot. Um....I don't really know what else to say. :)
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    Taurus....and I am a text book Taurus all the way, man, let me tell you. :)
  1. Effluvia

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Dana O' Shee!! And Chimera, too.
  2. Effluvia

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    ...do you pronouce all this Lovecraftness? I read some stuff on the different pronunciations of Cthulhu, but how in the world do you pronounce R'lyeh? Or Nyarlathotep? Umm, yeah, I should probably go to sleep, shouldn't I?
  3. Effluvia

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I missed out on buying a bottle of the vanilla bean single note, and I crave vanilla. I love Snake Oil, but I also want a vanilla scent without the spice. Regan was more orchid than vanilla on me. I want a sugar vanilla smell that isn't "candle-y". Any recs?
  4. Effluvia


    in the vial: Something strong and foresty with a dusty red background. on my skin: Dragon's blood ()...only this isn't the juicy, seductive dragon's blood I'm used to...it's dry, very dry. It's powdery, but not the icky baby powder kind of powdery, it's a comforting kind of powdery. It has a dusty, slightly candy-like quality. It's definitely not overly sweet, but the dragon's blood gives it a faint cherry note. It has a lovely, spicy kick underneath. Yummy. I like this blend a lot. I actually got a couple compliments on it today (woohoo!). Whoa. I just read that someone said it smelled like mole. That it does. I'm hungry now.
  5. Effluvia


    Yeah, Saturnalia was dark, lizard green tinged with purple for me, too. I wouldn't call it a "purple" scent, either. The scents I've tried that smell purple to me are: Queen Of Spades Wanda The Raven (not too crazy about this one, personally, but it is very purple) Twilight Oneiroi Bewitched (purple and forest green) my two cents.
  6. Effluvia

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Yeah, I'm going to miss Allegory a lot, too. I haven't tried Jabberwocky yet, but I'll definitely buy some now.
  7. Effluvia

    Help with Jasmine scents, please!

    The only oils I've tried that contain jasmine that I've really liked are The Caterpillar, Oneiroi, Venom and Twilight. Black Dahlia's VERY jasminey, too, infact it was actually TOO jasminey for my tastes. Hope that helps. You might wanna order the single note jasmine before it goes away, too.
  8. Effluvia

    Red Moon 2004

    in the bottle: Gummy bears! EEEEE!! on my skin: OH YES. Heady, hypnotic, velvety, tangy dragon's blood with yummy fruity flavors. Tart, red, juicy, currant-y fruity flavors. The amber and heliotrope are divine in the mix. This is just too delicious.:yum:
  9. Effluvia

    "Protection" Blend

    Wolf's Heart, maybe?
  10. another vote for Dragon's Milk (I can never live without this scent ever again!), Dana O' Shee and Oneiroi.
  11. Effluvia

    Sudha Segara

    in the vial: Pale bamboo green color...reminds me of something, but I can't place it. on my skin: Kind of soapy, but pleasant. I get the warm milk with honey smell, and it's very, very nice. This doesn't remind me of Dana O' Shee or anything, though, because of its slight soapy greenness. It reminds me of when you just get out of the shower after using yummy shea butter soap. A comforting scent.
  12. Effluvia

    Nine Mysteries

    in the vial: Peppermint. Just peppermint... on my skin: Peppermint and an aquatic note? A weird public swimming pool scent. I'll be curious to read all the ingredients once it's released...I think I'll be swapping this one, though. It's just not me. :shrug:
  13. Effluvia

    Queen of Spades

    My review is exactly what hypothermya said. She phrased it pefectly for me. I also get Witch's Dagger's mistletoe note, though. This is so good I can't stand it. I'm SO glad I have a 5ml of this... ...But will a 5ml be enough?
  14. Effluvia


    This makes me think of Go Go from Kill Bill. It's Gothic Lolita and completely criminally insane. It smells like childlike Japanese candy, but vaguely sexual and EVIL in the most attractive, sexy villainess way. It's got pigtails and a samurai sword. I think she's a pyro. I dig.
  15. Effluvia


    in the vial: Holy shit, dude. I love this. It's all mossy and foresty and cinnamony and dark. YEAH, MAN!! This is what I'm fuckin' talkin' about. on my skin: Wooooow. I can't find the right words to properly describe this. This is such a perfect "me" oil. It's earthy, mossy, hot, spicy and sexy. Oh man, I am so in love with this. I am so buying a big bottle. Hamadryad fucking ROCKS BALLS!!