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  1. AngryRabbit

    Witch Dance

    2012 This is by far one of my favorite BPAL scents. The red musk is unbelievably sexy.
  2. AngryRabbit


    A master storyteller who possessed unfailing courage and compassion, a sharp, quick wit, and a true understanding of human nature. Saffron and Middle Eastern spices swirled through sensual red musk. Spicy, red musk. This is so sexy I want to kiss myself.
  3. AngryRabbit


    In the imp and wet I immediately smell the almond. Once Seraglio dries all I smell is rose, no spices at all. It's nice, but I was really hoping to smell the cloves.
  4. AngryRabbit


    I like this scent a lot. It's very clean and bright smelling to me. I'm not getting any sweetness at all. I definitely can't smell the honey note. I know at least one person described it as warm, but to me it just smells cool and aquatic. I'm female, but I definitely think this one would smell very nice on a man. It's really lovely.
  5. AngryRabbit


    Like others have mentioned, the jasmine overpowered all the other notes. I can pick one more note out, maybe the red sandalwood, however it's barely detectable. I can't smell the others at all. Unfortunately I'm not crazy about it. I do think I'd like it much more if the jasmine wasn't so strong.
  6. AngryRabbit

    Dia de los Muertos

    This smells almost exactly like Christian Dior's Poison on me. It's very, very pretty but extremely sweet. I will use my tester in very small amounts, but I don't think I'll be buying a bottle.