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    Black Forest, Cheshire Cat, Rose Red, Carnation SN, Graveyard Dirt, Mantis, Snake Oil, Tulzscha, King of Diamonds and many others. I love musks and woody notes.

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    Lots of outdoorsy stuff. Camping, hiking, the like.
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  1. Though it doesn't sound just like the scent your describing you may want to try black forest. A very woody musk scent to me!
  2. brownbat

    The Hanged Man

    At fist: kind of fruity and sweet. As it dries it is getting herby and green, but there is still an undertone that reminds me of some kind of candy (can't remember which kind though). It is now getting an aquatic scent to it. This is a very nice, non-soapy, non-commercial perfumey aquatic.
  3. brownbat

    Ace of Swords

    Piney and fresh. Very clean smelling. It stays herby, sharp and clean throughout. Very delicious.
  4. brownbat

    Ace of Wands

    Hmm. Floral, cinnamon and dragon's blood? It's getting a bit medicinal now. It is a light, slightly sweet scent. I'm don't generally like dragon's blood, and this blend is no exception.
  5. brownbat

    Ace of Cups

    It starts off fruity in a bubblegum sort of way. It actually has that slightly bitter bubblegum smell that a bazooka joe gum has. The bitter gum scent has gone away. It is now more strongly floral--perhaps jasmine? Overall a sweet fruity/floral experience.
  6. brownbat

    Ace of Pentacles

    Smokey, woody and piney. Something medicinal is coming out as well. It smells a bit like vics vapo rub now. After the mentholy scent dies down a bit a resiny scent comes out. Myrrh maybe? Patchouli? Overall, I would like this scent quite a bit if it wasn't for the menthol smell I got from it (and where it came from, I have no idea;-) )
  7. brownbat

    The World

    At first: woody and fresh. Something herby or anisey in with the woods. After a bit: Cinnamon and other spices! A very sweet cinnamon that blends nicely with the woody notes. This is actually a pretty light woody/spice scent. Not light as in throw, but light as in not dark or oppressive. As it dies down it gets a bit soapier (maybe some floral doing this) but it is still pleasant.
  8. brownbat


    At first: smells like a very stern men's cologne. Some deep resins and and maybe some pine. It is brightening up a bit as it settles. Interesting, it's now getting a soapy element. It has sharpened up dramatically. Ok, its flipping around again. This is a major morpher. I think there's some myrrh and perhaps a floral in there as well. It's now sweeter. The strong floral is coming more to the foreground. It has a floral finish.
  9. brownbat

    The Sun

    Hmm, citrus and woods? Some herby notes as well. It's turning sweeter, but still citrusy. Kind of like sweet tarts or smarties. As it settles the woody notes come out a bit, but they don't take over the sweet tart vibe.
  10. brownbat

    The Moon

    Sweet, light and gentle. Is there lotus in this? If my memory serves me right, this smells quite a bit like the celestial luna. As it dries the sweetness becomes stronger. It's a very lovely floral, but definitely not for me.
  11. brownbat

    The Tower

    Wow, I have no idea what's in this scent. It's herby and sweet. Somewhat watery. It's doing that sticky sweet kind of thing that dragon's blood does on me. Ultimately, too sweet for me!
  12. brownbat

    The Devil

    Bright, sharp and watery.There is something herby in the mix, and something kind of sweet as well. As it's drying a woody note is coming out, and it is mellowing out. As it dries further a medicinal/soapy note is coming into the mix. Now some spices are coming to the foreground. It finishes bitter/woody.
  13. brownbat

    Graveyard Dirt

    (I believe the imp I've tried is the Black Broom version) If you are a dirt sniffer, you are going to love this. This is the scent on your hands after spring planting. The scent of the forest floor when you get down on hands and knees to look at something closer and you get a deep whiff. This is the scent of gardening, mushroom hunts and rainy days slogging through the woods. It is more glorious then I imagined, and I'm going to have to find more of it. Soon
  14. brownbat


    Light, slightly sweet and watery. Very cool feeling and refreshing. Some sort of smooth, light floral. Very evocative of the meaning of the temperance card.
  15. brownbat


    Very grounding. I'm smelling patchouli I think. It's like the duff in the forest but with something a little more bitter and unsettling thrown in. I think the bitterness may be myrrh. It's doing that somewhat medicinal thing that myrrh does on me. It got more bitter as it dried down.