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  1. fairywingmaker


    Tart, I must have gotten the same batch! Cheers!!! Malibu Rum in the bottle, it's incredible. On my skin...chocolate peppermint, with a hint of coconut rum. I love this!!! Thank you for bringing this back for us to try.
  2. fairywingmaker


    Plum....creamy white florals. Oh this is so beautiful. The Bergamont and plum are really apparant on my skin. I'm waiting for the grapefruit, but it still hasn't materialized, even after the drydown. Very lovely scent!
  3. fairywingmaker


    Patchouli is very loud in this scent! But there is almost a piney scent that I'm catching! As this drys the orange blossom is coming out. It's toning down the patchouli, and the pine scent. The Carnation is the very last scent that I'm getting. It's very soft, and shows up when this has soaked into my skin. Very contrary, and lovely scent!
  4. fairywingmaker

    March Hare

    Oh! I like this one a lot! Juicy apricot...not tart for me. And the clove is incredible! Almost a mulled scent on my skin. Very yummy!
  5. fairywingmaker


    This is one of those oils that all the scents merge together, and nothing really takes over. It's musky, sweet, and earthy all at once. This has excellent staying power. I've taken a bath with this on, and I can still smell it. I Love this!
  6. fairywingmaker

    Cold Moon

    The Full Moon that shines over the frost-rimed heart of winter. Traditional lunar oils combined with glittering snow flowers, soft breezes and frozen ferns. Wet ~ this has that aquatic scent that Beth is wonderful at creating. There is a sweet floral just behind the aquatic notes. Dry ~ The floral has come to the top, and they are much stronger now. Sweet, like jasmine (i'm not sure what snow flowers smell like) There is definitely a green scent, and the aquatic notes that were much stronger when this was wet, have softened. It's almost a sense of smelling flowers in the fog. (I don't live where it snows, so I'm not sure how that would smell) This is a very beautiful blend....I'm always amazed at how gorgeous the Lunar oils are.
  7. fairywingmaker

    #20 Love Oil

    Herbal, Green, Rose, and maybe even carnation. I don't think it's regular rose though, because that always turns to powder immediately on my skin...so it may be a rose geranium. For some reason the little bit of spicieness in this scent (that many people have said is cinnamon) is smelling like carnation to me. I'm also smelling a musk after wearing this for awhile. This is interesting...and I think that I will keep it around for another try.
  8. fairywingmaker


    Rain water, salty, tiny touch of lemon/lime. I'm contantly amazed at how Beth can combine oils and come up with a feeling, a time, a place. This puts me at the beach right before the rain hits the sand. Incredibly beautiful!
  9. fairywingmaker


    OH MY GOSH! Why didn't I try this sooner! Ginger, lilies, and a little spicieness, just gorgeous. It took me a little while to smell the tart of the cranberry, and it just adds to this beautiful scent. I'm amazed, and in love with this scent! Thank you Beth, I'll be ordering a big bottle of Lampades!
  10. fairywingmaker


    This starts out smelling of Lemon Verbena to me. As time passes I can pick up the white tea, and the ginger. It's very soft, not sharp to me at all. Just a clean white scent. Very pretty!
  11. fairywingmaker

    Kuang Shi

    Wow, people got such a range of reactions to this scent. And very different from my vial. Very soft mandarin/mango scent. It's sweet but not overly sweet. The white musk give the sweetness just a little twist, which I'm loving. The sandalwood hasn't come up for me yet. This is such a lovely scent! Another scent I would wear in the spring or summer.
  12. fairywingmaker


    Wet on my skin this starts out as a very Woodsy scent, accented by deep dark red rose. Then as it dries the Frankincense starts to emerge along with the sweetness of lily. This one scared me! I thought it was going to be too deep, dark, and masculine, then it becomes light and beautiful. The rose part of this is beautiful (and I do not wear rose as a rule, as it always turns to powder on me.) There is an almost lemony touch to this after it's completely dried. I'm blown away by this scent.
  13. fairywingmaker


    MMMmmmm.....plummy, soft floral, touch of jasmine....not sure I can find the white musk. This is so beautiful. A very girly scent. Another that would be wonderful as a spring or summer scent. Light and soft!
  14. fairywingmaker


    I'm with Lorajc, I absolutely LOVE the Cinnamon scents. This is gorgeous. I can smell the almond in the vial, but it's all about the cinnamon when it goes on my skin. Luckily cinnamon does not burn my skin. If you tend to have really sensitive skin, I would recommend that you use a scent locket for this one.
  15. fairywingmaker


    The White Peach is so soft and lovely! I'm a lover of patchouli, and this coupled with the musk give the Peach a spicey, heady, interesting twist. I don't find this cloying at all. Although it does have lasting power. I don't tend to slather at all, and a small amount lasted me all day. This will be a favorite!