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    Officially virgo, but I say that's a lie!
  1. Jenmaha


    Beth, you truly are an inspired Goddess. Ok, I know this is Vinland, not Finland...but that's what I got when I smelled this. Cold and crisp, but somehow, at the same time, it smelled warm...as though there was a lovely fireplace burning. And over it all, the wonderful, spicy warm scent of cardamom (well, to my untrained nose, at least!)...which spices breads and cookies and pastries there, and is part of the scent experience I remember. I honestly think this is my favorite scent so far...it's beautiful.
  2. Jenmaha

    Mata Hari

    Weird. I put this on, and I instantly am overpowered by the same pissy note that ruined Puck for me. I'm sure there are other lovely notes, but I was too occupied by that to notice. So, I scrubbed off what I could, and slapped some Djinn on to cover up the rest...and what do I get? The most lovely, soft, smoky, candley floral in the world! Mata Hari by itself? Mata Hari + Djinn?
  3. Jenmaha

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    Yes! I think Old Sybaris is *just* like violets and chocolate!!!! Yum!!!!
  4. Jenmaha

    How to remove scents from your skin

    I'm the silly, Feline. When I first tried O, couldn't stand it, and desperately tried tequila to get it off (had heard the whole alcohol gets it off thing) Didn't work, so I settled for drinking it instead.
  5. Jenmaha

    Black Phoenix

    At first sniff, I get strong but nice maraschino cherries....then it softens into something sweet and wonderful......until.....I got dressed. For some bizarre reason, Black Phoenix clashed with the normal clean clothes smell of my just washed shirt, and turned into..... NAIL POLISH REMOVER! I totally blame the laundry soap, but now I have a killer headache. Of course, I can remember the wonderfulness that Black Phoenix really is when I sniff my untainted by laundry soap wrists, but the rest? Oh well. It'll just have to be a skin only scent.
  6. Jenmaha


    Well, when I first opened up the imp and smelled it, I was totally turned off. It was way too strong, and too mingled to be able to tell what was going on. A couple of weeks later, I decided to try it out again, and LOVE at second sniff!!!! The apricot is slightly sweet, and dry, and the patchouli is amazing. Normally, I'm not a big patchouli fan....it's too overpowering and gives me headaches. This, though, is lovely. It smells like wonderful old wood in the sun...warm and dry and earthy and spicy all at once, not to mention very clean. I feel sensual, but not slutty, sweet but not cloying, clean but not cold.....SIGH!!!
  7. Jenmaha

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    Ok, I'm a dork for Arabic, but Scheherazade would be better pronounced like this 'Sheh-reh-zad' Actually vocalizing the 'h's' But, like I said, I'm a dork, and not many non-speakers will pronounce it this way. And actually, blush blush ....there is no 'proper' spelling for this name. It's transliterated, and the real Arabic spelling includes letters that aren't even in the English language....this happens all the time, and it's sort of a grab bag for changing words and proper names into English...For example, I've seen Al Jazeera, Al Jazira, Al Jazirah, Al Jazeerah....and to be honest, all of them are equally correct.....so, there's a lot of ways Scheherazade could be spelled, and most of them are just fine.
  8. Jenmaha


    The pear was lovely while it lasted, but it quickly faded and left me with a soapy/bactaid kind of smell. Too bad, it started out beautifully.
  9. Jenmaha


    Wow. I've never smelled a perfume like this...it's honestly bizarre, but in a very good way. I get old, cold, crumbly, dirt from this, with a very dusty rose. It's very alluring, but strangely...I can't tell if I want to smell like this or not, even though I like it so much.
  10. Jenmaha


    I LOVE this!!!!!! Normally, I like rose, but no big deal...this, however, is absolutely gorgeous. It's rosy without being powdery or wet....just beautiful.
  11. Jenmaha

    Snake Oil

    I put this on my husband, and it's wonderful...spicy, sweet, and a heavy tobacco note, which I love.
  12. Jenmaha


    I smell something floral/fruity here as well, but it's a very vague topnote to me....underneath, I smell something sharp and almost bitter...not in a bad way, though...it suits the scent perfectly. O smells dirty to me, and I love it. On Dry - Ok, I'm having bad luck body chemistry, I guess. O when dry has turned into a weirdly headache and nasuea inducing scent....I can't stand it. I'm so sad!!
  13. Jenmaha


    Well, I'm sad to say I'm a little disappointed with this....my favorite mainstream perfume is Babydoll by YSL, and I was expecting something a little similar....but Persephone is just baby powder on my skin...and I'm not a big fan of powder. I can smell the rose, but it seems masked in baby powder.
  14. Jenmaha

    Astrology Recommendations

    How do you find out what your moon sign is? My birthday is September 9, 1978. I guess that makes me a virgo, but I've never really identified that much with it.