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  1. Lunameth

    Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning

    This is a subtle dry peach rooibos. Very close to the skin on me, but I'm testing alongside things like The Wellerman so that might not be helping! I think this will be lovely on warm days.
  2. Lunameth

    The Orange Window Hair Gloss

    Loving this! Put it on wet hair and it's still fairly strong 24 hours later. I get a waft of orange and what reminds me of the Lab's dry booze note (like gin and champagne without the fizz), which I adore. Hint of soft wildflower honey, and this is something I want in perfume form as well!
  3. Lunameth

    Valuable, Powerful, Deserving

    I tried this after leaving it a day, and there was a distinctive 'green' note that I wasn't expecting. It stayed through most of the dry down and I was disappointed it wasn't sweeter. I decided to try again in a week to see if anything changed, and here I am today with this beautifully sweet, golden, vanilla amber, and it actually reminds me of a lighter Snake Oil.
  4. Lunameth

    Snowball Fight

    I have a decant of this, and it has that beautiful snow and fir note that I love! Smells VERY similar to another BPAL with these notes, but I can't remember which. It's a touch vanilla-y, but I don't really get any ice-cream from it. Unsure if this is a good thing or not, as sometimes that kind of scent can just be too much on me. But on me, chilly sweet snow and fir trees.
  5. Lunameth

    Eve's Big Apple VI

    I think this is my new favourite scent! In the bottle I could smell this quite strong spiced sugar cane note with apple and a bit of apricot. It doesn't change too much on me from wet to dry, which I'm glad about, just blends and becomes this wonderful slightly spiced sugared marshmallow fruit. Ugh I love it. The marshmallow is light and fluffy, the sugar cane is slightly spicy (but not like cinnamon, which I was worried about, just... I don't know, spiced / baked kinda scent, but not?), and it seems to be a fairly even mix of sugared apple and apricot. I don't find this too foody at all, nor candy-sweet.
  6. Lunameth

    Solstice Lace

    This is a beautiful fall scent, it reminds me of Bonfire Night and Devil's Night, because on me the incense, bonfire, and tobacco all amp, and it's all rounded off with the beautiful vanilla lace and hint of apple sweetness. Too good! I'm hoping the apple comes out more with rest and age, but honestly it's lovely as it is so I would be happy just layering it with another apple scent
  7. Lunameth

    Strawberry Moon 2017

    This is sweet, delicious vanilla strawberries with a background of a summer meadow. I've been after a perfect strawberry scent for a while now and this is pretty much there. It could have done with being a little less candy-like and a bit more actual fresh strawberries to be utterly perfect, but as it is I LOVE it! Had it on 11 hours so far and still going strong. So happy I got a bottle!
  8. Lunameth

    Horn of Plenty

    Wet, this starts off like really spicy Dr Pepper. It goes through a bit of a scent journey, where I get cherry and almond and spices from the Dr P, then peanuts, then it gets smokey, vanilla comes through, goes a little powdery, and then later.... is that vetiver? Usually vetiver is a death note for me, but here it's just grounding. Overally, this is a slightly spicy, slightly woody Dr Pepper. I really like it! (There is something else there that I feel I should know, almost like the Lab's snow note, or their lovely fir note. *Something* that reminds me of Yule blends.)
  9. Lunameth


    Even with the leather, I had to get this, I love the idea behind it! It starts off as a gorgeous chocolate with 'something'. It almost reminds me of the thick chocolate and banana milkshakes I (very rarely any more because TOO GOOD) make, and it's not banana but that's the feel I get from it. Then the chocolate fades back and the leather really comes out, and it's quite strong but still very soft and cosy. The beeswax is there, and a hint of musty book pages, and this beautiful soft leather with chocolate.... It really is, as Freyasfae said above, like reading an old leather-bound book whilst eating chocolates. Lovely <3
  10. Lunameth

    I Too Beneath Your Moon

    This started out amazing. Wet, it was every note and was a bit of a jumble, but as it dried it turned to this amazing creamy lavender, with a bright freshness from the bergamot and apple. The apple was more like apple blossom, and it was all lovely. Then about an hour later, if not less, it was just vanilla cake, the musty vanilla cake I get in Eat Me. So very, very sad If it got to this stage after a few hours I wouldn't mind, but within an hour is just too short.
  11. Lunameth


    I get an almost anise-type note from this, and I wonder if it's the tea blending with the leather. I had a similar reaction to Tea and Music, which also has black tea and leather in. It starts off quite sharp on me, but does smooth out, and the suede leather isn't overpowering at all. However.... it's anise, pretty much all I can smell :/ Eventually, after an hour or so, I get a faint whiff of coconut.
  12. Lunameth

    Chocolate Slush

    I loooooove the Lab's snow note, and on me this is a softly-flavoured chocolate snow. The chocolate doesn't dominate, it's just another note alongside whatever makes up the snow note. It's beautiful, cold snow with a soft chocolate scent.
  13. Lunameth

    The Knave of Hearts

    This was a frimp but one I've been wanting to try for a while, so I was really pleased to get it! Bit nervous about the rose because it tends to dominate on me. In the imp and wet this was buttery pastry and tart juicy blackberries. The rose then comes out but it's not a fresh cut rose, it's rose flavouring, like syrup. It's quite discordant at this point with all three notes vying for attention. As it dries down the notes all blend together and the pastry takes a step back, becoming a bit less foody to me. The tart blackberries and rose syrup are at the top and it's lovely. This is dark and juicy and slightly buttery, love it! EDIT: After a while this goes back to smelling how it did when wet, like a Christmas mince pie with added rose flavouring! Still really love it!
  14. Lunameth

    The Twelfth

    I am so sad, this ends up smelling nothing like it does in the bottle, which is all foam banana sweets and cheap vanilla ice-cream. On, the cake note comes out, the banana fades back, and then as zankoku_zen said, it goes to vanilla plastic. Really disappointed, it smelled so fun in the bottle
  15. Lunameth


    Gorgeous spicy vanilla bubblegum in the decant. Alas, the sweets fade away and this is just SO with a touch of sweetness and lavender. The whole thing is very close to the skin, too close, sadly.