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  1. ChesterCopperpot

    The Lady of Shalott

    Smells like roses and gardenia in the imp, but on my skin it is almost exactly the scent I remember from that book "Pat the Bunny" from my youth! Crazy how some scents stick with you. I like it. On me it stays the same the whole time: floral pat the bunny.
  2. ChesterCopperpot

    Peach, Peach Blossom, Apricot, Nectarines

    Katharina to me smells like straight-up Jolly Rancher peach candies. Once it's dry on me, the musk comes out, but it's still got a ton of apricot/peach scent. I love it! Aglaea also has a strong peach scent, but not nearly as strong as Katharina on me. It also is mixed with other scents that I can't figure out. Still smells fabulous, but Katharina is my favorite peachy scent by far! I'll be ordering a whole vial soon!
  3. ChesterCopperpot

    Schrodinger's Cat

    A paradoxical scent experiment! - tangerine, sugared lime, pink grapefruit, oakmoss, lavender, zdravetz, and chocolate peppermint. I'm a big cat lover (and a fan of fruity scents), so I had to get an imp of this. In the imp: Straight-up citrus. Almost pinesol. Scared me a bit. Wet: Much better. Can smell the lime and grapefruit with a hint of sugar. Very fun! Dry: Dries down to a light citrus with a tiny bit of chocolate. Really great overall! Edited to add description quotation.
  4. ChesterCopperpot

    The Apple of Sodom

    In the imp: Bam. Strong apple scent. Wet: Green apple (though not like a fake jolly rancher green apple. An apple straight from an orchard), slight spice (cinnamon), Dry: Still very appley, but now there's the slightest hint of baby powder at the end of the scent. I don't like baby powder, but it's so faint and the apple is still strong, so I don't mind it. A fabulous apple scent!
  5. ChesterCopperpot


    I got this as a frimp and I'm in love with it! My name is Kate, so maybe that's why the lab threw it in. In the imp: strong apricot/peach. Wet: the apricot is still the dominant note, but the musk comes out strongly too Dry: stayed strong for hours. Didn't change much. A lovely and sweet apricot and musk scent!
  6. ChesterCopperpot

    Dana O'Shee

    I got this as a frimp with my first BPAL order and I love it! I'll be getting a full bottle of this stuff for sure! In the imp: Straight-up almond extract. Smells like I could be making cookies with this! Wet: Still very almond-y, but the vanilla comes out of hiding now. Dry: After it has dried, it smells like the vanilla frosting that you put on cinnamon buns. Very sweet and vanilla. Loses all of the almond scent for me, but that's alright. It becomes faint on me fairly quickly, but it lasted all day, just stayed fairly close to my wrists. My favorite foody scent (and I love foody scents)!
  7. ChesterCopperpot

    Miskatonic University

    This is the first sent that I've gotten from Black Phoenix and it has lived up to the hype! I can't believe that it actually smells like dusty old books! In the imp: sweet coffee Wet: sugary coffee with a hint of dustiness. Dry: barely any coffee scent now, but the distinct scent of dusty books! I can't believe it! It takes me back to studying out of old tomes in my college library.