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  1. Zilla

    Strawberry Moon 2012

    From the bottle, I wanted to eat it. It reminded me of my favorite strawberry lip gloss from when I was a kid. Delish. First on, it retained the sweet strawberry scent and then as it dried out, more of the other notes came in. A few hours later and this morning (this was applied yesterday afternoon) it mellowed out to a light green scent. Like when you rub a green leaf between your fingers. Very fresh and light. I like it a lot. Perfect summery scent.
  2. Zilla

    Newbie Lunacy Full Moon BPAL FAQs

    I'm glad they were able to fix the error for you. The Lab has pretty superb staff, they're wonderful to work with in any experience I've had, and have heard the same from everyone else. They do a lot of hard work, and have wonderful customer service, which is one of the MANY reasons I still love the Lab And especially being MY error which is what makes it even more courteous in my eyes.
  3. Zilla

    Newbie Lunacy Full Moon BPAL FAQs

    I got an email from customer service and they are super nice! My order will be shipped soon but wanted to say that it's refreshing to have such professional and courteous people behind the BPAL name.
  4. Zilla

    Newbie Lunacy Full Moon BPAL FAQs

    Ooh thank you! Okay so any ending in Moon or Lunancy will only be available for 72 hours?
  5. Hi everyone, I placed 2 orders for a set of imps from BPAL a few weeks ago and I think I made a mistake. I put among my requested scents, Strawberry Moon as I saw on the main Lab site that it's live on May 3rd. (this was shortly after) Then I joined this forum and saw a few Wanted posts on it. Was this a Limited Edition that is no longer available? I don't mind them swapping out a random scent as I wanted to try a variety anyhow. But can someone tell me what it is about Strawberry Moon and how it works? I also ordered Dragon Moon, will that also be swapped out?