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  1. whimsitini

    Tomoe Gozen

    It's funny. I was really excited about getting my decants a couple of years ago and then I just set them aside. It is really warm and sweet, but unless berry is the dominant note, I never get much of it. For me the red current and pink pepper hang on for dear life. It's a nice sweet but slightly spicy scent. Saving this for cooler months.
  2. whimsitini

    Sugar Skull

    My mother, who has classified my BPAL collection as bizarre, (She likes some of the scents on me. But was pretty shocked by the volume I tried.) actually had a pretty nice description of Sugar Skull. It smells like a stone passage way that hasn't been opened in a long time. Not musty, but something fruity in the air. Wet: Really strong sugar smell and more fruit that I remembered from previous versions. Great because I don't really like smokey notes. Dry: Still pretty sugary. After a few days it rather loses the potency and reminds me of maple syrup, although that could just be me getting used to the smell. My favorite fall scent.
  3. whimsitini

    March Hare

    I have had a Proustian longing for March Hare over the past couple of months. Absolutely had to have it and scoured sales lists for it. In fact I even thought about purchasing a bottle because I convinced myself that my wee imp would be gone by the next day. And then, the longed for imp arrived. Wet: Spicy apricot. Reminds me of Christmas at my Grandmothers. She had these clove sachets that she hung around the house and the scent clung to the box. Dry down: Apricot note becoming more prominent over the clove. Still a spicy fruit though. Probably won't need the bottle but will keep an imp around. Later: I, I smell like rutabaga. What on earth happened?
  4. whimsitini

    Eat Me

    Add me to the list of people who wouldn't know a current if it bit them, but I love Eat Me. It is cake. And vanilla. And Cake. And yummy. And cake. Why have I not ordered this before now? And did I mention that my arm smells like cake? Or that I really like cake?
  5. whimsitini


    Really strange reaction. All those reviews of what a wonderfully strong spicy sweet smell this is made me really excited for Chimera. The reality? In the imp: faint cinnamon On the wand: faint cinnamon On me: *deep inhale* cinnamon? Oh well. Have to stick with GP for my spicy sweet.
  6. whimsitini


    A little bit of background. This was one of the first scents I ordered from the Lab way back when and I remember not liking it, but not the reason why I didn't like it. I've been on a fruit kick lately so I thought I'd give it another go. Wet: Miscellaneous sweet and soap. Dry: Soap. Ah yes. Rose my mortal enemy.
  7. whimsitini

    Zarita, the Doll Girl (2006)

    Wet: Carnation and orange blossom. It's a little sweet...sugared cream now coming in more strongly. If you've smelled fresh carnations, there's that touch of green. Dry Down: Very sweet but not the nauseating sweet that I usually get from orange blossom. A keeper.
  8. whimsitini

    Rose Moon

    I rarely have a good experience with BPAL rose. The tend to overpower me. This one is a bit different. There is still the standard "rose" smell but it lightens quickly, however I can't identify any notes other than "floral". Dry down: Lemon peel and faint patchouli. Nice to find a rose that doesn't amp but over all it's not a very me scent.
  9. whimsitini

    April Fool

    Hmm, parsley on the wand. Wet: Parsley and tangerine. Sweet but with a bitter undertone. Dry down: Sweetness from tangerine and lemon blossom are more prevalent but the bitterness is still there. Ends up as a sweet scent when the rose kicks in. However it is very very faint and because each note tends to come one at a time I never really get a full impression.
  10. whimsitini

    Rangoon Riptide

    This one seems quite a bit flatter than the others. Passion fruit I think, with some raspberry. There's a slightly sweet undertone but overall very muted.
  11. whimsitini

    Golden Wave

    Guava? And a smell that I don't recognize but it tends to show up a couple of times in testing other oils so I think that is the passion fruit. Tonic? Nope, that's gin. Gin and I are friends. Well, not so much friends as I can't get rid of her. Dry down: Just gin. I think I'll retry most these throughout the week because I'm really not getting the fruitiness that everyone else is.
  12. whimsitini

    Blue Fire

    ...I just opened an ice cream bar. How am I supposed to open an imp? Okay, blueberry and lemongrass. Expecting lemongrass to amp like crazy. Gin, which seems to be the most prevalent alcohol on me. I'm pretty sure I could identify gin across the room and thus develop my reputation as an alcoholic. Dry down: Mostly gin and a little of the blueberry and lemongrass. Enjoyable but not my favorite. If I want to smell just like gin I'd wear 21.
  13. whimsitini

    Upa Upa

    Stream of Conscious: Oh yummy yummy yummy! Everything together. Want to eat my arm. On skin: Sweet and spicy from fruit and rum. Vanilla acting as a bonding agent. Drydown: Rum is now more prominent than the other notes. This is the best of all the Tikis that I've tried. I'm going to have a hard time telling myself not to buy a bottle of this.
  14. whimsitini

    Screeching Parrot

    For the record I have the worst history with grapefruit but I always insist on trying whatever comes out. So, initially nothing but grapefruit and then possibly a bit of the apricot liquor and pineapple. Drying down I'm getting the rum/ginger and what I think is brandy. I've never been near brandy in my life but this is exactly what I think it would smell like. Dry basically just the apricot and later just the brandy, very faint. None of the Tikis seems to be very long lasting on me.
  15. whimsitini


    Warm but sharp, which is always how I find orchid. I like it but not going to need a lot of it because it reminds me so much of Siren.