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    I'm a sucker for delicious perfume: vanilla, strawberry, sugar, cake. Other favorites include incense, resins, and tea. A few favorites: Sugar Skull '05, All Souls, Butter Rum Cookie, Hollywood Babylon, Fae. Interested in trying: Anything in Marchen, Stardust, and the Atomic Luau Lounge; other oils I've missed by being too busy for BPAL in 2008-2010.

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  1. Precis

    Yule Scents 2010

    I've only tried a couple so it's hardly like I can compare the lot but regarding warmer weather scents, sugar plum fairy makes me think of flowering trees and spring on the cusp of summer. Also, fruit loops.
  2. Oh heehee, that's a cute idea. I might have to nab it I'm thinking maybe Red Lantern (or Miska U!) for da movie and then Blue Moon for the next book. Not that I'll remember this in a month. (I preordered with Amazon! )
  3. Precis

    Cancer 2007

    My first impression of Cancer, on my wrist but from a bit of a distance, is that it's light and sporty and encased in a cocoon of water. Up close it smells lighter and more pillowy and I can almost detect something like cotton up close (probably the sweet pea or chamomile?) As it dries I am getting more and more of the pear, with the rest of the notes weaving into a sweet, aquatic incense smell behind it. I can't decide if I like this or dislike it, it's crazy. It's upbeat and nice for summer, but it reminds me of a scent you would find in a mall's bath and body works/body shop/victoria's secret garden products section as if it were a soap or lotion.
  4. Precis


    Hemlock is a GREEN oil, which is super cool, but it smells like nail polish remover and hydrogen peroxide and stuff, which is not.
  5. Precis


    Twenty-One is clean, crisp juniper! I actually could not place "juniper" as a note and I did not know gin was made from juniper but after asking around ("HEY SMELL MY WRIST TELL ME WHAT THIS IS") and being informed that it was junipery, it all made sense. I did not think I would want to smell like a martini but I got this as a frimp from the lab and it's different, but nice. It's a swank scent, though it does flirt with pine-sol smell without ever delving into that arena, and I like it. Perfect for nights~
  6. Precis


    Ginger never works on me but I just had to try the famous Shub-Niggurath! Wet: I can make out the most gorgeous and amazing spices in this blend... underneath two tons of pencil shavings ginger. To be precise, a test run with Shub sounds something like "oh BLAHghh-- wait! It smells PERFECTLY like gingerbread cookies-- NO THE PENCIL SHAVINGS ARE BACK AGHG--now it's spices and ginger--AGHGHGH" etc etc. It comes and goes. One of the good flashes of smell I get from this is, as another poster noted, exactly like delicious pumpkin bread! Dry: Subtle, warm, spicy, and more consistent. The nastyginger note is still there but it's completely tolerable and I barely notice it. I can't decide if I can put up with the wet stage long enough to ever wear this.
  7. Precis


    On me, Swank does not morph much from application to drydown, except the edge is tempered and the pomegranate really grows. The juniper is a perfect companion to the pomegranate, keeping it sharp and exciting! I love the crisp effect that results from this blend so much that I need to find more opportunities to wear it. I also should note that it doesn't strike me as so boozy that you have to avoid it so you don't smell like a lush or anything. Just tarty and playful and fun! (EXCEPT: depending on the time of the month, super juicy fruits can turn gross sometimes, so a note of caution!)
  8. Precis


    For some reason, my first impression of Bliss was exactly the scent of a milk chocolate bar, bottle to drydown. Upon further testing, I sometimes get the richer, warmer smell of hot cocoa. It's all great, but it makes me want to lick my wrist so I think I need to stick to foody oils that smell at least a little less than perfectly edible. The imp will be kept around for layering purposes.
  9. Precis


    I love the name Luilekkerland, I love the simplicity of the listed notes, and I love the oil Cockaigne to death. In the imp it is identical to Gluttony for me, buttery, nutty, and brownie-esque. On, the ovewhelming buttery scent lightens and the cake and wine notes appear. It's luscious and cakey in a yummier way than Beaver Moon, and it's less heady and spicier than Haloa. As a matter of fact, Cockaigne seems more fitted to the winter holiday season for its spicy edge. The throw is extra spicy for me and while I get a noseful of luscious cakey foods when I am right against my arm, the smell I get when it just wafts out is completely Christmas spice. Another bonus is that it seems like it wouldn't be too cloying and sugar encrusted for innocent bystanders who have to smell me when I am out and about (as the other foody scents I love may be ). I want a bottle of this so I can stretch Haloa longer. I love the fact that this is GC.
  10. Precis

    Dragon's Bone

    In the imp, Dragon's Bone is straight sandalwood. Wet, it smells like nothing so much as the smell my mom and grandmother's old perfumes become after decades of disuse. This is only so for a minute, but it's bizarre! Dry, early: I get just a hint of dragon's blood amid a very dry dusty smelling perfume. It reminds me of the beach! Small little gardens in the front yards of beachside property. There's just a hint of sweetness and something that smells like sunscreen (the beach!). I like my dragon's blood stronger than that, tho... Dry, later: SOAP.
  11. Precis


    In the bottle, Utrennyaya is a bag of mint tea! Applied, wet, it's a cup of mint tea! It almost smells like chamomile is in there somewhere but this may be due to my mental bias interpreting it in terms of tea. As it dries, more flowers unfold, notably the violet. It seems to be one of those light scents that disappears into the ether after an hour or two. Verdict: very very nice, but I prefer Dorian for tea perfume.
  12. Yipe! Reading comprehension problems, sorry about that and thank you thank you both for the help
  13. I hope this is the appropriate place to ask... I placed an order on 3/25 for six imps and four bottles (it went through and everything, too, I'm sure -- I got the confirmation email and I've been charged for the order already), but the address to which the order will be shipped is on-campus housing, which I'll be leaving within a week. It was pretty short-sighted of me to use this address instead of my summer one, but I've been doing it all year so I put it down without thinking. Could I still email ted at blackphoenixalchemylab to have the destination address changed if the order has not shipped at this time? I ask because this post was made in 2004 so this may no longer be the protocol... The website's FAQ seems to imply that I should instead direct this sort of question to answers at blackphoenixalchemylab? Thank you for your assistance, anyone who happens to know
  14. Precis

    Where is this scent?

    I got a huge lot of imps from eBay, two of which were missing labels, and I knew that one was Marie the instant I sniffed it (and the fact it was clear like the labeled imp of Marie I had tried confirmed it in my mind). As for the other, I have no clue; but it isn't a scent to die for that I absolutely must start hoarding immediately so it's no GREAT loss. I guess if your unlabeled imp isn't familiar enough that you know by heart and you can't do a side-by-side comparison with another, it will have to remain a mystery unless you feel like nabbing another imp of the suspected culprit, won't it? (admittedly, I don't know if TAL offers imps...)
  15. I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for (I haven't smelled Gennivre) but Lick It Again is incredibly pepperminty and live until February.