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  1. Angel Spirit Girl

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    LARP means live action role play. There are a number of scents that might be good for an elf. There is Elf and Half Elf in the RPG section, and Fae, Dana 'o shee, the Forest Reverie, La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente, Leanan Sidhe, and Veil in Bewitching Brews, Belle Vinu and Egle, Rapunzel, and Vasilissa in Marchen, and also The Lilac Wood, The Last Unicorn, The Butterfly, Magic Do As You Will, The King's Daughter, and Lady Amalthea in The Last Unicorn section.
  2. Angel Spirit Girl


    Urgh! I do not like the soil note in this scent. However, it fades after about half an hour and leaves the nice rose note alone. I don't want to go through all that just to get the rose note, though.
  3. Angel Spirit Girl

    Jezirat Al Tennyn

    The Dragon’s Isle: smoke and fire, earth and wind. The rage of the elements blasting over a primordial paradise. Ugh! It has that same rotting vegetation scent in it that is in Penny Dreadful as well.
  4. Angel Spirit Girl


    Yumm! This smells like when I have rubbed my piece of sugared amber on me.
  5. Angel Spirit Girl

    Water of Notre Dame

    This is a yummy clear water and white petals scent. It is a new favorite.
  6. Angel Spirit Girl

    Santa Muerte

    This is a new delight that I have found. I love rose notes and this drys to a lovely honey rose.
  7. Angel Spirit Girl

    Penny Dreadful

    It smells like rotten spinach on me. Yuck!
  8. Angel Spirit Girl

    White Rabbit

    This smells like a sprig of thyme or marjoram or an herb like that on me. Disappoint.
  9. Angel Spirit Girl

    Drink Me

    I feel like I am choking on a caramel when I sniff where I have this on. No thank you.
  10. Angel Spirit Girl

    Dove's Heart

    At first it reminded me of just generic department store perfume. Then, after reading some reviews here, I realized that what it smells of is violets -- specifically violet dusting powder. It had a very comforting and wistful aura, but it is not to my taste.
  11. Angel Spirit Girl

    Halp! Recommendations for an absolute Newbie

    The White Rabbit is Tea and Vanilla. Other Tea Party section scents have them included as well. Snake Oil is very popular, and so is O. They both have vanilla in them I believe.
  12. Angel Spirit Girl

    Newbie Lunacy Full Moon BPAL FAQs

    They are for the Full Moon of that month, so another Moon Lunacy is coming up in about a week.