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  1. JonesRE

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    First of all, it was not until a year ago that I became interested in perfume/cologne (whatever). Before that, if I ever wore a scent, it was Old Spice. So I'm new at this man-stink thing. I've spent the last six months testing many imps... as well as a few full-sized bottles whose notes compelled me to buy them on spec. So far my all-time favorites are: Silas Ruthyn (dark, smoky, with a hint of sweetness [from the tonka?]...who would have thought opium tar could smell so good?) Dracul (there's something about the mint and the cumin [of all things]... that makes me keep coming back) Satyr (it's a weird, sweet/pungent/sweaty/animal smell that mellows out after about 30 minutes, I find myself huffing my wrist like a girl) Old Demons of the First Class (I don't know how to describe this, but I like it) Morocco (like snake oil, with a twist) I also really like: Titus Andronicus Vicomte de Valmont (there's an astringent quality about this... my wife says it's the closest of the bunch to "commercial" scents) Old Scratch (this is aging really well) Hellfire Casanova (refined masculinity) Fenris Wolf