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  1. karykeion

    A Grievous Swarm

    In the decant: Ooh, I hope this works out. I've heard horror stories about vetiver, so I'm nervous, but I like it a lot. On me, wet: CARDAMOM AND PEPPER AND SMOKE YES HELLO. This is mostly cardamom on me with some tobacco and pepper; I'm not sure I'm getting a whole lot of vetiver. ...Oh, there's the vetiver, I found it. Yeah, vetiver is definitely what made me think The Balcony smelled a little like wet dog, but without the florals, I think it works better. It's walking the line between deliciously spicy-smoky and "nope" as it dries down. It's kind of like wearing a fire. I LOVE it. On me, dry: Yep, still love it. Probably not going to wear it enough to warrant a bottle, but definitely finishing the decant.
  2. karykeion

    They Shall Eate the Residue of that which is Escaped

    In the decant: Light, green, and minty. OK, I'll go with it. On me, wet: My first thought is, WOW that's got some throw, and that throw is MINTY FRESH. The vanilla comes out after a while, though, and tempers the green-ness and mint so it doesn't smell so much like high-end toothpaste. Also, I'm getting the wood and sage now. I'm liking this a lot more as it dries down, I'm just not sure WHEN I'd wear it. ...And after about half an hour it becomes The Vanilla Show and pretty much turns, straight up, to baby powder. You know, maybe my skin just wants vanilla to turn into baby powder. On me, dry: Nope, don't think so. It was really interesting right at the beginning, but then, baby powder 100%. Dang it.
  3. karykeion

    Fire Mingled with the Haile

    In the decant: Ooooh, this has the rain/storm notes from Oceanus Procellarum, but there's a warmth to it! I love Oceanus Procellarum and I'm so excited. On me, wet: Oh no, that's really soapy. Procellarum doesn't go soapy on me, but at first this pretty much smells like stormy air and cleaning products. And it isn't getting better at all. On me, dry: I didn't find out because I washed it off. No length of time smelling that much like Windex was worth whatever it would have dried down to. I'm really disappointed, but at least I have About Midnight.
  4. karykeion

    About Midnight

    In the decant: Vanilla and wood. It's classy and I like it. On me, wet: Everything rather abruptly takes a backset to the vanilla. It's kind of the vanilla show right after it goes on with some interesting cedar backup. In retrospect, I think I actually like cedar--this reminds me of Cordelia. The cedar backs off and the sandalwood comes in after, I think, but the vanilla is still loudest. Frankincense picks up around the same time and, like...I really like this. It's very vanilla, but not too foody. The woods balance it out very nicely. On me, dry: Vanillic wood with frankincense. I'm not quite sure I like it on me, but it's really stunning as a perfume. It's getting a full test soon.
  5. karykeion

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    No amber or honey in this one to turn to powder or weird nonsense on me! Let's see how it goes. In the decant: Cherry-sweet almond blossom, a bit of vanilla, and something soft in the background that I assume must be the mimosa. Also, turns out I like mimosa! On me, wet: The vanilla cream pops out more, and the cherry blossom and mimosa mix together better. This turns about ninety percent vanilla cream right after it goes on, and I think this is one of the cutest things I've ever tested. It's so sweet and soft! Also, mimosa is an interesting floral--I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it because I'm not actually sure I've ever smelled a mimosa, but I like it fine, and it tempers the cherryish smell of the almond blossom really well, I think. On me, dry: Vanilla cream and mimosa; the almond blossom is mostly gone. It's very cute, but a little powdery. I like it fine.
  6. karykeion

    Startled Toad

    In the decant: ...Delicious sweet potato pie? This is odd. I can pick out the vanilla, patchouli, lemongrass, and coconut on their own, but all together, that's definitely some kind of autumn pie, like sweet potato or particularly spicy pumpkin pie. On me, wet: Patchouli and lemongrass come out REAL fast, and it's mostly those two and vanilla and maybe a little coconut, which is super interesting! I'm glad this isn't that one coconut note from Body, Remember and Lovers and a Fan that turns into plastic on me. This smells like the same patchouli that's in Vixen, actually, and I'm kind of excited to see how it dries. On me, dry: I really like this. It's mostly lemongrass, amber, patchouli, and coconut with not a whole lot of vanilla, and it kind of just remind me of what I liked about Ivory vulva. It's got decent throw and it's salty-spicy and just a little bit sweet. Definitely using up the decant, if not getting a bottle.
  7. karykeion

    Aristocratic Couple

    I'm really excited about this fruit + cardamom combo after Venus Obsequens. In the decant: A veritable army of apricots. On me, wet: Apricot and...smoky? Maybe that's cardamom? Soft apricot and cardamom. I think I was expecting this to be spicer, but I like it fine. On me, dry: Okay, well, this is weird. It smells like...dusty apricots. I'm getting the apricot and the cardamom, and they're good, but there's something else in here that isn't playing nicely. I assume it's the bourbon vanilla, but it doesn't really smell like bourbon or vanilla to me, so i'm not sure what's going on here. It's a soft, unobtrusive apricot scent, and I feel kind of "eh" about it. Probably going to give this another go, since Lovers and a Fan was really odd this afternoon too and I think I'm just having a weird skin day, but I don't really think it'll be my favorite.
  8. karykeion

    Lovers and a Fan

    Let's play Will This Honey Turn To Powder On MJ. In the decant: ...I actually don't know that I'm a fan, pun totally 100% intended. I can see how there's coconut and saffron in here, but it just kind of smells like plastic to me. On me, wet: It kind of smells like nail polish. Oh dear. Like, I can see that there is coconut in here, but...nail polish. Then again, that's how I felt about Body Remember, which I guess means that they share the same coconut note and that coconut note does not like me at all. It's not turning to powder, though, so...there's that. On me, dry: Okay, well, it stopped smelling so horrible, but I think I'm just destined not to be friends with this one coconut note. The honey doesn't turn to powder, though, which is nice. I'm going to give this another test because I think my skin is being weird today, but as it stands, I don't think so.
  9. karykeion

    Venus Obsequens

    This totally caught me off guard with how much I love it. It's so unlike anything else I wear and it's SO pretty in the decant--I kind of sniffed everything right away when the order came without really looking at the labels, and when i got to this one, it was like "Holy crap, what is THAT?" So, it's getting a quick test before my friend's bachelorette party. In the decant: IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, THERE WAS APPLE IN THIS, YES, APPLE, HELLO and also fruity-spicy. I liiiiiiike iiiiiiit. On me, wet: It's the Apple Show for a little bit, and then the cardamom comes out, and WOW. I'm not really getting any honey, but I like the apples-and-sweet-spice thing it's got going on. It almost reminds me of Cuélebre, weirdly enough. And OOOH OOH WHAT IS THAT? WHAT is THAT? Is that blackcurrant? What is going on with that? This is amazing. The apple quits being so sweet, I'm really liking whatever the cardamom and what I'm assuming is blackcurrant are doing, and there apparently isn't enough honey in this to turn it to powder. This is getting SO many full test runs. On me, dry: The honey is trying really hard to be powdery, but I feel like the apple and cardamom aren't letting it. Cardamom really makes this. I didn't even know I liked cardamom before now. This just keeps getting better every single time it changes. It's drying a little sweeter than that initial burst of scent that I like, and now it still reminds me of Cuélebre, but, like, a cute version. So, yeah, I might need a bottle of this. Or at least some backup decants. Oh man.
  10. karykeion

    Serving Tea After Coitus

    This is probably the Shunga I was most excited about, and I am really hoping it doesn't let me down. In the decant: Mostly honey, plum, and vanilla. I'm a little nervous about this; I love honey, but nine times out of ten it turns to baby powder, and i REALLY don't want that to happen because I love tea scents so much. On me, wet: Ooh, very nice. Honey and vanilla to me, mostly, and...there's a really prominent note that I guess must be the green tea, but it doesn't really smell like green tea to me? Ah, and there goes the honey turning to baby powder. Come on! No! On me, dry: Oh, there's the tea! I'm not getting a whole lot of honey or plum except right up close to the skin--Ooh. It did a thing, and now it smells really sexy. The honey quit smelling so much like baby powder, and I think the ambergris showed up. Oh goodness. It's understated, but I really like it. I'm not sure it's bottle-worthy yet, but I'm really going to love the imp as an office perfume.
  11. karykeion

    Venus Erycina

    I'm SO curious about "crushed diamond accord". In the decant: Mostly gardenia and patchouli with a little honeysuckle. I'm not getting a whole lot of amber and I can't say I've ever sniffed a diamond. On me, wet: Very floral with a little bit of patchouli! I like this, but I feel like it's a little more normal high end perfume than most. I get more amber as it starts to dry down, and it's a little powdery, but the honeysuckle is starting to come out more, and that's what I bought the blend for, so I have high hopes! On me, dry: Wow, this dries down really fast. I'm getting mostly amber and some gardenia and not a whole lot else. It's pretty, but really understated, and I'm not really sure when I'd want to wear it. I think I'm going to give this one full run, but it's not really grabbing me like I thought it would.
  12. karykeion

    Red Lantern

    A tribute to the opium den cum bawdyhouses of Shanghai in the 1930’s. Golden amber, blonde tobacco, Sudanese black coconut, rich caramel, black currant, white opium and delphinium laced with a sensual blend of Asian spice. 2015 version! I'm a little nervous about this because I'm starting to think amber might not agree with me, but here goes. In the decant: Whoa. Caramel, tobacco, and delphinium. That sure is a combination of things. Also, huh, I guess I like delphinium? On me, wet: Kind of spicy right away. I really, really like it. It stays really close to the skin, and I'm mostly getting caramel, spices, and a little bit of coconut. I really, REALLY hope this keeps up. I don't know if I need a bottle, but I might wear nothing but this imp for a while, provided nothing goes wrong. It almost reminds me on the drydown of what I liked about Dracul, which worries me because Dracul ended in musk and sadness. On me, dry: Okay, so the note that broke Blossoms in Springtime was in fact amber. That makes so much more sense. It's here in spades, and I think I amp it. This is really lovely caramel, spices, a little floral, and a TON of slightly coconutty amber. I think until now I geninely thought amber and musk were the same thing. I like this, but I'm afraid the amber will knock out all the other notes and steal their change. Definitely getting a full run and I will think very seriously about a bottle if all goes well.
  13. karykeion

    Ivory Vulva

    I'm really excited about this! I don't know what I'm expecting "marshmallow root" to smell like, but I'm intrigued. c: In the decant: Oh, wow, yeah, that does smell kind of buttery. I'm getting mostly marshmallow and cream. On me, wet: Nine thousand percent marshmallow and macadamia milk. It calms down and stops being so buttery after it dries a little, and now I'm getting mosly macadamia and coconut and...something a little spicy? I didn't expect that and I really like it. Oh my god, was there secretly ginger in this? Best surprise ever! I wasn't a huge fan of this when it first went on; I like foodies, but not too foody, so this was nice but not wowing me. That spiciness is making this so much more interesting On me, dry: This is just the right amount of amber. It balances out the coconut and marshmallow perfectly and smells amazing and slightly spicy next to the skin. I think I might give this a full test drive, but I'm not sure a bottle is in my future because the throw is so buttery and that's not really my thing. The decant is probably gonna get used up, though.
  14. karykeion

    Prosperous Flowers of the Elegant Twelve Seasons

    I'm really curious to see how this goes, because I only realized after I ordered it that it's kind of in the same family as A Variety of Pleasing Amusements and Feed Me/Fill Me, both of which I wear all the time. It's got honey, patchouli, vanilla, and leather, so if I buy this, I'm going to have to figure out when the hell I'm going to wear it as opposed to one of the other two. I have no idea how to pick labdanum out of a blend and I've never tried anything with saffron in it, so here we go. In the decant: Honey, patchouli, and leather mostly. I'm comparing with both FMFM and Variety, since they're so similar. It's sweeter, woodsier, and more honey-forward than Variety and more complex but less intense than FMFM. I really like what I assume is the saffron; it makes the blend kind of spicy-sweet and really interesting. On me, wet: Oooh. The saffron kind of makes this a warmer scent than the other two. i think it's mostly saffron with a little honey and wood vanilla. It's almost more of an autumn-y scent than a spring one. The honey kind of takes over right after, but I don't mind because I am always and forever on the lookout for honeys that don't turn into baby powder. On me, dry: Kind of sweet and woodsy, but I think the honey went a little powdery. Also, I can't really pick amber out of a blend, but if it smells anything like musk, I think I might amp it a little bit. I like this fine, but I don't really see how it's different enough from Variety and FMFM to warrant a bottle. The imp will probably get a lot of love, though. c:
  15. karykeion

    A Mirror of Spring Pleasures on Kites (2013)

    Thanks to Fright for the decant! Oh god, I really want this to work. Beeswax and honeysuckle, say it ain't so. In the decant: Very leafy and hemp with this strong sweet undertone. Not quite what I was expecting, less honey-flowers and more hemp, but I can deal with it! On me, wet: This basically smells like sniffing a honeysuckle bush on a spring day. There's something about it that I can tell is going to get kind of sharp, which I'm really afraid is the honey--I think it might be time for me to just give up and admit that BPAL's honey note does something wrong on me no matter how much I want to smell like honey. The hemp kind of punches me in the face after a while, but that's not all there is--there's a creaminess to it that I think is coming from the beeswax. On me, dry: Yeah, it did that sharp thing. I like the beeswax and hemp combination. I can't smell the blackcurrant at all. I'm not sure how I feel about this; it's either fantastic or a really bad idea and probably deserves another test or two like Angry Crab.