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    bathing in: 13, Midway, Hungry Ghost Moon, Samhain, Red Lantern, Shanghai, White Rabbit, Snake Charmer, The Cracked Bell. love notes: vanilla, pumpkin, apple, cedar, tea, lemon, incense, chocolate, frankincense, pine, fir, milks, berries, some florals, sandalwood, almond, cherry. dear john letters: jasmine, lavender, patchouli, dark musks, overly floral things.

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    linguistics, and more specifically, German, Hebrew and Russian. <br /><br />eating, vegan-style.<br /><br />my cats.<br /><br />photography.<br /><br />history of all sorts.<br /><br />playing the cello, badly.
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    Pisces, Virgo Moon, Capricorn rising. Water Dog. ENFP
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  1. locuraelegantia

    Thirteen (13): April 2007

    my oil is really thick, but when I first applied it, it was seperated. partly clear and partly thick and dark. I had to shake it up. on my skin it smells like dusty chocolate with clove over the top. very strong clove. not foody at all.
  2. locuraelegantia

    Pumpkin Queen

    in the bottle, PQ reminds me of Jack, which is expected, but it scares me a little. Pumpkin tends to smell like smelly candles on my skin, but I was hoping that the other elements would balance it out. On my skin it goes ultra-spicy with the buttery pumpkin hanging out in the background. The cardamom stands out A LOT. It's actually really nice, but it takes a minute to get used to. Definitely softens up a bit on drydown.
  3. locuraelegantia

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    I love the old formulation of 13, so I was hoping that this one would work on me. In the bottle and wet, it smells just like the description. As it dries, it gets a little weird. It turns to a sort of unpleasent smell, and it's the same one that the MonsterBaits turned into on my skin. I might give this one a go again in a month or two, but it's probably headed to the swap pile.
  4. locuraelegantia

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    in the bottle the first thing I thought was "this smells like Samhain!" which on one hand is good, because I love that scent, but bad too because no one likes it on me as it dries down it starts to smell like a cross between Snake Charmer and Samhain. The dusty parts of SC with the lushness of Samhain, if that makes sense.... love it.
  5. locuraelegantia

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    HGM starts of cloyingly sweet on my skin like grapefruit-ginger candy. As it starts to dry down it almost smells like Akuma to me (which is raspberries, blood orange and neroli). After it dries it becomes a really tasty citrus cream. subtle, but very nice.
  6. locuraelegantia


    Midway is all cotton candy on me for the first ten minutes or so. then the sugary, buttery bits come out. I have a lot of trouble with other bpal food scents like jack, hellcat and the monster baits, so I am very pleased that I LOVE this.
  7. locuraelegantia

    Freak Show

    chocolatey with some green undertones. strangely, almost like pickle juice, and yet, it's not bad. weird. in the first stages of drydown, the pickles go away and start to morph into something lightly floral/incensey. oooo, here comes the honey! It ends up being soft and dry like cocoa powder and dried fruits. really delicious.
  8. locuraelegantia

    Why do scents turn to baby powder on me?!

    Enraged Bunny Musk? I haven't tried it, but it's supposed to be powdery.
  9. locuraelegantia


    very clean and green, but at the same time, empty and dusty. I see where people say it smells like clean laundry out on the line, but it's in the middle of autumn, where the clothes are cold when they come in. crumpled leaves, clean clothes.
  10. locuraelegantia

    The Pit & The Pendulum

    it's a very dusty incence, it doesn't remind me of chuch, so much as it reminds of of an old castle. It really doesn't morph at all on my skin. I like it, but I think I'll use it for a room fragrance instead.
  11. locuraelegantia

    Pumpkin Patch I (2005, 2006)

    This one is so perfect. Sweet, sweet apples with a soft, creamy pumpkin underneath. Sharp slivers of spices dancing all around. Reminds me of a beautiful day in late September.
  12. locuraelegantia

    Pumpkin Patch IV (2005, 2006)

    I always thought that the pumpkin in Jack was too buttery for me, and at first that is exactly what I get w/ PP4. Butter. As it dries down the sandalwood really comes out, giving this a really comforting fragrance, and cutting the buttery excess out. beautiful.
  13. locuraelegantia

    Pumpkin Patch III (2005, 2006)

    PP3 starts out really tangy and sweet but as it dries it gets too buttery for my skin, and almost starts to smell like cat pee. damn skin chemistry.
  14. locuraelegantia


    In the bottle it's vanilla, creamy, oak. yum on my skin it turns into cough syrup. as it dries down it gets sweeter, but still smells very medicinal. poo.
  15. locuraelegantia


    butter butter butter and.... beer! it's the hops. it's awful on my skin, very chemically.