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  1. fantomenotes

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    In the Imp: Wet, sweet honey thwarted by a strange note that resembles vetiver in the background. On Wet: Honeyed Musk, thick and wet. Reminds me of a cold, rainy morning in the tropics. Everything is still and serene, dark in the presence of black clouds. On Dry: Spices emerge from the slumbering, thick, damp honey, escorting the warm red musk into clearer view. The sun has broken the rainclouds and the morning becomes sunny, wet and warm. Honey bees visit flowers opening up to the still air outside. The honey is faint now. The scent just keeps getting warmer as more of the spices peek out. The vetiver hint has disappeared. Half Hour Later: It is all spice at this point. It has started to resemble a burning Indian incense. There is something sharp and volatile like camphor being burnt. The spice is still intensifying and seems to be morphing, shifting into a more herbal phase. What an intriguing concoction! One Hour Later: It has only gotten better; it is now a sharp, sweet honey note. Honey mixed with something citrus. It is very striking! It seems that the sun is now well in the open sky, drying the grounds and giving full life to the day, energizing the Earth's creatures big and small. Two Hours Later: It has morphed once again and continues to change without stop! This time becoming somewhat mellow as it smells of creamy honey outlined with red musk rising through the air. Could it be? Yes, the tropical night has fallen. It stays like this for most of the time however there are sudden changes where the sharpness would return but then it would mellow out again. This is truly an amazing scent. It morphs wondrously. The spices are exotic and the softer notes perfectly complement them. *edited for spelling.