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  1. Morsigne925

    The Witch's Garden

    "Weeding the Yard" this should be renamed - it makes me distinctly imagine being out in the garden playing around in the dirt. Not a bad thing! I actually love that smell. A very interesting one I may hang on to.
  2. Morsigne925

    Mary Shelley

    A rather strong "soapy" scent right out of the imp on me; definitely get the touch of absinthe, it's an herbal-boozy sort of soap. It's fairly strong on me, not sure if I could wear this one without getting a headache. It's got a bit of that "old stuff" smell to it too, like things that have been in an old box. I think this one may be a swapper.
  3. Morsigne925

    Sea of Glass

    Haven't tried any of the "aquatic" type scents yet - it's very interesting. A very "clean," light smell on me. Maybe a little floral? It's like fresh breeze. It stays fresh without being sharp the way it is a bit right out of the bottle. It really reminds me of the experience of playing the video game Flower, actually - like it's what I imagine the air would smell like, weird as that may sound. I like this scent a lot, I'm still deciding if it's my style to wear as a perfume in general. It's definitely a keeper for now though, whether or not I order a big bottle.
  4. Morsigne925

    Horreur Sympathique

    Got a sniffie of this one in a recent swap and it was enough to test, so why not? Wet/Imp: Very very sweet wine. Definitely getting floral, too; unfortunately largely rose-smelling to me. This smells exactly like some of the floral handsoaps my grandmother gets from little shops. Ehhh... Drying: Definitely straight up smelling like my grandparents house. Not a bad thing, but i don't really wanna smell like it. gonna pass this one on to someone who may love it!
  5. Morsigne925

    Black Forest

    Wet/Imp: Smells like christmas. This is seriously also straight up the same scent as I get from the "Fresh Balsam" candle at Bath and Body Works - and I am not complaining. I LOVE tree smells. I want this to be a candle AND I would wear this as a perfume. Let's see where this goes. Drying: Sweet, cool tree scent. Like Yggdrasil but less minty, less sweet, more pine. Love love love it. Going in the big bottle pile.
  6. Morsigne925


    Wet/Imp: Strongly of....brown butter. Some kind of toasted butteriness. Like popcorn, but sweeter. Very foody to me right off the bat. Drying: Descriptions of ginger snaps I think are accurate, but these gingersnaps are more buttery, decandent. Reminds me of these super thin flower-shaped ginger cookies I can't think of the name of right now. I could also see pumpkiny spiced chai in here. Now I think on it actually strongly reminds me of oregon chai taste, as well. I really like the scent, and as with so many I want it for a candle. Can't decide if I would wear it...probably? Maybe? It smells damn delicious.
  7. Morsigne925


    Wet/Imp: Hit-you-in-the-face almond, with some sweet vanilla-ish spices. Now, I love almond, but it tends to smell a little harsh and boozy to me if it doesn't calm down. Something else seems to be fighting its way to the front, and I hope it does because this has the potential to be just wonderful from what I can tell so far. Drying: Actually starting to remind me a little of white rabbit for some reason - smelling like a toasted almond cake/cookie or something. I actually *really* love this. This would make a great Winter scent. Something about it also reminds me of the mainstream perfume Boyfriend. It's almost a little musky. This is going into the big bottle consideration pile!
  8. Morsigne925


    Wet/Imp: First impression is of a less spicy Hellcat. Boozy almond, plus clove. Lots of clove. Starts to smell like a boozy cider even. Drying: Smells like one of those oranges with cloves stuck in them. I feel like I would love this if the clove would just calm down. On the other hand this is another one that would make a nice candle. Don't dislike, but probably wouldn't use as a perfume.
  9. Morsigne925

    Black Pearl

    Wet/Imp: OH this smells good. It really strongly reminds me of Lush's silky underwear powder - it's a definite coconut/baby powder thing going on. But I don't hate it this time. I love coconut. I think it must be musks that give me a strong "powder" vibe. Drying: Powder-ness seems to start going down giving way to the toasted hazelnut smell, with the florals. This may very seriously be a bottle order in the near future. Smells light and delicately feminine to me.
  10. Morsigne925


    Wet/Imp: HOO this is the inside of an old wooden box right off the bat to me. Like one that once held sachets or spices; it reminds me strongly of just such boxes at my grandparents' house, actually. Drying: Getting to be more sweetly cinnamon-y as time goes on, but keeps the old wood scent around. Again this would make a really interesting candle/atmosphere scent to me, even if I wouldn't wear it as a perfume. Will have to deliberate on whether to keep it around!
  11. Morsigne925

    Love Me

    Wet/Imp: Sweet cinnamon and spice - I was expecting more herbal-ness from my experience with the other bewitching brews, which contain more licorice than I would like. But this...this I could possibly get behind. Especially in the winter time - it reminds me of spicy tea and winter potpourri. I would actually really love this for a room scent or a candle. Drying: Starts to go a bit the powdery way that Snake Oil tends to do on me, but the spiciness seems to hold up enough to keep it still unique and pleasant. I will probably use up the imp of this even if I don't buy a bottle as I love spicy scents.
  12. Morsigne925


    Bewitching, tantalizing and dangerously seductive. A thrilling, exotic blend -- deceptively sweet, but spiked with malice. White ginger, jasmine, and a touch of vanilla and apricot. Delighted to find this as a frimp in a recent swap, as it has been at the back of my list to try for a while! Wet/Imp: I love white ginger. Overall this smells halfway between tropical flowers and an incense shop. The musk is doing something a little funky and I can't decide if I love it or wish it wasn't there. I do keep coming back to sniff it either way. Jasmine starts coming out strong as it starts to dry. Drying: I think the musk is just a bit too strong for me and it isn't dying down much as time goes one. Such a shame because I really love the ginger/jasmine combo! This would be great for someone who likes particularly musky florals.
  13. Morsigne925


    Wet/Imp: Incense and fragrant woods, also reminds me of an old library at my college Drying: Incense actually calms down a bit, which is surprising to me since they usually blow up on me, and it becomes almost floral? Like a mysterious woodsy floral. Like flowers out in the woods after it rained. Being in the pacific northwest this actually really reminds me of fall, and now that I'm thinking about it it bears a resemblance to Samhain to me. I really love this one by itself, too and I can't wait to try it layered with other rpg scents.
  14. Morsigne925


    Wet/Imp: Smells like freshness, if that is a good descriptor. Vaguely lemony, vaguely like irish spring but not as obviously perfumey Drying: I reallllllly like this one, even without layering with anything else. Will do an edit later with it layered, maybe. It smells a bit like an old B&BW scent I used to like, but not as ridiculously strong and much nicer in general, the lemon verbena or something like that. I'm really curious to see how this layers with other RPG scents, this is the first of that line I have reviewed, and I already love where this is going. As time goes it smlls very pretty, like a fresh morning.
  15. Morsigne925

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    Wet/Imp: Cedar cedar cedar, with some other stuff I can't make out yet Drying: Cedar still the most prominent, but leather and other things are making their way to the forefront. I think of an old cedar box you've kept a bunch of stuff in and you are opening it for the first time in a while. Some sweetness comes out more and more as it sits, could be the carnation. Cedar calming down as time goes and it becomes a lovely herbal wood scent. Again, would love I think to have this as a candle or room scent, though I am unsure if I would wear it. Now that I think about it, it might actually make a nice man scent though....hmmmmm.....