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  1. Amalthea

    The Phoenix At Midday

    When I first apply this, I get a huge rush of warmth from the blood orange. It's bright and glowy and it reminds me of the red hot desert. But then I also really get the soothing notes of tonka and amber at the end, which is incredibly soothing. Almost reminds me of Dorian, almost. This one is a morpher but I kinda dig it!
  2. Amalthea

    The Phoenix At Dusk

    This scent starts a lot stronger than I expected but it quickly mellows into something really comfortable and lovely. I see the similarities with Poison but this is much softer and lovelier. Very calming, loving it and glad I got a bottle.
  3. Amalthea

    The Wiley Grasser

    When I tested this I got an overwhelming amount of pine-y floral grass. As it dried, I finally got cotton candy. All in all, it was pretty compelling in a really surprising way and I almost wish I got a bottle when I had the chance. Almost. *hugs decant*
  4. Amalthea

    Lilith Victoria

    Oh my goodness, I love this to bits. I wish I had more than an imps worth so I could bathe in it. I get Snake Oil, Dorian and a really soothing dose of lavender. Gorgeous!!
  5. Amalthea

    The Phoenix At Dawn

    This is really pretty, effervescent and full of hope. A lot like dawn, actually! I get the sweet citrus notes at the beginning but totally get a sweet, slightly creamy vanilla at the end. I really love this one.
  6. Amalthea

    Leather Phoenix

    I got this little baby in the mail today and oh me oh my... this is love love love. I bought this impulsively and since my purchase, was becoming increasingly nervous that I had made the wrong decision. None of the notes really appealed to me and leather is usually something I avoid. But from the moment I sniffed this from the bottle, I could smell the leather but it was muted and the rest was almost a lovely sweet floral and a bright phoenix-y hope started to blaze within me. Wet on the skin, I get sweet green tea with a background of leather. An hour later, the leather is still there but fading quick. It is truly lovely and to me, quite feminine. I never thought I'd wear leather until today.
  7. Amalthea

    Halloween 2011 Must Haves!

    I regret not getting The Gorobble! I think if I keep seeing all these raves about it, I'll want to make another order.
  8. Amalthea

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Woo thanks for this! These are super helpful!
  9. Amalthea

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Awesome thanks for that. Am also trying to wean my household from artificial scents. Ick! Oh and just on topic, I tried Devil's Claw on my friend and it was amazing on him. I may have freaked him out because I kept sniffing his wrist every couple hours.
  10. Well, that does it then... I'm going to have to get this in my next order.
  11. Amalthea

    Snake Oil

    Imp: burnt sugar and incense Wet on skin: Vanilla, incense and sugar Drydown: The vanilla gets creamier and the incense goes into the background but it is still a gorgeous combination Dry: Even creamier vanilla and a little incense Verdict: Mine is really fresh and I will always feel the need to love it. It really reminds me of Indonesia which is a country close to my heart and so I will always smell comfort in this more than the sexy.
  12. Amalthea


    Imp: Hmm Nivea Visage cream?? Wet on skin: Can barely smell anything! Clean florals... Drydown: Nivea visage cream with some citrus twist Dry: This is light and refreshing. In a skin cream way... Verdict: Still on the fence... it reminds me of Skinfood's Balck Sugar scrub. It's nice. I hope I can find an opportunity to wear it.
  13. Amalthea


    Imp: Mm... Rose and lily, something sour Wet on skin: The ocean and roses... Hmm... something sad Drydown: Rose... just rose Dry: Rose... again Verdict: Smells like rose. I can't do rose by itself.
  14. Amalthea

    The Ghost

    Imp: Green fresh, air freshener tbh Wet: Same Drydown: Same Dry: Same but lighter Verdict: If I were a room, I'd get a bottle. Unfortunately, I am a human therefore will stick to this imp.
  15. Amalthea

    The Red Queen

    Imp: Cherry, nuts Wet: Cherry and almond, sharp and almost woodsy. Drydown: Woodsy and nutty, cherry is gone Dry: Woodsy and weird fruit... plasticky Verdict: This one just isn't for me.